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Friday, March 23, 2012

Voices of the Dead by Peter Leonard

Voices of the Dead by Peter Leonard
Published By: The Story Plant
Release Date: January 17, 2012
Format: Paperback - 320 pages / Kindle - 833 KB / Nook - 610 KB
ISBN: 1611880327
Genre: Mystery / Suspense / Thriller / Historical Fiction

About The Author:

Peter Leonard's debut novel, Quiver, was published to international acclaim in 2008 ("A spectacular debut ... you will be holding your breath until the final page." - The New York Sun). It was followed by Trust Me in 2009 ("Trust Me is fast, sly and full of twists." - Carl Hiaasen, New York Times bestselling author). The Story Plant will publish Leonard's newest novel, All He Saw Was The Girl, in the spring of 2012. 

Peter Leonard lives in Birmingham, Michigan with his wife and four children. 

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Book Description: 

The year is 1971. The place is Detroit. Harry Levin, a scrap metal dealer and Holocaust survivor, has just learned that his daughter was killed in a car accident. Traveling to Washington, DC to claim the body, he learns that the accident was caused by a German diplomat who was driving drunk. This is only the beginning of the horror for Harry, though, as he discovers that the diplomat will never face charges - he has already been released and granted immunity. Enraged and aggrieved, Harry discovers the identity of his daughter's killer, follows him to Munich, and hunts him down. What Harry finds out about the diplomat and his plans will explode his life and the lives of everyone around him. 

Brimming with action and dark humor, Voices of the Dead, firmly positions Peter Leonard as a writer every suspense fan needs to read.

Book Excerpt:

Hess found out the woman lived on P Street in Georgetown, not far from the consulate. He told the ambassador he was having dinner with potential clients, and wanted to drive himself. It was unorthodox, but plausible. He had been issued one of the embassy's Mercedes sedans. He stopped at a bookstore and bought a map of the area, and located P Street. He drove there and saw the Goldman residence, a federal-style brick townhouse. 

Hess went to a restaurant and had dinner and a couple of drinks. At ten o'clock he drove back, parked around the corner on 32nd Street between two other vehicles so the license plate was not visible to anyone driving by. He walked to the Goldmans', stood next to a tree in front of the three-storey townhouse. There were lights on the first floor. He walked to the front door and rang the buzzer. He could hear footsteps and voices inside. A light over the door went on. Hess stood in the open so whoever it was would see he was well dressed. The door opened, a man standing there, assumed he was Dr. Mitchell Goldman, dark hair, big nose, mid-forties, top of the shirt unbuttoned, exposing a gold chain with a five-pointed star. Hess smiled. "My car is on the fritz. May I use your phone to call a tow truck?"

Dr. Goldman stared at him with concern.

"I am staying just down the street at the consulate," Hess said, smiling. Now the door opened and he stepped into the elegant foyer, chandelier overhead, marble floor. 

"Mitch, who is it?" a woman said from a big open room to his right. 

Dr. Goldman looked in her direction. "Guy's having car trouble, wants to use the phone."

"It's ten o'clock at night."

"He'll just be a minute," the dentist said. 

Hess could see the woman sitting on a couch, watching television.

"The phone's in here." The dentist started to move. 

Hess drew the Luger from the pocket of his suit jacket, and aimed it at Goldman.

The dentist put his hands up. "Whoa. Easy."

"Who is in the house?"

"Just the two of us."

"Are you expecting anyone?"

He shook his head.

"Tell her to come in here," Hess said. 

"What do you want? You want money?" He took his wallet out and handed it to him. "There's eight hundred dollars in there."

"Call her," Hess said. 

"Hon, come here, will you?"

"I'm watching 'All int he Family.' Can you wait till the commercial?"

Hess could hear people laughing on the television. 

"Just for a minute," the dentist said.

Hess saw her stand up and step around a low table in front of the couch, moving across the room, still looking back at the television. She turned her head as she entered the foyer and saw him holding the gun. Her hair looked darker in the dim light but he had only seen her briefly that day.

"Oh-my-god," she said, hands going up to her face. 

"We're reasonable people," the dentist said. "Tell us what you want."

"The pleasure of your company," Hess said. "Where is the cellar?"

My Book Review:

What would you do if your only child was killed in a car accident, and the person responsible was granted immunity because of his diplomatic status? Would you be able to forgive and forget, or would you do whatever you had to do to get justice? What if this diplomat was also someone from your past, your very tragic and traumatic past? Would knowing that this horrible person was walking around free enjoying his life tempt you to seek justice even more? How about if this person had an evil secret, one that had him still perpetuating the evil deeds he committed during WWII? Would this add to your need to seek justice? These are the questions that challenged forty-three year old Holocaust survivor Harry Levin, when he sought justice against an evil ex-German SS officer, Ernst Hess, and became the champion for the Voices of the Dead!

Voices of the Dead is a story that revolves around two time periods: WWII Germany circa 1942 and Detroit, MI, Munich, Germany and Miami, FL circa 1971. It is a story of two men whose lives unknowingly intertwine through both time periods, and whose lives will once again collide and change forever. It is a fast-paced international suspense thriller that is action packed and full of intrigue. The storyline is well written, and the historical / international theme surrounding WWII and the Holocaust is very powerful and compelling. The characters are realistic, their complex personalities and individual stories, coupled with their intertwining interactions with each other, gave the story depth and made it that much more powerful. This suspense thriller had me sitting on the edge of my seat. I was captivated by the story's many twists and turns, and my need to know what happened next kept me riveted and turning the pages to the very chilling end. The attention to detail was first rate as the author transports the reader back to WWII and 1971, and created settings that the reader could easily conjure in their mind. I admire how the author portrayed the horrific era of WWII and the Holocaust. This dark time period in the world's history was respectfully and accurately described in the story by the author. 

Voices of the Dead is a historical suspense thriller novel that will captivate  fans of both historical and suspense thriller genres, it is a must read! 



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