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Tuesday, July 11, 2023

62 by Bryan Hoch (Book Review)

Book Review

62 by Bryan Hoch
Publisher: Atria Books 
Publication Date: July 11, 2023
Format: Hardcover - 368 pages
               Paperback - 368 pages
               Audiobook - 13 Hours 19 Minutes
               Kindle - 46795 KB
               Nook - 46 MB
ISBN (HC): 978-1668027950
ISBN (PB): 978-1668027967
ASIN (Audiobook): B0BSB55N6X
BNID: 978-1668027974
Genre: Baseball

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Disclaimer: I received an ARC copy of the book via NetGalley from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Book Description:

“The definitive story” (Tyler Kepner, The New York Times baseball columnist) of Yankees slugger Aaron Judge’s incredible, unparalleled run to break Roger Maris’s home run record and the franchise both men called home.

Aaron Judge, the hulking superman who carried an easy aw-shucks demeanor from small-town California to stardom in the Big Apple, had long established his place as one of baseball’s most intimidating power hitters. Baseballs frequently rocketed off his bat like cannon fire, dispatching heat-seeking missiles toward the “Judge’s Chambers” seating area in right field, sending delirious fans scattering for souvenirs.

But even in a high-tech universe where computers measure each swing to the nth degree, Roger Maris’s American League mark of sixty-one home runs seemed largely out of reach. It had been more than a decade since baseball wiped clean the stains of its performance-enhanced era, in which cartoonish sluggers Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Barry Bonds made a mockery of the record book.

Given a more level playing field against pitchers sporting hellacious arsenals unlike anything Babe Ruth or Maris could have imagined, only an exceptional talent could even consider making a run at sixty-one homers. Judge, who placed the bet of his life by turning down a $213.5 million extension on the eve of the regular season, promised to rise to the challenge.

“In the most thorough telling yet of an all-time-great Yankees performance” (Jeff Passan, New York Times bestselling author), veteran Yankees beat reporter Bryan Hoch unravels the remarkable journey of Judge’s run to shatter Maris’s beloved sixty-one-year-old record. In-depth, inspiring, and with an expert’s insight, 62 also investigates the more significant questions raised in a season unlike any other, including how—and where—Judge will deliver his encore.

My Book Review: 

Are you a NY Yankees fan? Do you still get chills from Aaron Judge's magical 2022 season? Well then come along for the journey in 62 by author Bryan Hoch!

In 62, author Bryan Hoch takes the reader back to Aaron Judge's magical 2022 season where he broke the AL single-season Home Run record with 62 home runs that was previously held by Roger Maris' record of 61 home runs that stood for 61 years!

Follow along as author and Yankees beat reporter Bryan Hoch takes you behind the scenes of Aaron Judge's magical 2022 season as he took his place in the record books alongside legendary Yankee Right Fielders Babe Ruth (60 home runs) and Roger Maris (61 home runs) with his journey to hit 62 home runs, and break the AL single-season home run record. Packed with interviews about the season from Aaron and players on the Yankees team, coaches, and executives, Bryan provides a fascinating insight, and statistics that lays out Aaron's historic journey of home run dominance in the 2022 season. 

As a NY Yankees fan from childhood, I loved reading 62! Author Bryan Hoch delves into baseball history of the AL single-season home run record that was held by Babe Ruth, Roger Maris, and now Aaron Judge. I really enjoyed reading about the history of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris' 1961 chase to break Babe Ruth's record of 60 (1927) home runs that stood for 34 years. Their story was the backdrop for Aaron Judge's chase to break Maris' record 61 years later. I loved that the author provided the reader with a biography of Aaron Judge's life and baseball career, and Aaron's commentaries that was provided in the book throughout his journey in the 2022 season. I loved reading all the stories from the players and coaches interviews, and the amazing statistics that were included in the book. You can't help but get caught up in the excitement as Aaron's 2022 historical season unfolded. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the author takes the reader along for the ride for the Yankees 2022 season, which included their journey to seek a 28th championship (oh so close), along with the drama of Aaron's free agency status at the end of the season, which ultimately led thankfully to his resigning and becoming the 16th Yankee Captain. So Yankees fans, read 62, you won't be disappointed!


About The Author

Bryan Hoch has covered New York baseball for the past two decades, working the New York Yankees clubhouse as a beat reporter since 2007. Bryan is the author of 62, The Baby Bombers: The Inside Story of the Next Yankees Dynasty, a co-author of Mission 27: A New Boss, A New Ballpark and One Last Ring for the Yankees' Core Four, and the author of The Bronx Zoom: Inside the New York Yankees' Most Bizarre Season.

Monday, July 10, 2023

Business & Personal Secrets For Getting Unstuck by Frank Zaccari (VBT: Book Review / Contest Giveaway)

In association with Providence Book Promotions, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book tour event for Business & Personal Secrets For Getting Unstuck by author Frank Zaccari!

Book Review

Business & Personal Secrets For Getting Unstuck by Frank Zaccari
Publisher: WeBe Books Publishing
Publication Date: May 7, 2022
Format: Paperback - 164 pages
               Kindle - 7222 KB
               Nook - 2 MB
ISBN: 978-1955668231
BNID: 978-1955668248
Genre: Business / Money / Personal Transformation

Buy The Book:

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for honest book review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Providence Book Promotions.

Book Description:

At times we all get stuck. Maybe you feel stuck in a dead-end job; your job was a victim of COVID; you live in an area you do not enjoy; your personal relationship is floundering; the life that you want is moving further and further from reality, you can’t “catch a break,” or maybe you never got the right opportunity. Does any of this sound familiar? Be honest! We have all been there. “Things we didn’t expect!” “We weren’t prepared for this.”

Getting stuck is inevitable – staying stuck is a choice.

Praise for Business and Personal Secrets for Getting Unstuck:

“Your go-to book for the details on getting unstuck”
~ Joanne Victoria, Life Coach and author of Vision With a Capital V – Create the Business of Your Dreams

Business and Personal Secrets for Getting Unstuck “is an excellent read that is full of practical advice for business professionals and entrepreneurs”
~ Debra Holz

“You will not walk away from this book without relevant and practical tips and techniques you can use immediately to get your life unstuck. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book”
~ Amazon Reviewer

” It’s the right book at the absolute right time. Frank has a way of breaking things down while lifting you up and getting you unstuck. A pivotal read for me right now.”
~ LE Gray

Book Excerpt:

Who needs this book?

We all get stuck, frustrated, depressed, anxious, frustrated, and disappointed. This book is for everyone who has ever felt stuck. If we are honest, that includes everyone over the age of thirteen. We are like the car stuck in the mud or a snow bank at times. We keep pushing on the gas, but the wheels just keep spinning. The rut we are in gets deeper until we feel we are running in quicksand. It seems the harder we try, the more stuck we become, and like quicksand, we sink until we simply give up.

Very often, being stuck in an internal issue. It is something we create and allow to occur. Wow! That’s a harsh statement. You should be saying, “You are crazy, Frank. Why in God’s name would I ever create and allow a situation where I am stuck and unhappy to exist.” Well, news flash, folks, it happens every day.

Maybe you feel stuck in a dead-end job; your job was a victim of COVID; you live in an area that you do not enjoy; your personal relationship is floundering; that life that you want is moving further and further from reality; you can’t catch a break, or maybe you never got the right opportunity. Does any of this sound familiar? Be honest! We have all been there. Now the question is, are you going to stay there?

Let’s look at another quote from Mel Robbins:

When you are stuck, the primary task is deciding if you’re going to change at all. The challenge is finding the ability to create a slight change in your life and build on it in the face of an overwhelming amount of resistance. - Mel Robbins – The Five-Second Rule

The magic words are “IF you’re going to change.” Getting unstuck, moving forward, and achieving a positive and productive life is in your hands. Greatness is not primarily a matter of circumstance; greatness is a matter of conscious choice and discipline. Staying stuck is a choice. Justifying that you never had the right opportunity is not a reason or an excuse. It is a choice. Where are you stuck in life, and what choices will you make? Are you going to fall apart? OR are you going to pick up the pieces and start moving forward?


Excerpt from Business & Personal Secrets for Getting Unstuck by Frank Zaccari. Copyright 2023 by Frank Zaccari. Reproduced with permission from Frank Zaccari. All rights reserved.

Book Trailer:

My Book Review:

Do you feel stuck in your personal and/or professional life? Then I have a book that will help you get unstuck!

In Business & Personal Secrets For Getting Unstuck, author Frank Zaccari provides the reader with "secrets" to help guide them to get unstuck in their personal and/or professional life. 

Life sometimes has a way of leaving a person feeling stuck, frustrated, anxious, disappointed, and depressed. The author provides the reader with information on how they can work through their personal and professional issues: it all comes down to making a conscious choice to let go of fears, wringing your hands and procrastinating, and make changes and decisions that will help you move forward in your life. 

There is a lot of valuable information and food for thought that the author provides the reader. I found myself personally resonating with some of the scenarios and solutions ... a lot of aha moments that is propelling me to take an honest hard look at how I am stuck in certain areas of my life, and how it's time to stop letting fear and procrastination keep me stuck and unhappy in my life.

Frank states that happiness is a choice, so isn't it about time to seek it out in your own life? 

So if you are stuck in areas of your life and are ready to step out of your comfort zone, then seek the guidance that Frank offers in Business & Personal Secrets For Getting Unstuck, you won't regret it!


About The Author

Co-Founder of Trust the Process – Book Marketing Program; keynote speaker; Business Adviser; TV Show Host, 5x Best-Selling and Award-Winning Author

As co-founder of Trust the Process – Book Marketing Program 22 months ago, we have created and executed marketing/promotion plans that achieved 11 consecutive #1 bestselling new releases in multiple categories.

A native of western New York, Frank Zaccari served as a military medic in the U.S. Air Force before spending over 20 years in the high-tech industry. His experience included senior positions with Fortune 50 organizations “re-launching” small and mid-size companies.

Frank is a 5X bestselling and award-winner author who has written and published nine books based on life altering events. The last four books Business Secrets for Walking on Water, Business & Personal Secrets for Avoiding Relationship Landmines, Business & Personal Secrets for Getting Unstuck, and Business Secrets from the Battlefield to the Boardroom, were awarded Amazon #1 Best-Selling new release status in multiple categories. They are part of a four-book series. He was just awarded 1st place by The Authors’ Zone for nonfiction business (Business and Personal Secrets for Getting Unstuck) – 1st place for Nonfiction Business for 2022.

He led a workshop for aspiring entrepreneurs at Arizona State University; is a mentor with the Veterans Treatment Court; a mentor and judge with the University of California Entrepreneurship Academy and is an accomplished speaker. Frank hosts a Roku TV and youtube show which, has 235,000 listeners in 42 countries.


UCLA Anderson School of Business – Management Development for Entrepreneurs Certification Program
California State University at Sacramento – Bachelors of Science – Finance

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