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Friday, February 27, 2015

Vacation in Naples by Eva Fejos (Book Review / Contest Giveaway)

In association with Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book tour event for Vacation in Naples by Author Eva Fejos!

Book Review

Vacation in Naples by Eva Fejos
Publisher: Erawan Publishing
Publication Date: November 19, 2014
Format: eBook - 563 pages
              Kindle - 1861 KB
              Nook - 2 MB
ISBN: 978-6155469183
Genre: Romance

BUY THE BOOK: Vacation in Naples

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours.

Book Description:

Niki Ladányi, the young investigative journalist has a cold-blooded criminal to thank for the biggest story of her life. She might have managed to put him behind bars, but Verbovszky hasn’t forgotten her: after he escapes from jail, he heads out to get his revenge. Meanwhile, Niki is hot on a new trail, investigating a story in Naples about dogs smuggled out of Hungary, for possibly something other than their pedigree. Niki takes along her mother, who reunites with an old flame from her youth, Alessandro. The unfinished business between Niki’s mother and the former tailor – who has since become a successful name of Italian Haute Couture – sparks more than just a yearning for the past. Alessandro’s son, Giacomo, also feels increasingly attached to Niki, but the criminal on her trail and Niki’s complicated love affair with Andras, a detective back in Budapest, combined with the intricacies of her grandmother’s dangerous new job, all come together, causing a twist in Niki’s vacation in Naples… perhaps changing the lives of two families forever.

Is it possible to rekindle a relationship after thirty years? Can love be passed down from mother to daughter? Can a son make a decision for his father when a business and a family are at stake? Can a detective still insist on doing the right thing if his actions endanger himself and the people he loves?

Love and career, revenge and forgiveness, tradition and renewal; three generations, two families, a decision for life: all this in Eva Fejos’s best novel yet. Come along on her Vacation in Naples.

Book Excerpt:

Two investigators finally showed up and called the visit a simple routine check, but it was hard for them to convince the three women that this was indeed the case. They gave no information, scanned the neighborhood and the house itself, then departed at the same moment András arrived. Gran was in her element and kept repeating that she knew all this would come to no good end, and that someone needed to take proper charge of the case already.

“No good end? What are you talking about, Gran?” Niki asked at last.

“I’m talking about the crazed murderers you keep getting mixed up with.”

“He’s not a murderer.”

“Not yet! But all in good time!” she said, rolling her eyes.

“This argument is completely pointless,” Niki’s mother interjected. “Let’s just hope that it was indeed just a routine inspection.”

“Oh yeah? Well, I’ve read about criminals who were in hiding for years. And you are deeply mistaken if you think that a man who is capable of holding hostages can’t become a killer from one moment to the next. I know, because I read a book by that FBI agent, where he analyzed the personalities of serial killers. Once someone starts, the world of violence and crime sucks them in, and from then on, there’s no turning back,” Gran explained pugnaciously.

András caught the tail end of her rant and responded with a short, but reassuring statement.

“It is unlikely that Verbovszky will be on Niki’s trail. He knows that Niki and her environment will be the first place we’d look for him,” he said, rationalizing the situation. “My colleagues really only came to conduct a routine inspection, but we’ll all have to take a few more safety precautions.”

“I’ve got a gun,” Gran blurted out, and suddenly all eyes were fixed on her. Everyone was stunned.

“A gun?” Niki repeated.

“Yes. Your father bought it a long time ago. For your mother,” Gran explained turning towards her granddaughter. “I put it away for safe-keeping. I never thought I’d ever have to use it. Actually, I take that back. When your father moved out, I considered plugging him in the ass on his way out.”

Ma, please,” Niki’s mother said, shaking her head.

“I don’t know what sort of gun you’re talking about, but I don’t suggest that you use it. May I have a look at it?” András asked calmly, and Gran reached into her dress pocket and took out a small but heavy, dark blue cardboard box. She opened it, revealing a palm-sized gun. Niki’s eyes widened, and her mother mumbled something.

“It’s an alarm pistol,” András ascertained. “6mm, not loaded. You can keep it at home, but you need a permit to carry it around.”

“Do you have a permit, Gran?” Niki asked.

“Where would I get a permit?”

“Then you can’t carry it.”

“It’s in my pocket. That’s not carrying.”

“Do you have it in your pocket all the time?” Niki’s mother looked stupefied.

“Ever since your husband up and left, yes.”

“You’d best not take it out on the street, ma’am. According to regulations, you must keep the cartridges separate,” András said, smiling.

“Wipe that grin off your face, son… You’re telling me that because it’s an alarm pistol, you can’t plug someone in the bee-hind with it?”

“You can’t,” he said, wagging his head. “But the sound will definitely wake everyone from here to Szentendre.”

“Well, now that’s something, isn’t it? But would you please tell me: why keep the cartridges separate?”

“Those are regulations.”

“Silliness. There’s absolutely no point then. Would you help me load it?”

“Good God,” Niki said, shaking her head.

“You keep out of this! You’re the one who unleashed a madman on yourself, and it’s our responsibility to defend you,” her grandmother said, signaling for her to remain silent.

“What now?” Niki’s mother asked. “What can we expect?”

“We don’t know. Verbovszky has escaped, but sooner or later he’ll need medical attention, due to his recent surgery. He still has his stitches in. He took the hospital guard’s weapon and used it to force an ambulance driver to obey him. This means that a police car will come around here every so often. Niki, you need to decide where you want to spend the next couple of nights: here, or perhaps… at my place?”

“It’s so reassuring knowing you’re the one leading the investigation, son,” Gran asserted.

“The thing is, I’m not leading it. I work at the internal inspections division now, but… since I am, er, concerned in the matter, I was still able to take part.”'

“Fine. Then Niki will live here, and I’ll make her read some crime novels to educate herself in self-defense, and you could give me a couple of lessons in shooting,” Niki’s grandmother said, taking charge, causing both Niki and her mother rebel immediately.

“No way!”

“I will not live here, and you will not take any shooting lessons. And anyway, I’m the one writing the crime stories around here… at least in my crime column…”

“Then Niki will stay at my place, and will make her way around by car for a couple of days, instead of her scooter. I will be her chauffer this afternoon.”

“Alright, but before you go, show me how to load this stupid thing.”

My Book Review:

Will be added this evening.

About The Author

“I believe that each novel has its own destiny and that when the time comes, it will be fulfilled” – Eva Fejos (author of Vacation in Naples)

Eva Fejos, the author of Vacation in Naples

Eva Fejos is a Hungarian writer and journalist.

- has had 18 best-selling novels published in Hungary so far.

- Vacation in Naples is her 15th best-seller, published in 2013.

- has won several awards as a journalist, and thanks to one of her articles, the legislation pertaining to human egg donation was modified, allowing couples in need to acquire donor eggs more easily.

- spends her winters in Bangkok.

- likes novels that have several storylines running parallel.

- visited all the places she’s written about.

- spent a few days at an elephant orphanage in Thailand; and has investigated the process of how Thai children are put up for adoption while visiting several orphanages.

- founded her own publishing company in Hungary in 2013, where she not only publishes her own books, but foreign books too, hand-picked by her.

- Her books published in Hungary thus far are:
Holtodiglan (Till Death Do Us Part) 
Bangkok Transit 
Hotel Bali 
Csajok (Chicks) 
Eper reggelire (Strawberries for Breakfast) 
A mexikói (The Mexican) 
Cuba Libre 
Helló, London (Hello, London) 
Karácsony New Yorkban (Christmas in New York) 
Karibi nyár (Caribbean Summer) 
Szeretlek, Bangkok (Bangkok, I Love You) 
Most kezdődik (Starting Now – the new edition of Till Death Do Us Part) 
Nápolyi vakáció (Vacation in Naples – the English version) 
Száz éjjel vártam (I Waited One Hundred Nights) 
Mert nekünk szeretnünk kell egymást (We Must Love Each Other) 
November lánya (November’s Daughter)


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Year Of Living Blonde by Andrea Simonne (Book Blast / Book Review / Contest Giveaway)

In association with Goddess Fish Promotions, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book blast event for Year Of Living Blonde by Author Andrea Simonne!

Book Review

Year Of Living Blonde by Andrea Simonne
Book 1: Sweet Life in Seattle Series
Publisher: Liebe Publishing
Publication Date: February 27, 2015
Format: eBook - 432 pages
              Kindle - 4469 KB
Genre: Contemporary Romance

BUY THE BOOK: Year Of Living Blonde

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Goddess Fish Promotions.

Book Description:

A funny and sizzling romp about discovering your inner pin-up girl...

Plain-Jane bakery owner Natalie Anderson has always followed the recipe for a safe life. When her husband dumps her for a seductive older woman, it’s time to throw out that recipe and start from scratch. She cooks up a plan to transform herself from mousy brown to sexy blonde. Meanwhile, she’s trying to expand her Seattle bakery, La Dolce Vita, but runs into an obstacle in the form of her irritatingly handsome landlord.

Astronomer Anthony Novello’s good looks and charm usually guarantees him a free pass with women, though that’s not the case with his new tenant, Natalie. Plain, plump, and persnickety—he’s never met a woman more annoying. But when Anthony returns from a telescope observing run, he makes a discovery of the non-celestial kind. Natalie has changed. He’s amazed to find himself attracted to her. Sparks fly as he tries to convince her there’s more to him than meets the eye.

However, when Natalie’s ex-husband decides to win her back, she’s forced to choose. Is her year of living blonde over? Or is this the start of a new and much sweeter life….

Book Excerpt:

Natalie grins. “And what is this I hear about my cookies in Hawaii?”

Anthony rolls his eyes in mock exasperation. “All right, I admit it. I took a dozen with to Mauna Kea.”

“I’m honored.”

“You should be. It was right after you called me an asshole and I didn’t want go back into the bakery, so I had to ask Maya to buy them for me.”

Natalie shifts uncomfortably. “I apologized for that. Should I apologize again?”

“It can’t hurt.”

“I’m sorry.”

He doesn’t say anything, just puts new coordinates into his telescope’s keypad.

“Can I ask you something?” she asks.


She bites her lip. “Why do you like me?”

Anthony continues what he’s doing, a smile playing around the edges of his mouth. “What makes you think I like you?”

“Because you invited me here tonight. What is it you see in me, exactly?”

“I don’t know.” He attaches the keypad back to the telescope. “In truth, I’ve wondered about it myself.”

“What kind of answer is that?”

Anthony chuckles. “I’m just being honest. You’re not exactly easy to get along with.”

“I’m not sure why I’m always giving you such a hard time.”

“I am.”

“Why is that?”

“It’s because you’re into me.”

Natalie’s face grows warm. “No, I’m not.”

His hand is still on the telescope. He gazes over at her. “Yeah, you are.”

“I’m not.”

Anthony lets go and moves closer. She can smell him again, his woodsy soap. He’s taller than her and she has to look up at him.

“I’m not into you,” she insists, though her pulse quickens.

Their eyes meet. He’s so near now, she can see the dark fringe of his lashes. The stubble of his beard. She shivers with anticipation.

“Yeah, you are, but it’s okay,” he says softly, leaning close, “because I’m into you, too.”

And then he kisses her. Natalie is dizzy with shock.

Anthony is kissing me!

My Book Review:

In Year Of Living Blonde, author Andrea Simone weaves an entertaining romantic tale set in Seattle that follows Natalie Anderson's year long journey of self-discovery.

What's a girl to do when her husband dumps her for an older woman? After Natalie's husband dumps her for an older woman, she decides to transform herself from a dumpy, plain, mousy brown haired woman into a sexy blonde woman whose ready to restart her life. While concentrating on expanding her bakery, La Dolce Vita, Natalie has an obstacle standing in her way, Anthony Novello, her handsome landlord ... that is until he notices Natalie's transformation, and an unexpected attraction develops between them. And just when Natalie thinks her new start can't get any more sweeter, her ex-husband is back in the picture to complicate things because he wants Natalie back, leaving her heart in a dilemma.

I couldn't help but get caught up in Natalie's story. I loved how she didn't give up after her husband left her. I admired her determination to pick up the pieces, transform herself, and restart her life on her own terms. I enjoyed the development of the relationship between Natalie and Anthony, especially their humorous banter and undeniable attraction. I found myself cheering them on, especially when Natalie's ex-husband reappears and throws a monkey wrench into their lives, when he makes it known that he is going to fight to win back Natalie's heart. The story is filled with enough drama, humor, emotion, and romance that easily keeps the reader engaged and wondering which man would win Natalie's heart.

With a realistic cast of characters; witty dialogue and dramatic interactions; a rich description of Seattle and its local landmarks; and an entertaining romantic storyline that engages the reader to follow along; Year Of Living Blonde is an enjoyable story about a woman's year long journey of self-discovery and search for true love and happiness.

Year Of Living Blonde is the first book in the Sweet Life in Seattle Series.


About The Author

Andrea Simonne grew up as an army brat and discovered she had a talent for creating personas at each new school. The most memorable was a surfer chick named "Ace" who never touched a surf board in her life, but had an impressive collection of puka shell necklaces. Eventually she turned her imagination towards writing. Andrea still enjoys creating personas, though these days they occupy her books. She currently makes her home in the Pacific Northwest with her husband and two sons. 


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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Elite Metal: Contemporary Military Romance Boxed Set (Author Interview / Book Review / Contest Giveaway)

In association with Goddess Fish Promotions, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book tour event for Elite Metal - Contemporary Military Romance Boxed Set!

Author Interview

Questions answered by Author Jennifer Kacey 

Can you please tell me a bit about Elite Metal? 

It’s an 8 Novella – 7 author cohesive Military Romance Boxed-Set. The first story feeds into the second into the third into the… It’s taken us 9 months to put together and we could not be more excited that it’s finally out for people to read. It’s actually kind of surreal. It’s lived in our heads for so long, the fact that it’s available is incredible!! 

Please tell us a little about the authors? 

A lot of us are in TEXAS actually. Didn’t realize that until a few days ago. Two are in Washington. Very far apart yet so close in mindset. Can’t believe the 7 of us meshed so well. Fate!!! 

What’s coming up next for you with your writing? 

We’re planning two more books in the Elite world. Can’t wait to share what we have planned next. Gonna take us a bit to get it all put together but it’s going to be really incredible and you’ll get to see some of the same characters again and again! 

What would you say is your most interesting writing quirk? 

I cannot write a book in order. Just can’t do it. Tried a couple times. Didn’t go well. And I think that’s worked in my favor as well because I only write what I want to write thus I don’t get writer’s block very often. I’m also normally working on 3 or 4 projects at one time. I’ll sleep when I’m dead! 

What prompted you to start writing? Would you continue to write if you were no longer published? 

A set of 3 dreams actually which created the black moment in the first book I ever wrote. I had to know how it ended. How it got fixed. So I wrote down the dreams and filled in the blanks. 100K words later I knew how it ended. Thank goodness for dreams!! And I would absolutely continue to write. It’s my therapy for good and bad and how I process. Not writing will not happen until I croak. Have way too many characters in my head knocking on my skull wanting their say!!

About The Books

Elite Metal: Military Romance Boxed Set
Publisher: Never Settle Publishing
Publication Date: February 10, 2015
Format: eBook - 743 pages
              Kindle - 1252 KB
              Nook - 2 MB
ISBN: 978-0986247927
BNID: 2940150302204
Genre: Contemporary Military Romance

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the boxed set from the authors/publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Goddess Fish Promotions.

Book Description:

For decades the US Marines funded a top-secret unit known as Elite Recon. A deadly group of men and women sent to infiltrate dozens of countries completely undetected. Mission objectives so extreme casualties were not only probable, but expected.

The current batch of operatives had returned from hundreds of assignments unscathed…until one mission went horribly wrong. Several men lost their lives and the group disbanded. The remaining leathernecks were scattered in the wind with new identities. They were told to blend in. Be normal. Or face being forever silenced just like their fallen brothers.

Now, two years later, each living member of the group is kidnapped and given a chance to make things right. But this time they’re no longer under the thumb of Uncle Sam. A mysterious private backer who knows about their past has brought them back together. No longer are they forced to turn a blind eye to the lost and forsaken.

A new life. A new future…Elite Metal.

Bound By Steele By Anna Alexander and Jennifer Kacey

To save his Marine brothers and sister he must accept the past isn’t dead and buried. Reuniting survivors means he is forced to first forgive…the enemy.

Steele, the man he was, died. A civilian with a new name stands in his place in the wake of death. Everything he had, lost when his undercover contact, Venus, disappeared when it counted most. In the shadow of regret, Steele is reborn from the flames of a Phoenix. To right the wrongs that destroyed his military family, he must put his trust in the hands of a mysterious backer, and the woman who led his team to the slaughter.

Not knowing who sold her out at the final hour, Alayna Devlin, spent the last two years on the run. Then the mastermind behind Elite Metal tracked her down, and offered her the chance to atone for past mistakes. To cleanse her conscience requires a baptism by fire and submission to the man who will either put the final nail in her coffin or set her heart free.

The past. The future. Truth. Lies. Nothing is as it seems when two shattered hearts are finally given the chance to heal.

Chrome’s Salvation By Jennifer Kacey

A former leader of Elite Recon, reduced to nothing more than an apathetic existence.

Until his girl’s life hangs in the balance…now nothing will stand in the way of him coming back to life.

Chrome had it all. Exactly what he wanted. A career in the Marines he loved, fighting alongside his brothers and sisters to protect the US from everything set out to destroy it. Then on their last mission as Elite Recon they were double-crossed…and everything went horribly wrong.

Cammie needs help rescuing her siblings from the clutches of a man determined to crush everything she holds dear. But she has no one to turn to. No one to lean on when she’s trapped in a world she never knew existed. Lost in a world of pseudo-normalcy Chrome’s reduced to nothing more than existing. Day in. Day out. Nothing to live for.

Until his girl’s life hangs in the balance. Now nothing will stand in his way of coming back to life.

Love at first sight is a myth. Or so Chrome thought. Everything he thinks is true disappears in the presence…of his salvation.

Adamantium’s Roar By Anna Alexander

Adamantium left Beth to what he thought was a better life, only to find she had been living in hell. Now he’ll do anything, break any vow, to claim her as his for all time.

Adamantium feels right at home being back to what he does best with his Elite Metal buddies, especially if it keeps his mind off her. Beth Bradshaw. His best friend’s girl. But when their paths cross again, he discovers Beth is in the hands of a dangerous man. Vow or now vow to his Elite Metal family, Ant will do anything to claim the woman he loves.

Pure Copper By Heather Long

Copper will do whatever it takes to get the job done, even if it means seducing and betraying the one man who really sees her.

Former Marine special forces, Sachi “Copper” James is a chameleon. She thrives on being someone else. Her mission? Identify the rat who sold her team bad intel. Gabriel Danvers, ex-CIA analyst, is a master of disseminating the details. He wants to enjoy a normal life, retired from the game. His mission? Teach classes.

When Gabriel becomes the target of Copper’s investigation, he re-enters a world of danger and deception--all to claim the passion of the one woman who’s haunted him for years.

Sterling’s Seduction By Sabrina York

When a snoopy reporter threatens the Elite Metal, Sterling will do whatever it takes to kill her story about the team. Even if it means he has to tie her to his bed.

When Sterling spots a reporter masquerading as a waitress in a dingy bar in Deep Ellum, he suspects she’s investigating the team. And that’s something he just cannot allow to happen. Too many lives are at stake. He will do everything in his power to learn the truth—even seduce her. And to stop her story from coming out? He might even tie her to the bed.

Nothing is off the table when it comes to keeping his brothers safe. Nothing. It’s a damn shame she’s everything he’s ever wanted. It’s a damn shame her touch warms his cold, dead heart.

Platinum’s Choice By Rebecca Royce

Platinum left the life he had with Rose in New York to rejoin his team and silence the nightmares from Operation Phoenix. But when Rose is forced to go on the run with Platinum’s hidden son, he will have no choice but to return to his old life and reclaim what he has ached for every day since. Red Wolf’s sniper wants to nudge Plat’s underbelly and they’re going to find out quickly how deadly he can be.

Platinum was a man of few words before he changed his name and had his sniper rifle taken away. But as Elijah, he could start over, maybe even fall in love with his hidden son's Kindergarten teacher, Rose. But Platinum is reborn when Elijah is kidnapped, so he's left with no choice but to vanish, leaving Rose to wonder about his fate, broken-hearted.

Rose has spent the last year getting over the disappearance of the man she knew as Eli. Now, alone and terrified, she finds herself on the run from a sniper while trying to hide a scared little boy from certain death.

Red Wolf's crew isn't done with Plat, and his soft underbelly is just the place to nudge. Sniper vs. sniper, Platinum will reclaim what is his. That is, if she'll even have him back...

Mercury’s Poison By Saranna DeWylde

A scarred, mad genius more monster than man must protect the beauty he's become obsessed with from a beast more terrible than himself.

Serum 17 took his face, took his kindness and took his empathy. It took, in essence, all of John Thrace leaving only the Elite Metal operative "Mercury" in his place. A man marked with a biohazard tattoo because he knows he's incompatible with other living things. Until he becomes obsessed with the seemingly innocent doctor Hazel Brewer and a chance encounter changes everything.

Hazel knows the giant scarred man won't hurt her even though she's in the business of saving lives and he'd rather take them. In fact, she's never felt safer or more alive than when she's with him. Even when a terrible biological weapon forces her into his arms for a night of hot passion she won't soon forget.

Their love could be the redemption he never thought he wanted, or something even more toxic: Mercury's poison.

Forged in Silver By Roxie Rivera

Rebel. Nomad. Troublemaker.

After surviving the double-cross during Operation Phoenix, Former Elite Recon Marine Silver embraces the underworld and builds a new life as one of the world's most renowned thieves. Jewels, paintings, corporate espionage--there's no job he won't take for the right price.

Until Poppy Jones orders her ghosts to snatch him up in Budapest and haul him back to Texas to face her brand of justice...

Forced to decide between a prison cell and signing on to Elite Metal, Silver chooses the latter. Quietly operating in the background of a team that no longer trusts or wants him, he completes all the dirty little jobs that keep the team alive and flush with new intel.

But when he learns Poppy plans to infiltrate a terrorist gathering, he refuses to hide in the shadows a moment longer. In a world of secrets and lies, Poppy Jones is his bright light of truth and trust.

And he'll brave the fires of hell--and the disdain of Steele and Chrome--to protect her.

Book Excerpt

Chrome’s Salvation

The gun thumped onto the wood on her dresser and he hauled her up into his arms. She wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist trapping his cock between them. Her slight body shivered next to his and he held her close. “Shh, shh, shh, Cammie. It’s okay. I’m not going to let anything happen to you.”

“Don’t leave,” she whimpered and clutched him tight. She snuggled closer to him, grinding her panties covered pussy against him in the process.

She was so warm.

He groaned, digging his fingers momentarily into her back and hip before he convince them to relax. “I won’t. Just let me go put some clothes on.” She shivered again and his breath caught. “This isn’t going to go well,” he added through clenched teeth. “Gimme thirty seconds to throw pants on and I’ll come back. We can…talk.” Yeah it sounded like a curse word, but, Jesus.

“I don’t want to talk.” Her soft whisper next to his ear threw fuel on the fire.

He physically set her on her feet and held her shoulders at arm’s length because the only alternative was pushing her against the wall, ripping her shirt and panties off and fucking taking her.

“Then I’ll hold you or some shit so you can go back to sleep.”

She shook her head and he released her shoulders as she confirmed he wasn’t what she needed or wanted. He took a step away and she took a hesitant step closer as she eyed his groin again.

Light glistened off her teeth as she nibbled her bottom lip and clutched nervously at the bottom of her shirt. “No sleep. I only have nightmares. No sleep.” She took another step forward, eyeing him with…hunger?

Chrome acted before running it through his filter. He grabbed her by the back of the neck and shoved her against the wall, stomach first. She gasped, bracing her hands beside her. “I can’t do easy, little girl.” He trapped her body between his and the hard surface and grabbed a handful of her hair to jack her head to the side.

“I don’t like the taste of vanilla.” He licked her throat and bit her right below her ear. “But I sure as fuck like the taste of you. You are my flavor and I want to drown myself in you.” He pushed his hand between the wall and her pussy and moved his hand beneath her cotton panties.



Her moan nearly did him in. He gripped her hair harder and slid a finger into her pussy. She clutched at the wall and groaned out, “Chrome.”

He needed to stop.

He needed to leave.

He needed to tell Steele to screw off and bail before he did something stupid and hurt her or something even stupider like falling for her.

“Right now, Cammie. You have to tell me to stop right now. This is not a good idea. I’m supposed to be protecting you. Not fucking you. Not dominating you. I don’t have condoms with me and if we start this I’m not stopping until I’m balls deep inside you with you coming on my cock. So if you don’t want what I’m offering…” He squeezed the hair on her head hard and slid another finger into her pussy to make sure she understood what he was about to tell her. “You have to tell me to stop. Kink is the only way I have sex. I don’t do soft and you will never have control if I fuck you. I’m all over women’s rights and all that, but not in the bedroom. Nothing else works for me. Do you understand?”

Her panting breaths turned him on even stronger and her throat moved as she swallowed. “Are we playing? Like a game?”

He needed to tell her yes. He needed to go along with it so he could fuck her and get her out of his system. He’d make it good for her. He would. But he needed a fall back if she freaked in the middle so he’d have the ability to shrug it off and lick his wounds. That’s what he needed to do.

“This is not a game. With you this will never…be a game.”

My Book Review

Oh My Goodness! Elite Metal is an addicting collection of military romance novellas that will sweep the reader away on an exhilarating roller coaster ride of intrigue, suspense, drama, and steamy romance featuring hot alpha Marines and some equally strong and independent women.

The eight stories in this military romance box set flow seamlessly from one story to another. The authors do an amazing job of collaborating on a cohesive anthology collection that is full of adventure and romance, you can't help but read the whole collection in one sitting. All I have to say is that there is nothing hotter than reading about sexy military men, especially when their stories are interwoven with intrigue and steamy sex, it is so drool worthy and will leave you wanting more!

So if you get a chance, settle into your comfy couch and read this amazing boxed set, you can thank me later! *wink, wink*



$.99 Book Sale


About The Authors

Jennifer Kacey

Jennifer Kacey is a writer, mother, and business owner living with her family in Texas. She sings in the shower, plays piano in her dreams, and has to have a different color of nail polish every week. She’s the Amazon top seller and award winning author of the Members Only Series and the Surrender Series along with several standalone novels and novellas. The best advice she’s ever been given? Find the real you and never settle for anything less.

AUTHOR BLOG - The Decadent Divas

Anna Alexander

Anna Alexander's literary world changed at age thirteen when a friend gave her a copy of Kathleen Woodiwiss's "A Rose in Winter." With her mind thoroughly blown, she decided that one day she too would be a romance writer. With Hugh Jackman's abs and Christopher Reeve's blue eyes as inspiration, she loves spinning tales about superheroes finding love.

Sign up to receive news about Anna's latest releases at

AUTHOR BLOG – The Decadent Divas

Heather Long

National bestselling author, Heather Long, likes long walks in the park, science fiction, superheroes, Marines, and men who aren’t douche bags. Her books are filled with heroes and heroines tangled in romance as hot as Texas summertime. From paranormal historical westerns to contemporary military romance, Heather might switch genres, but one thing is true in all of her stories—her characters drive the books. When she’s not wrangling her menagerie of animals, she devotes her time to family and friends she considers family. She believes if you like your heroes so real you could lick the grit off their chest, and your heroines so likable, you’re sure you’ve been friends with women just like them; you’ll enjoy her worlds as much as she does.


Rebecca Royce

As a teenager, Rebecca Royce would hide in her room to read her favorite romance novels when she was supposed to be doing her homework.

She is the mother of three adorable boys and is fortunate to be married to her best friend. They are transplants from the northeastern part of the United States to the great state of Texas, specifically Austin.

She is in love with science fiction, fantasy and the paranormal and tries to use all these elements in her writing. In her world anything is possible, anything can happen, and you should suspect that it will.


Sabrina York

Her Royal Hotness, Sabrina York, is the New York Times and USA Today Bestselling author of hot, humorous stories for smart and sexy readers. Her titles range from sweet & sexy to scorching erotic romance. Connect with her on twitter @sabrina_york, on Facebook or on Pinterest. Visit her webpage at to check out her books, excerpts and contests. Free Teaser Book: And don’t forget to enter to win the royal tiara!


Saranna DeWylde

Saranna De Wylde has always been fascinated by things better left in the dark. She wrote her first story after watching The Exorcist at a slumber party. Since then, she's published horror, romance and narrative nonfiction. Like all writers, Saranna has held a variety of jobs, from operations supervisor for an airline, to an assistant for a call girl, to a corrections officer. But like Hemingway said, "Once writing has become your major vice and greatest pleasure, only death can stop it." So she traded in her cuffs for a full-time keyboard. She loves to hear from her readers.


Roxie Rivera

A New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, I like to write super sexy romances and scorching hot erotica. I live in Texas with my red-bearded Viking husband and a sweet but rowdy preschool-aged daughter with autism and heart defects. We also have two wildly rambunctious Great Danes named Hannibal and Murdock.

My other book writing alter ego--Lolita Lopez--was named one of Latina Magazine's Eight Erotic Latina Authors To Check Out. Lo writes deliciously steamy tales for Forever Yours/Grand Central, Mischief/Harper Collins UK, Siren Publishing and Cleis Press.


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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Madeline Cain: Adventures in Fashion by Emily Craven (Author Interview / Book Review)

In association with Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book tour event for Madeline Cain: Adventures in Fashion by Author Emily Craven!

Author Interview

Welome to Jersey Girl Book Reviews, Emily!

Before we get to the interview, can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

Hi everyone *waves* I was first inspired to placed pen to paper when I was 12, after I learnt my favourite author, Isobelle Carmody, began her first novel at 14. I finished the first draft of two manuscripts while completing a Bachelor of Science (Space Science and Astrophysics and Geophysics) at the University of Adelaide. So technically, I can claim to be an astrophysicist (stars), geophysicist (rocks) and writer (crazy). I write YA fiction, Fantasy and non-fiction. I live in Australia and yes, back when I was a teenager my high school had its own herd of Kangaroos. I’ve been to almost every continent (Africa being my weakness in continent-domination) and have the pretty photographs to prove it (though probably less professional than Madeline Cain...).

Unusual talents and hobbies include: Getting excited at the thought of sky diving (though if you try to attach me to the end of a bungee cord I will take you down with me). I love belly dancing, singing, am a self-confessed Trekkie, and will never pass up a good bar of chocolate. If you put me anywhere in the vicinity of snow I turn into a five year old.

I have a website, two blogs, one on writing ( and one on independent publishing and digital storytelling (, and also run real life choose-your-own-adventures at You can find me on Twitter @TheMadelineCain or on Facebook at 

How long have you been a writer? What inspired you to become a writer?

I’d like to say I’ve been a writer since I was old enough to crayon the walls but that would be a lie. I originally started writing when I was twelve, after I learnt one of my favourite authors, Isobelle Carmody, started her first book at 14. I worked on that book throughout high school and every once in a while I still go back and edit it or turn it into something new, heck, this year I’m turning it into a serial podcast! I’m a bit bull headed so it’s unlikely I will ever throw any of my old manuscripts away. They will work. All of them. Eventually.

Do you have a day job, or is being an author your career?

I’m not that well known yet! I do have a day job, though many people might consider that I’m still being an ‘author’ when I do it. I run real life choose-your-own-adventures around various cities and towns in Australia. I pull together writers, artists and musicians to create stories where participants will find themselves trying to bring down an alien invasion in Adelaide, or trying to survive a zombie apocalypse in Brisbane as they run about the city. Last year I turned this project (originally known as Street Reads - into a GPS app called Story City ( and hope to start doing adventures for cities in other countries sometime soon. They’re a great mix of city tour guide and adventure – I call it cultural tourism. Who hasn’t read a book where they actually wanted to be part of it?! This is my way to do that.

Please give a brief description/storyline about Madeline Cain: Adventures In Fashion.

It’s the second book and the final 6 months of Madeline’s time in NYC. She’s got herself a new Honey (Kevin) and she’s absolutely certain that the rest of the year will be smooth sailing. But with Madeline, things are never that simple! A bombshell is dropped, she needs to pick a photographic specialisation before the year is out or risk losing the career of her dreams. The problem? She's about as sure of her photographic passion as a hiker is of outrunning a bear.

Thus Madeline begins her search for her one true path but instead is presented with certifiably insane children, lip-synching rockers, a dog whisperer, and… zombies? But it’s not until Madeline secures a 'life-debt' by saving a potential mobster from a gun-wielding cross-dresser that she sets her sights on an amazing internship opportunity.

Life is going to hell in a hand basket but Madeline is going to ride that wave, even if it leads her and Kevin into rocky territory…

The entire book is written as though you are reading Madeline’s Facebook page, each section told through status updates, Facebook notes and comments.

What was the inspiration for this story?

The Madeline Cain series came about when I was in a writing rut. I normally write fantasy but found the creative juices just weren't enough to fill a glass. So I decided to challenge myself to write a novel in a month and it was going to be FUN! Which meant I wanted a title that didn't take itself too seriously. It was about a girl's wacky travels and her passion, so I thought back to when I was a young girl and had no modesty when naming things, hence the title The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain. This ended up being the first book in a series – and yes, I promise that was my zero draft and not the one eventually published!

Originally I started sourcing ideas from friends on Facebook and I thought, why stop at brain storming? This is how I communicate with my friends, particularly when I travel overseas, and the most entertaining parts of my day are via posts on the social media site. We were telling each other our life stories and I didn’t see why it couldn’t work as a narrative. And, frankly, my friends are nuts, they bring the funnies like a troop of clowns from a clown car. And this way I could legitimately log my hours on Facebook as ‘research’. How many writers can claim changing their Facebook to Pirate English as a good use of their time? Very few I’d wager.

How did it feel to have your first book published?

Like I’d stepped out into the void! It’s both exhilarating that your work is out there, and utterly terrifying to think people might look at you and ask, “Just how many tequilas did you have before you sat down to write this?”

Do you write books for a specific genre?

I know a lot of writers do this, but no. I don’t. I get super-duper bored with writing in the same genre, just as I would get super bored reading nothing but one genre. Though my books are normally in the YA or NA bracket they range from contemporaries (like the Madeline Cain Series) to fantasy and non-fiction. The next book I’m rolling around in my head is going to combine fantasy with a detective story.

What genres are your favorite(s)? What are some of your favorite books that you have read and why?

I love chick-lit and fantasy, they take up the most space on my book shelves. Looking at them you can see the clear biases: Meg Cabot, Cecilia Ahern, Isobelle Carmody, Diana Wynne Jones, Tamora Pierce etc. I’ve got too many favourite (forgive the Australian spelling there!) books to mention, so I’ll narrow it to two:

Boy Meets Girl by Meg Cabot: I love this book because it was the first book I ever read that was written in a ‘digital’ format, and by that I mean in emails. Back when I first started reading it, emails were the new thing that I had and my parents didn’t. I loved seeing what the characters really thought of each other and predicting their reactions when the inevitable misunderstandings occurred.

A Place Called Here by Cecelia Ahern: I love the premise of this book, finding yourself in the place where all lost things go!? How wonderful would it be if this place really existed? It would make me less frantic then next time I lost something if I just knew where it would end up. This book is so clever and heart-felt.

Do you have a special "spot/area" where you like to do your writing?

I am happy to write most places, as long as they are quiet! As soon as you put music on I can’t concentrate on anything. But the main place I write is in our spare bedroom looking out onto a tidal drain. I know it doesn’t sound too appealing, but when it’s full of water I can imagine I have bought a place on the bank of a river and a gentleman will putt along in a rowboat at any minute and doff his hat to me.

How do you come up with the ideas that become the storyline for your books?

I throw a prompt out on Facebook usually. These books are written like Facebook, from Facebook! If I’m struggling to find the perfect scenario, but I know what I want to achieve, I’ll ask my over-imaginative friends to give me the craziest ideas inside their head and see if they can be moulded into anything sensible. Or completely ludicrous, depending on my mood.

When you write, do you adhere to a strict work schedule, or do you work whenever the inspiration strikes?

I’m not strict (Life won’t let you rule it after all) but I do try to write every weekday for at least an hour (or two if I can get away with it). Some days I can’t make it. I feel guilty, down a glass of red, and start the new day having blanked the previous day’s guilt from my memory Bernard Black style.

What aspects of storytelling do you like the best, and what aspects do you struggle with the most?

I loath first drafts. That blank page, that god awful blinking cursor, “Why are you writing? Why aren’t you writing?” Because I hate you! That’s why I force myself to write every day, otherwise I would never write. I try to convince myself it’s ok to throw crap onto a page and call it art, no one is going to see the first draft. It doesn’t work, of course, but I reward myself with macaroons so it kind of balances out. My favourite part of the process is editing, where the vindictive part of me takes over and says, “Your words suck! So I shall change them all!” Somehow this is easier than the initial creation. It’s probably why I’m a horrible person to have in a writers group, I’ll tinker with your piece if you’re silly enough to hand it to me.

What are your favorite things to do when you are not writing?

I dabble in a bit of belly dancing. I have jubbly bits so I figure, why not make them do something constructive like wobble on purpose?

What is/was the best piece of writing advice that you have received?

Sit your arse down and write. You’ve only got as much time as the rest of us.

What is the most gratifying thing you feel or get as a writer?

When people actually bother to tweet me to say how much they like the book. If you’re willing to publically go out on a limb to say your brain works like mine, then you are the most amazing person on the planet and I am forever in your debt. I may even write an ode to you.

How do you usually communicate with your readers/fans?

I get lonely as a writer so I try to communicate in all the places. On Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, Email. I particularly like the people who are on my newsletter list, they totally get me and the crazy launch plans I make. I’ve also set up real Facebook pages for each of the main characters in the series, so readers can go to the characters direct.

Is there anything in your book based on real life experiences or are they purely all from your imagination?

The majority is based on imagination (if I was subjected to all of this I would have removed myself from polite society long ago). However, much of the craziness was at least inspired by life. I've travelled a lot and done some pretty silly things, some of which have been folded back into the story. Madeline's brother does some awesome evil genius things that my partner's brother has done, my mother would always tell me that they had a wonderful course back in my home town that I could take if I just left that 'silly place' and came home, and I have a friend who constantly picks up the world's most rare medical conditions.

What is your definition of success as a writer?

When people start making fan art. Oh! And fan fiction. That is when I’ll classify myself as a success.

Are you currently writing a new book? If yes, would you care to share a bit of it with us?

I’m always working on a new book! In fact I’m working on a short novella in the Madeline Cain series that happens before the two books. I wanted to give readers a taste of the Madeline Cain world before her New York trip, when she first joined Facebook. When it’s finally ready, it will be available for free to whoever wishes to read it.

And speaking of free, if you grab a copy of Madeline Cain: Adventures In Fashion before the end of this virtual blog tour (4th of March) and email me your receipt at, I will send you the first book in the Madeline Cain series, The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain, for free!

Thank you Emily for visiting Jersey Girl Book Reviews and sharing a bit about yourself and your writing career!

About The Author

Emily Craven was first inspired to placed pen to paper when she was 12, after she learnt her favourite author, Isobelle Carmody, began her first novel at 14. Emily finished two manuscripts while completing a Bachelor of Science (Space Science and Astrophysics and Geophysics) at the University of Adelaide. So technically, she can claim to be an astrophysicist (stars), geophysicist (rocks) and writer (crazy). She writes YA fiction, Fantasy and non-fiction. Emily lives in Australia and yes, back when she was a teenager her high school had its own herd of Kangaroos. She's been to almost every continent (Africa being her weakness in continent-domination) and has the pretty photographs to prove it (though probably less professional than Madeline Cain...).

Unusual talents and hobbies include: Getting excited at the thought of sky diving (though if you try to attach her to the end of a bungee cord she will take you down with her). She loves belly dancing, singing, is a self-confessed Trekkie, and will never pass up a good bar of chocolate. If you put her anywhere in the vicinity of snow, she turns into a five year old.


Book Review

The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain: Photographer Extraordinaire by Emily Craven
Book 1: The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain Series
Publisher: Craven Publishing
Publication Date: September 20, 2012 (PB) / June 20, 2013 (eBook)
Format: Paperback - 250 pages
             Kindle - 2901 KB
             Nook - 2 MB
ISBN: 978-0987500649
BNID: 2940044366008
Genre: YA Fiction

BUY THE BOOK: The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours.

Book Description:

"The problem with Facebook is, you can't fail at life in private."

Madeline Cain has made it! A New York City adventure and acceptance into a world famous photography school in Greenwich Village. What else could await an Australian in the big city but glamour, fun and kickass photo opportunities? All she needs is Facebook to brag to family and friends back home and she’s set. Right? Right??

Not quite.

From the moment she’s forced to make ends meet by accepting a job as a pizza delivery girl chaos becomes a close friend, much to the delight of her growing Facebook followers. As Madeline struggles not to embarrass herself in front of her hot (but taken) neighbour, Kevin, she must survive abusive umbrellas, deliveries to cross-dressing dwarfs, and completely unwarranted FBI questioning. Things move from the crazy to the ridiculous when she accidentally blackmails Kevin’s millionaire girlfriend with photos of her cheating on him.

Does Madeline accept the bribe money she desperately needs or protect her budding relationship with Kevin the hottie?

Written as though you are reading Madeline’s Facebook page, The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain is a modern tale that will leave you in stitches.

Madeline Cain: Adventures in Fashion by Emily Craven
Book 2: The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain Series
Publisher: Craven Publishing
Publication Date: December 29, 2014
Format: eBook - 450 pages
              Kindle - 2698 KB
              Nook - 3 MB
ISBN: 9780987500670
BNID: 2940046472622
Genre: YA Fiction

BUY THE BOOK: Madeline Cain: Adventures in Fashion

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours.

Book Description:

Madeline Cain knows that after six chaotic months, the rest of her time in New York City will be smooth sailing with Kevin -- her new squeeze -- by her side. That is, until Madeline's idols drop a bombshell - she needs to pick a specialisation before the year is out or risk losing the career of her dreams. The problem? She's about as sure of her photographic passion as a hiker is of outrunning a bear.

Thus Madeline begins her search for her one true path with student-arranged assignments featuring certifiably insane children, lip-synching rockers, a dog whisperer, and… zombies? But it’s not until Madeline secures a 'life-debt' by saving a potential mobster from a gun-wielding cross-dresser that she sets her sights on an amazing internship opportunity.

Is her new patron really part of the mob? Can she nail this internship when all her experiments are going to hell? And how does she deal with Kevin's obsession over her escapades?

Written as though you’re reading Madeline's Facebook page, Adventures in Fashion will leave you giggling on the floor as Maddie posts about the second half of her Big Apple adventure.

Book Excerpt:

Your Un-Invitation To The Annual I’Anson Charity Ball!

EVENT INVITATION> Suggest your friends [Edit Event]

You are Attending. Private event

Time: 16th June at 18:30

Location: NYC

Created by: Madeline Cain, Jarrah Annelli, Jade Annelli, Josh Anneli, Richard Arnoou, Cain Michaels, Victoria Zeng.

More Info: The 2012 class from Jason I’Anson’s School of Photography, cordially un-invite you to the Annual Charity Ball. The Ball, being only for important rich people and good-looking volunteers such as ourselves, is the star studded photography event of the year. Not only will some of the world’s best photography (*cough**cough* ours *cough**cough*) grace the halls of Manhattan’s elite, but vast sums of money will be raised for the Children’s Camera Drive, a charity that provides orphans and street kids around the world with a chance to express themselves through photography.

Why would we bother to un-invite you? Well, we’re a generous lot, we know you’d kill to be there, so we thought we’d throw you a bone and let you feel like you’re involved. Hey, an un-invitation is better than being ignored.

Write something... [Share]

Kathy Bloomingdale So you’re inviting us, to not be invited, to an event I wouldn’t be able to get to without a teleporter? Posted Saturday 16th June at 15:18 [Comment . Like]

Madeline Cain NYC Cinderella I’d like to point out you’re not invited not because we hate you, but because you’re poor. Posted Saturday 16th June at 15:20 [Comment . Like]

Tim Gleeve Teleporters are science fiction Kathy, if they were real I’d have one in my basement. However, that doesn’t strike me out of the race! I could probably get there with a space shuttle sized jetpack! I’ll just get dressed in my zero-G space suit and grab my pack from the shed. Posted Saturday 16th June at 15:23 [Comment . Like]

Tim Gleeve Shit, jetpack’s too dusty, guess I’ll have to miss this gag-tastic ball. Posted Saturday 16th June at 15:25 [Comment . Like]

Madeline Cain NYC Cinderella Wolverine was there. Posted Sunday 17th June at 11:13 [Comment . Like]

Tim Gleeve Flaming Barf Balls!! Seriously? Right, new genie wish: go back in time to my high-school self, convince him to gain your romantic trust, follow you to New York AND MEET WOLVERINE!! Posted Sunday 17th June at 15:30 [Comment . Like]

Kathy Bloomingdale All to meet an actor?? Why can’t you do that to meet a girl? Posted Sunday 17th June at 16:14 [Comment . Like]

Tim Gleeve How dare you downgrade his legend to the piddly title of actor! Posted Sunday 17th June at 16:17 [Comment . Like]

Kathy Bloomingdale Well at least you’re crushing on comic book characters now and not electronics. Posted Sunday 17th June at 17:05 [Comment . Like]

Mike Cain We all know an un-invite is just a sneaky invite. You’ve just got to prove you’re worthy enough to decipher the real instructions. I noticed that the actual address of your event is missing. It is but a tiny hurdle for my awesome genius. Posted Saturday 16th June at 15:18 [Comment . Like]

Madeline Cain NYC Cinderella And only sending the un-invite three hours before the event? Posted Sunday 17th June at 11:17 [Comment . Like]

Mike Cain Stopping time is a slightly larger hurdle. But, I will prevail! Posted Sunday 17th June at 12:20 [Comment . Like]

Josh Annelli That was a more eventful than I thought it would be… Posted Sunday 17th June at 20:20 [Comment . Like]

Richard Arnoou You mean nerve-wracking don’t you? I think half a cup of spit ended up on the Mayor’s shirt before I could get out my first word. Posted Sunday 17th June at 21:07 [Comment . Like]

Jade Annelli We had no idea you were staring in your own version of Cougar Town, Bro. Posted Sunday 17th June at 21:12 [Comment . Like]

Madeline Cain NYC Cinderella At least you didn’t end up with a penis icicle in your drink when you were introduced to a curator at the Guggenheim. Posted Sunday 17th June at 23:00 [Comment . Like]

Josh Annelli Sis, I can handle frisky middle aged women, what I was referring to was the scene Maddie managed to orchestrate, though the phallic icicle is an addition I was unaware of. I was there when you spoke to the curator too, no idea how I missed that. Good to see you balance the public moments with the private ones, Maddie. Posted Sunday 17th June at 23:05 [Comment . Like]

Madeline Cain NYC Cinderella You were probably too busy ogling the curator’s PA. She was MILF age. Posted Sunday 17th June at 23:07 [Comment . Like]

Jarrah Annelli What?? How did you manage that? So it wasn’t double trouble for you yesterday, it was the triple nipple? Posted Sunday 17th June at 23:09 [Comment . Like]

Madeline Cain NYC Cinderella Sure was. I do everything in threes: injuries, bad luck, embarrassment. Why don’t you ask Cain how it got there? Posted Sunday 17th June at 23:11 [Comment . Like]

Cain Michaels The ice sculptor was clearly female, no male artist would have carved a set of the family jewels that poorly. Posted Sunday 17th June at 23:13 [Comment . Like]

Madeline Cain NYC Cinderella The only way you could tell that was by touching them?? Posted Sunday 17th June at 23:17 [Comment . Like]

Cain Michaels The proportions were all off! The real David was a master piece and she butchered it. Posted Sunday 17th June at 23:21 [Comment . Like]

Madeline Cain NYC Cinderella So you decided you would butcher her centrepiece by removing the offending member? Posted Sunday 17th June at 23:26 [Comment . Like]

Richard Arnoou Classy. Posted Sunday 17th June at 23:32 [Comment . Like]

Cain Michaels No! I told you, it just snapped off. Posted Sunday 17th June at 23:34 [Comment . Like]

Kathy Bloomingdale Geez Maddie, what the hell happened? Posted Sunday 17th June at 23:53 [Comment . Like]

My Book Review:

Since I read both books in the series back-to-back, I decided to write one book review that would encompass my thoughts on both books.

The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain Series is an entertaining set of stories that follows the madcap adventures of Australian Madeline Cain when she comes to New York City and embarks on a journey to become a professional photographer.

Author Emily Craven introduces the reader to Madeline Cain's first six months of adventures in The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain: Photographer Extraordinaire, book one in the series. She weaves the tale in an intriguing social media format style utilizing the Facebook platform. One would think that it would be hard to follow Madeline as her journey to become a professional photographer is met with hilarious trials and tribulations via her Facebook postings to her followers, but I found myself easily drawn into her story. This lighthearted and amusing story has so many laugh-out-loud moments, it is a delightful story that will keep you engaged and turning the pages as Madeline's zany adventures in the Big Apple are met with a variety of trials and tribulations that simply tickle the funny bone and leave you wanting more.

Just when you think that Madeline can't get herself into any more crazy situations, author Emily Craven entices the reader with Madeline Cain: Adventures in Fashion, the second book in the series. In this book, the story continues with the next six month's of Madeline's adventures while on her journey to become a photographer. More drama, romance, and zaniness are in store for the reader as Madeline takes quirky to a new level when her latest adventures has her tangling with the mob. This quirky Australian sure knows how to get herself in a pickle! I found myself just as entertained and giggling while turning the pages like I did in the first book. The social media Facebook format was easier to follow, I really enjoyed this fresh style of writing a story, it grew on me and I found myself wondering if maybe our own Facebook posts are just as humorous as Madeline's!

The Grand Adventures of Madeline Cain Series is a thoroughly entertaining YA series that is simply crazy good, it will make you laugh, roll your eyes, smile, and leave you wanting more!


Virtual Book Tour 

Tour Schedule:

February 23 - Chick LitPlus – Tour Kickoff
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February 25 - Polished and Bubbly – Review & Excerpt 
February 26 - Reeca’s Pieces – Review
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