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Monday, June 25, 2012

This Tangled Thing Called Love by Marie Astor

This Tangled Thing Called Love by Marie Astor
Published By: Amazon Digital Services
Release Date: February 12, 2012
Format: Kindle 439 KB / 254 pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Women's Fiction / Chick Lit

About The Author:

Marie Astor is a die-hard romantic who wholeheartedly believes in true love, which is why she writes in the contemporary romance genre. Marie is the author of contemporary romance novels This Tangled Thing Called LoveLucky CharmOn the Rim of Love, and a short story collection, A Dress in a Window.


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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review, and for hosting a virtual book event on my book review blog site.

Virtual Book Event: On Monday, June 25, 2012 author Marie Astor participated in a virtual book event with an Author Interview on Jersey Girl Book Reviews.

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Book Description: 

Claire Chatfield has everything a girl could possibly wish for: looks, a promising career, and an engagement ring from one of New York's most eligible heir-bachelors! Life should be a dream and yet, it does not feel like one ... When an enigmatic new neighbor, Alec Brunell, moves into an apartment above from Claire's, Claire is surprised to find herself wondering whether the choices she has made in her life are worth following through.

In order to secure his place as his father's successor, David Lawson must settle down with a wife befitting the future head of Lawson Enterprises - and who could fit the prerequisite better than the stunningly beautiful and incredibly bright Claire Chatfield? There is just one glitch - David Lawson is in love with another woman.

Alec Brunell has never lacked for women's attention, but he finds himself at a loss when faced with his downstairs neighbor, Claire Chatfield. Still, her iciness only adds fuel to his fire, as Alec is determined to change Claire's view of him.

This Tangled Thing Called Love is about finding one's perfect match and learning to follow one's heart.

My Book Review:

Claire Chatfield is engaged to the man of her dreams, or so she thought ... is she really in love with her fiance David Lawson ... or is she playing it safe instead of following her heart?

This Tangled Thing Called Love is a fun and sassy novel that raises the timeless question of when making choices about love relationships, do you play it safe and follow your head, or do you throw caution to the wind and follow your heart? Ah ... love is a many splendored tangled thing ....

The story is set in New York City and follows the perspectives of four characters: Claire Chatfield, David Lawson, Alec Brunell and Claudia Block. Claire and David are in a relationship, but they haven't been spending as much time together as they used to. Claire starts to question her relationship with David, and she finds herself becoming attracted to her sexy new upstairs neighbor, dance instructor Alec Brunell. Alec is attracted to Claire from the time he met her, he knows that he wants Claire, and he's willing to wait for her. Claudia Block is an aging Hollywood starlet who is David's true love, but his future in the family business deems this relationship unacceptable, and requires him to choose a more suitable wife. What is the right choice for Claire, David, Alec and Claudia? The author does a wonderful job of intertwining these four people's stories into a fascinating tale of their struggle to find love and decide what relationship choice is the right one for each of them.

The author creates a cast of characters that are realistic, strong, complex and engaging. These are characters that the reader can relate to: they are not perfect, they have flaws, they question the choices they make in life and relationships, and they try to live their lives just like we do! I found that this is a fascinating look at how four people go through the motions of deciding what path to follow in love relationships, they each had to deal with a timeless question that everyone has pondered at one time or another.

I think the story engages the reader in a witty and entertaining manner. Who hasn't ever questioned their choices in life and in relationships? Sometimes you have to endure some self-questioning and make wrong choices before attaining your true hearts desire ... and sometimes you have to go let go of the safe options, go out on a limb and just follow your heart when seeking true love and happiness. That is what life's all about!

This Tangled Thing Called Love is an entertaining romance novel that will embrace and engage you in it's dialogue about how people weave their way through the tangled maze of choices in life and love!


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