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Friday, April 13, 2012

From Zero To Four Kids In Thirty Seconds by Amy L. Peterson

From Zero To Four Kids In Thirty Seconds by Amy L. Peterson
Published By: CreateSpace
Release Date: December 15, 2011
Format: Paperback - 262 pages / Kindle - 437 KB
ISBN: 1470181517
Genre: Nonfiction / Memoir / Parenting & Families

About The Author:

Amy L. Peterson is a happily married wife, stepmother, author, amateur photographer, outdoors woman and keeper of numerous spoiled fuzzy animals. Her writing is diverse, her photography of animals and wildlife unique, and her pets have trained her how to get what they want.

Amy met Mark at the Michigan Department of Natural Resources in the early 1990s and married him after he carried a rubber raft, oars, foot pump, camping gear, and fishing gear to 10,000 feet while backpacking in Montana. In addition to his prowess, Amy was attracted to Mark's limitless supply of fishing tackle, and his interest in every kind of critter. The fact that he came with four children in denial about it until she married him.

Amy summarized just some of the fun of entering into instant stepmotherhood in From Zero To Four Kids In Thirty Seconds. This humorous, entertaining book includes over 70 tips for stepmothers and women thinking about taking such a plunge. These tips are tried and true since all four of Mark's children survived their time with Amy. Amongst the kids is one social worker, one mechanical engineer, and two college students.

Between bouts of being a wife and stepmother, Amy spends way too many hours photographing and writing about wildlife. Her publications and photos have appeared in Grit, Montana, Travel Impulse, Women's World, Bonaire Nights, and Pacific Coast Sportfishing. Her articles about Nunavet wildlife was featured on the Nueltin Lodge web page, along with a photo of a monstrous pike she claims to have caught.

Amy has also co-authored numerous technical documents for the State of Michigan, all of which are really quite boring. Her favorite past time is writing mostly true stories of the various animals she's spoiled or encountered in the wild. She is currently working on a book about all the animals Mark "always wanted."

Her blog at is focusing on her book excerpts and many a review she is receiving every day.

This is Amy's humorous and compelling story of becoming a stepmother. The book has catchy chapter titels like "Can't We Just Duct Tape Them Together and Send Them Outside?" And it contains over 70 tips including "Tip #44: You can't exchange a bad child for a good head of lettuce." This book is a must read for stepmothers and future stepmothers, and a fun romance that might just make you giggle somewhere along the way.

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Book Description:

Amy is a 30 year-old woman who spent many years polishing an unapproachable outer shell and maintaining a long list of reasons why not to have children. She keeps a canoe on her front porch, a mountain bike in her kitchen and a balance in her checking account.

Mark is an older, divorced man with four kids. he sleeps on an Army cot and eats out of pots and pans given to him by his therapist. He has a Ph.D. in stream ecology, a VW Rabbit with 285,000 miles on it and enough fishing tackle to sink a small boat.

Amy falls for Mark hook, line and hundreds of dollars in sinkers.

My Book Review:

From Zero To Four Kids In Thirty Seconds is a humorous memoir by the author documenting how she went from a financially independent single woman with no obligations and a lengthy list of reasons for not getting married and having kids, to single handily hooking an older divorced man with four children. Amy L. Peterson takes the reader along for a fun roller coaster ride as she describes the events that led her from being a single lady to a wife and stepmom in no time at all. Throughout the book, Amy keeps the reader in stitches with her narration of how her life changed when Mark and his four kids: Simone, Samantha, Conrad and Elizabeth came into her life;  describing the ups and downs and growing pains of blending into a new family unit. Along the way, Amy provides 70 tips for new stepmoms or stepmoms-to-be to follow ... if you dare.

Amy's humor is infectious, you can't help but laugh as you read her story, it is a light-hearted story of what a real blended family looks like, worms and all. I really enjoyed reading this story, the author weaved a story that had a mixture of insightful tips with a really funny and realistic account of how she adapted to her new life. If you are looking for a fun, easy read, then From Zero To Four Kids In Thirty Seconds is the book for you!

RATING: 3 STARS *** (My Rating) / 4 Stars **** (Amazon Rating)

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