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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dark Mind by Jennifer Chase

Dark Mind by Jennifer Chase
Published By: JEC Press
Release Date: November 17, 2011
Format: Paperback - 316 pages / Kindle - 380 KB / Nook - 600 KB
ISBN: 098295364X
Genre: Crime Thriller / Murder Mystery / Suspense Thriller / Contemporary Fiction

About The Author:

Jennifer Chase holds a bachelor degree in police forensics and a master's degree in criminology. In addition, she holds certifications in serial crime and criminal profiling. She is also an affiliate member in the criminology section of the Academy of Behavioral Profiling (ABP).

Jennifer is an author, freelance writer, and criminologist. She has authored three thriller novels Compulsion, award winning Dead Game, and Silent Partner. In addition, she currently assists clients in publishing, ghostwriting, book reviews, blogs, articles, screenwriting, copywriting, editing, research, and writer's assistant.

Jennifer was born and raised in California where she currently resides with her husband, two dogs, and two cats. She developed a love for books and writing at an early age. Jennifer has an intense curiosity about crime and the varied connections between the actual crime and the criminal mind. This propelled her to return to school and earn a master's degree in criminology. Her academic background has helped to prepare her to write in the thriller and true crime genres.

Jennifer enjoys the outdoors, beach, hiking, and photography.



Book Trailer:

Disclaimer: At the request of the author, a Kindle edition of the book was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest review and participation in the virtual book event.

Virtual Book Event: On Thursday, April 5, 2012, author Jennifer Chase participated in a virtual book tour event with an Author Interview on Jersey Girl Book Reviews.

Book Description:

A serial killer plagues an island paradise. Vigilante detective Emily Stone continues her covert pursuits to find serial killers and child abductors, all under the radar while shadowing police investigations. Emily searches for an abducted nine-year-old girl taken by ruthless and enterprising slave brokers. Following the clues from California to the garden island of Kauai, she begins to piece together the evidence and ventures deep into the jungle. It doesn't take long before Emily is thrown into the middle of murder, mayhem, and conspiracy. Locals aren't talking as a serial killer now stalks the island, taking women in a brutal frenzy of ancient superstitions and folklore. Local cops are unprepared for what lies ahead. In a race against the clock, Emily and her team must identify the killer before time runs out.

My Book Review: 

Vigilante detective Emily Stone and partner Rick Lopez are on the pursuit of a child slavery ring that abducted a nine-year-old girl from San Francisco, which leads them to the paradise island of Kauai. The leads they have take them to an out-of-the way ramshackle of a building, where not only do they save the girl they went to rescue, but also another little girl that was being held captive. With the child slavery ring busted and the abductors in jail, Emily and Rick thought they would enjoy the island paradise ... that is until the brutal sacrificial murders of a couple of young women has a serial killer on the loose, and Emily and Rick find themselves back in business with their covert investigation to hunt down the serial killer. Will Emily and Rick find the serial killer before he strikes again? Will Emily and Rick be placing themselves in danger? Will their latest covert investigation lead them to a possible deadly outcome on the island paradise?

Dark Mind is a fast-paced chilling crime thriller that will captivate you and leave you sitting on the edge of your seat as you turn the pages. The storyline is well written, the author weaves a story that is intriguing and keeps the reader guessing what will happen next with every gripping twist and turn. The attention to detail in regard to the crime investigation is first rate, the author utilizes her experience in the criminology and forensic areas to provide a story that diehard crime thriller fans crave. The description of Kauai's setting is breathtaking, it took me back to when I vacationed there many years ago. The characters are realistic, their complex personalities and interactions with each other gave the story depth and made it that much more powerful and compelling. I loved Emily and Rick's characters, their strong personalities and dedication to solve terrible crimes had me cheering for them as they covertly investigated the serial killings. This story is the third in the Emily Stone series, and even though I haven't read the first two books, each story is written to stand alone.

As a fan of crime and murder suspense thrillers, Dark Mind satisfied everything that I expect to find in a really good suspense thriller. It gave me goose bumps, it made me gasp and cringe, it made me hold my breath, and most importantly it drew me into the investigation along with Emily and Rick. I have become an Emily Stone fan, and will have to go back and read the first two books in the series! I would highly recommend that fans of the murder mystery and suspense thriller genres read this book and the Emily Stone series, you won't be left disappointed!


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