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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Author Guest Post: Harlow Coban, Author of Life In Death

In association with Goddess Fish Promotions, Jersey Girl Book Reviews welcomes Harlow Coban, author of Life In Death.

I hadn't heard from my best friend in several days, even after I left several messages. She hadn't mentioned going anywhere, so I was understandably concerned. When I finally got her on the phone, she said she'd been in the hospital.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because I died ... twice."

I've known her for 20 years and she's never been prone to exaggeration.

Twice Dead is the true story of my best friend's brush with death twice in one night.

Please note I changed the ending to make it more compelling (I hope) for readers.

I hope you enjoy it.


Twice Dead

Grayson experienced death for the first time on the cold, wet linoleum floor of her bathroom. Black dots appeared before her eyes just as she stepped out of the shower. "Charlie," she yelled her son's name before she hit the ground. She grabbed the shower curtain in a futile attempt to break her fall. 

She awoke to find Charlie standing over her with cell phone in hand. He spoke, but the words sounded like gibberish to her. Her brain couldn't process what he said. He had covered her with a towel. He was a good son. 

Her head hurt. She touched her head and saw blood. She tried to sit up, but a wave of nausea hit her and she slumped back to the floor. The coldness of the floor felt good against her fevered skin. 

She wasn't sure how much time had passed, but when she opened her eyes, paramedics were there. They hurtled question after question at her, poking and prodding as they went. She tried to think clearly. What happened to me? She had a bad cold and her doctor had prescribed Amoxicillin. She's popped a pill as soon as she'd gotten home from the pharmacy. That's when things had gone south. She began itching uncontrollably - hence the reason for the shower. Her breathing and swallowing had gotten more difficult, but she had attributed that to a bad cold until now. 

Inexplicably, her muscles locked in place and her body seized. She bucked wildly and uncontrollably on the ground. An instant later, she hovered above her body. Her son cried and called her name. This didn't upset her. Despite the chaos around her, she was in a calm, serene place, even when she considered the impact her death would have on her son. She watched as paramedics worked valiantly to revive her. They charged a defibrillator and placed the paddles on her chest. The first pulse of the defibrillator forced her back into her body. 

Death would have to wait. 

Grayson faced death a second time in the hospital Emergency Room. "Her blood pressure is still too low. IV push Eppy," a doctor ordered. A nurse injected a substance into her IV bag. In an instant, a whooshing roar filled her ears as a tornado danced inside her head. She convulsed. Doctors and nurses worked to stabilize her. Again, she left her body and hovered close to the ceiling, looking down on the flurry of activity. That's when she saw it - words - there were words written on the wall near the ceiling: Quo Vadis. She committed them to memory. 

A doctor placed defibrillator paddles on her chest. The charged pulled her back into her exhausted body and into unconsciousness. 

When she woke, she recognized the familiar patterns of the hospital wall. Her son slept in a chair in the corner of the room. A nurse came in. She rolled her eyes to the ceiling and, in sudden clarity, remembered the words she had seen. She tried to speak, but only a croak came out. The nurse handed her a cup of water. She took a couple of sips and tried again. "I saw words. "

"I'm sorry, what?" 

"I saw words." She drew a ragged breath. "Quo Vadis."

The nurse's eyes widened in surprise. Smiling widely, she said, "It means, where are you going?" 

So, she wasn't crazy. She had actually died, but that wasn't what horrified her now. She hadn't seen a light, heard an angel's voice, saw any dearly departed relatives, or felt the presence of God. 

There may not be an afterlife and that shook her to her very core. 


It's time for readers to sound off. What do you think happens when you die? 

About The Author:

Harlow Coban was born in Kansas City, MO, but grew up in Denver, CO. She relocated to North Carolina five years ago with her husband, two dogs, and 16 year old twins. 

She shares a birthday with the notorious Napoleon Bonaparte. In keeping with his legacy, she is currently working on taking over the world. Harlow's positive attitude and fresh take on life are her tools and conquest is certain. 

She spends her free time writing, dancing, traveling and defending mailboxes from her 16 year old twins' driving. 

Her debut novel, Life In Death (February 2012), is a murder mystery which pulls from real-life situations from her own family history. She felt compelled to share her story with the world while offering a thrilling, entertaining, and amusing escape for readers. 

In keeping with her commitment to improving the lives of children, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of her book will be donated to the Boys and Girls Club in her home state of North Carolina. 

She loves to connect with her readers, and can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads and her website. 

BUY THE BOOK: Life In Death 

Book Description: Life In Death

When a girl that social worker Kari Marchant places in foster care is brutally murdered, she's compelled to learn why. Her quest for the truth pits her against friends and coworkers. As Kari works to solve the horrific plot, more people die. She's been targeted for death and she doesn't even know it. How far should she go to learn the truth - even if it threatens her life? 

When homicide detective Rance Nicolet meets Kari, his attraction to her is powerful - and the feeling is mutual. But things between them go terribly wrong when Kari's old lover is found murdered with a letter from her in his pocket. The evidence against Kari is damning. Rance's personal and professional lives collide. Does he blindly believe the woman he's falling in love with or follow the evidence no matter where it leads?

Book Excerpt: Life In Death

"Where is she?" Luke Dolo, Patience's father pounded a fist on the table. His face had contorted into an ugly mask. His smooth, dark skin had a reddish tinge to it, either from alcohol, anger or both. 

For the first time ever, Kari thought about alerting security. She weighed her options. 

"Mr. Dolo, please calm down. As I said before, you need to speak to the police." She slid Detective Nicolet's card over to him.

He stared at it, eyes dull. 

"Just tell me what happened to her?" The veins in his neck bulged and pulsed. 

She didn't respond. She couldn't respond. It wasn't her place to tell him his daughter was dead. 

He leaped across the table, hands closing around Kari's throat like a vise. She struggled against his strength and they tumbled to the ground. He landed on top of her. The weight of his body coupled with the fall knocked the breath out of her, but she continued to struggle. She scratched and clawed at him to get free. His fetid breath nauseated her as she fought to take a gulp of air. Soon dots danced in front of her eyes and she felt dizzy.

Detective Cobb had Luke on his stomach with his knee pressed into his back as he handcuffed him. "Looks like I showed up just in time." 

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  1. I'm not sure about what I believe happens when you die. What I would like to believe is that I have the power to watch over loved ones & keep them from harm.


    1. Thank you Marybelle for visiting and commenting on Harlow's guest post.

      I too would like to believe that I would be able to watch over my loved ones and keep them safe. :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you for the opportunity to host Harlow's virtual book tour event. :)

  3. Nice idea, watching over loved ones. I believe it. Deb P

    1. Deb, thank you for visiting and leaving your comment. I believe too. :)

  4. WELL...I would certainly be freaked out if I saw Quo Vadis! Realistically, I think that probably nothing happens to you at the moment of death--One minute you're aware and the next moment you're not. It would be nice, though, if there was a light; if we saw family and loved ones waiting for us. I like that image.

    1. Hey Catherine! Here's a true story that I witnessed ... my mom was in a hospital bed in the pre-op room and our family got a chance to see her before she went into surgery for a ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm, she sat up and with her arms straight out she started talking to my dead Uncle Joe who came for her, my aunt and I almost crapped our pants. She did not make it through the surgery, we knew this going in, so I do believe that she saw my uncle and that he came to take her to heaven. :)