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Friday, February 3, 2012

Virtual Book Tour Events: Week of 2/5-11/12 ~ Gods And Fathers by James LePore ~ The Ninth Step by Barbara Taylor Sissel ~ Lust On The Rocks by Dianne Venetta

~ Virtual Book Tour Events for the Week of 2/5-11/12 ~

In association with Partners In Crime Tours, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the following Virtual Book Tour Event:

Gods And Fathers by James LePore

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 ~ Book Release of Gods And Fathers ~ Book Review

Book Description: Gods And Fathers 

Matt DeMarco is an accomplished Manhattan attorney with more than his share of emotional baggage. His marriage ended disastrously, his ex-wife has pulled their son away from him, and her remarriage to a hugely successful Arab businessman has created complications for Matt on multiple levels. However, his life shifts from troubled to imperiled when two cops - men he's known for a long time - come into his home and arrest his son as the prime suspect in the murder of the boy's girlfriend. 

Suddenly, the enmity between Matt and his only child is no longer relevant. Matt must do everything he can to clear his son, who he fully believes is innocent. Doing so will require him to quit his job and make enemies of former friends - and it will throw him up against forces he barely knew existed and can only begin to comprehend how to battle. 

Gods And Fathers is at once a powerful mystery and a provocative international thriller, all of it presented with LePore's signature fascinating characters placed in dire circumstances where every choice poses new and potentially fatal challenges. 

Jersey Girl Book Reviews Virtual Book Tour Events is pleased to host the following Virtual Book Tour Event: 

The Ninth Step by Barbara Taylor Sissel

Tuesday, February 7, 2012 ~ Author Guest Post and Book Review

Book Description: The Ninth Step

A novel of timeless love, loss, and family and the steps we must take for forgiveness. 

Livie Saunders is fluent in the language of flowers; she taught the meanings to her fiance, Cotton O'Dell, but then Cotton vanished without explanation on their wedding day forcing Livie to learn the language of desolation. Heartbroken, she buries her wedding gown beneath a garden pond and she resolves to move on, but there are nights when she slips into a sequined red dress and a pair of stiletto heels, a stranger's bed, a little anonymous oblivion that is not without consequence. Still, she recovers a semblance of ordinary life and imagines herself content. After all, Cotton told her to forget about him. Livie even maintains a friendship with Delia, Cotton's mother, whom he also abandoned without a word of explanation. 

Then, six years later, an unsigned card and a bouquet of irises signal Cotton's presence, but his reunion with Livie isn't as joyous as he had hoped. While she struggles to forgive him, Livie can't hide her own past and how she has changed since Cotton left.

Meanwhile, Cotton is still haunted by the crime that caused him to flee ... a crime for which the legal clock is still ticking. For a moment, it seems like they can both forget the past and rebuild their lives together, but then Cotton goes missing again. 

Time telescopes, avenues of escape close, and as lives hang in the balance, choice teeters between mercy and revenge. And a decision that will take only a moment will carry the consequences of a lifetime. The Ninth Step is a story of redemption, of being brought to your knees to face a monstrous error and somehow finding the strength to make it right. Even if that effort breaks your heart, endangers your freedom, and ultimately threatens your life.

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Lust On The Rocks by Dianne Venetta

Friday, February 10, 2012 ~ Author Guest Post and Book Review

Book Description: Lust On The Rocks

One case away from partnership, Samantha Rawlings is forced to share her high-profile case with a sexy younger man, whose eyes are on a different prize. In the best interests of her client, Sam opens the door to his strategy. Turns out, a little too far ... 

Victor Marin has ulterior motives. The defendant in her case holds the key to his revenge, and his last chance for justice. But as he chases old demons, he uncovers a powerful woman with no inhibitions, one he wants to possess for himself. But decidedly single, Sam wants no part. 

Until Vic walks away.

Dianne will be giving away a $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble Gift Card to one (1) randomly drawn commenter during the tour. Post a comment on the above link and also on Jersey Girl Book Reviews Author Guest Post and Book Review to enter for a chance to win! 

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