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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Text Appeal by Lexi Ryan (Virtual Book Barrage / Book Review / Contest Giveaway)

In association with CBLS Promotions, Jersey Girl Book Reviews welcomes Lexi Ryan, author of Text Appeal!

About The Author

Author of both contemporary and paranormal romance, Lexi Ryan writes smart, spunky stories that sizzle. She enjoys reading, sunshine, a good glass of wine, and rare trips to the beach with her husband and children.

Lexi lives in Indiana where she divides her time between her family, her writing, and her job as an English professor.

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Book Review

Text Appeal by Lexi Ryan
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: June 7, 2012
Format: Paperback - 244 pages / Kindle - 409 KB / Nook - 544 KB
ISBN: 1477653678
ASIN: B0089UCR04
Genre: Contemporary Romance

BUY THE BOOK: Text Appeal
* The e-Book is only $.99 from Dec 10-17*

“Text Appeal is smart, sexy, filled with great writing and memorable dialogue, and features characters you won't easily forget.”--Barnes & Noble's LOVE ROCKS Indie Review column

“Readers will find themselves cheering for Riley and Charlie both. Lexi Ryan writes her dialogue with wit, humor, a bit of sarcasm, and throws in some wonderful chemistry!” --InD'Tale Magazine

“Ms. Ryan's story is fun and flirty. Text Appeal won't disappoint!”--Storm Goddess Book Reviews

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book barrage hosted by CBLS Promotions.

Book Description:

Charlie 'The Devil' Singleton is the face of professional poker. Notorious for playing cards and women, Charlie's ready to change his ways, and the surprisingly sexy texts he's getting from Riley are making him bet everything...on her.

Riley Carter is nothing like the hotel heiresses who make the news. A girl who's determined to run her father's hotel empire can't share many traits with women who fill the gossip rags. But 'The Devil' has a way of tempting even the best behaved girls.

When Riley discovers the naughty messages on her cell have been coming from Charlie, not her would-be fiancé, she falls into a hot affair with the last man she expected. But consorting with the notorious bad boy puts her hard-won reputation on the line. Is Charlie worth more to her than a little Text Appeal?

Book Excerpt:

“I’m not jealous of Paris Hilton. I’m jealous of girls who don't have a potential multi-million dollar inheritance. Because they can be whoever they want to be without having cameras trained on them.”

“I’m pretty sure you can indulge in a little luxury without making a sex tape.” 

Jaws licked Riley’s face and she grinned. “I already have a sex tape.”

Lacey punched Riley’s arm. “Get out!”

Riley winced, rubbing her triceps. “Sure, just last Christmas I caught Jaws on tape humping Santa’s leg at the company Christmas party.”

Lacey gave a dramatic eye roll. “Right. Well, girl, if that’s the most scandalous thing you have going on in your life, I suggest to kick it up a notch.”

“Wouldn’t that be nice,” Riley said with a sigh.

Furrowing her brow, Lacey grabbed the remote and clicked off the TV. She turned on the couch so she was facing Riley. “But you can still be a little scandalous in private. People aren’t watching you all the time.”

No, thanks to years of good behavior, it was rare to find paparazzo following her these days. Sure, there was the occasional story about how simply she lived or how hard she worked, facts that had her dubbed early on as “Vegas’ Good Daughter,” but those stories only sold papers if they were accompanied by fall from grace stories. As long as she was boring, they’d leave her alone. 

She stood, pulling out her hair tie. She only had thirty minutes before Charlie would be here. “I’m going to jump in the shower,” she told her roommate as she stood.

Lacey raised a brow, watching Riley over the back of the couch. “Another date with Chaz?”

A smile curved Riley’s lips at the mention of her boyfriend’s name. Lacey might not be Team Chaz now, but if Riley told her about the text messages he’d started sending her, maybe she’d see the light. “Not tonight,” she answered. The talk about the latest developments in her relationship with Chaz would have to wait for another time. “Your brother’s taking me out tonight.” That also made her smile. Dear God, she was a mess. Thoughts of spending an evening with Charlie shouldn’t make her giddy.

Lacey pushed herself to her knees and propped her elbows on the back of the couch. “My brother? Maybe you are being a little scandalous in private, and you’re just not telling me about it.”

Riley bit her lip as she remembered why she’d agreed to dinner with Charlie. She couldn’t tell Lacey he wanted to talk about her birthday—Charlie might be planning a surprise. Instead she just shrugged. “He promised to keep it platonic.”

Lacey snorted. “Have you met my brother?”

My Book Review:

Only in Sin City can steamy text messaging by a notorious bad boy professional poker player nicknamed "The Devil" tempt a good girl hotel heiress with a secret obsession for sexy lingerie to go all in and risk her straight-laced reputation and future!

Riley Carter is the daughter of a wealthy Vegas hotelier who works for her father and is determined to one day run the hotel empire when he retires. So she leads a straight-laced professional life and dates her father's right-hand man, Chaz, aka Mr. Right. But this good girl has a secret obsession for sexy lingerie.

Charlie "The Devil" Singleton is a notorious bad boy professional poker player who knows his way around the poker table and lovely women. With his personal life in shambles and his professional career in a slump, he's looking to make some changes. He comes to Vegas to participate in a poker tournament that just might change his luck and life around.

Charlie runs into Riley at the local mall outside a lingerie shop, where she was eyeing a sexy corset. They've known each other for years, Riley is his sister Lacey's best friend, and he's always been attracted to her but never had the chance to pursue her. He offers to purchase the corset for her, but she refuses saying she wouldn't wear it, he knows she really does covet the sexy lingerie and buys it anyway.

The next day Charlie texts Riley, and she thinks that the texts are from her boyfriend. But when the texts become more seductive and suggestive, Riley finds out that the sender of the steamy text messages is really Charlie, and she has to decide what she really wants out of life and if it includes the bad boy poker player.

Text Appeal is a sexy good girl - bad boy romance story that is simply a wickedly delightful read! Written in the third person narrative, author Lexi Ryan weaves a sassy little tale of two very different people who find love under the glittering lights of Las Vegas.

Rich in detail and vivid descriptions, the author transports the reader to Las Vegas, the most famous gaming town in the US, where money and booze flow, and exciting entertainment and sex appeal is part of the storied town's history. As a former casino dealer in Atlantic City who dealt BJ, Craps and Poker, I absolutely loved the knowledgeable gaming references that the author weaves into the story. Even if you're not a poker enthusiast, this story will peak your interest and teach you a little bit about the exciting game of chances that are available at your local gaming houses.

Charlie and Riley have a sizzling chemistry that leaps off the pages. I loved how their relationship blossoms as the story unfolds. The exciting twists and turns keeps the reader guessing what will happen next as Charlie and Riley decide to take a chance and make changes in order to get what they want in life. With humorous and sassy dialogue and steamy interactions; and a wickedly sexy storyline that is sure to curl your toes and keep you turning the pages; Text Appeal is one heck of an enjoyable romance story that will simply make you smile.



  1. Kathleen,

    Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review TEXT APPEAL and for opening up your blog as a stop on my barrage! :)

    Best of luck to everyone entering the giveaway!

    1. Hi Lexi! Thank you for the opportunity to read, review and host your virtual book barrage event for Text Appeal. I loved the book and look forward to hosting your virtual book tour event for Accidental Sex Goddess on Jan 22 on my other book review blog site, Jersey Girl Sizzling Book Reviews. :)