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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A Jingle Valley Wedding by Martha Reynolds (Book Review)

A Jingle Valley Wedding by Martha Reynolds
Publisher: Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: November 6, 2015
Format: Paperback - 266 pages 
               Kindle - 1379 KB
ISBN: 978-1518707575
Genre: Romance / Women's Fiction

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a book review program hosted by Chick Lit Plus.

Book Description:

New York executive Julie Tate knows what it takes to win in the financial world, but her big-city success could never prepare her for her latest career move. When her brother abandons the failing family farm, Julie hopes its salvation lies in transforming it into western Massachusetts’s newest premier wedding venue. With her social-savvy friend Freddy in her corner, Julie feels infallible.

But as their bank account dwindles and one obstacle after another crops up, the business partners wonder if their venture is doomed for failure before the first bride walks down the aisle. Maybe the best way to succeed in a business based on romance is to find one.

My Book Review:

A Jingle Valley Wedding is a delightful romance story of family tradition, friendship, and new beginnings.

Author Martha Reynolds weaves an enjoyable romance tale told in the alternating third person narrative, and set in NYC, Phoenix, Arizona, and Dalton, Massachusetts, that follows the journey of siblings Julie and Thomas Tate, who decide to make major changes in their lives.

Thirty-four year old Julie Tate is a career driven financial executive living in NYC. Julie's thirty-six year old brother Thomas manages Jingle Valley Farms, their generational family farm in the small Western Massachusetts town of Dalton. A few days before Christmas, Thomas has had enough of living alone in the cold New England small town, and decides to restart his life and find love in the warmth of Phoenix, Arizona, where his older brother Don and sister-in-law Linda live. There's just one small problem, Julie was heading home to spend Christmas with Thomas, but he avoids a confrontation with Julie, leaving a voice message on her phone. Thomas and Julie share equal ownership of the family farm, but he wants to sell the property and move forward with his life in Phoenix. Julie spends the holiday at the farm and decides that she can't bear to let the farm go, so her best friend Freddy Campion, who works in the construction / restoration business, proposes that they form a business partnership and transform the farm into a rustic wedding destination place with a bed and breakfast, and convert the barn into a wedding venue with a honeymoon suite. Follow Thomas, Julie, and Freddy as their journey to restart their lives brings major changes and new beginnings.

A Jingle Valley Wedding is a really fun story to read. It is so easy to get drawn in as Thomas and Julie's journey unfolds in alternating chapters, as they navigate the trials and tribulations on their quest to restart their lives. Interwoven with a family backstory, you can't help but relate to the siblings and their desire for a new start in life. While I enjoyed following Thomas' journey to finding love and happiness in Phoenix, I absolutely loved following Julie and best friend Freddy as they leave their jobs and relocate from NYC to the small town of Dalton, to renovate Julie's family farm into a wedding destination. Each sibling had their trials and tribulations to overcome on their journey, it kept me engaged and wanting to see how their lifestyle changes and transitions would turn out for them, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention that it was lovable best friend Freddy who really made me enjoy the story the most. While romance was in the air for Thomas, Julie and Freddy seemed to have a hard time finding love while getting their business started, finally it was at the end of the story when the author teased the reader with a cliffhanger appearance of two suitors for the best friends. Perhaps the author will provide the reader with a sequel that will follow up on Julie and Freddy's romances and how their Jingle Valley wedding venue fares over time.

With a quirky cast of characters; witty dialogue and humorous interactions; drama and a touch of romance; and a rich description of the settings of NYC, Phoenix, and the scenic small town of Dalton; A Jingle Valley Wedding is an enjoyable romance tale that will leave you wanting more.


About The Author

Martha Reynolds
is a Rhode Island resident who loves the beach (especially in winter), chocolate, and books. After ending an accomplished career as a fraud investigator, she started writing novels - fiction with an element of truth. "Real True Fiction."

Her Amazon bestselling series the Chocolate Trilogy has had over 40,000 downloads, and CHOCOLATE FOR BREAKFAST, her debut novel, continues to be one of her most popular books. She has published six novels, including BITS OF BROKEN GLASS and BEST SELLER. Her new book, A JINGLE VALLEY WEDDING, was released in November 2015. She is presently working on a new novel, as yet untitled.

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