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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Snowy White Christmas by Josie Riviera (Book Blast Event / Book Review / Contest Giveaway)

In association with Goddess Fish Promotions, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book blast event for A Snowy White Christmas by author Josie Riviera!

Book Review

A Snowy White Christmas by Josie Riviera
Publisher: Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: October 28, 2015
Format: Paperback - 244 pages / eBook - 116 pages
               Kindle - 767 KB
               Nook - 413 KB
ISBN: 978-1519146403
BNID: 2940152756807
Genre: Contemporary Holiday Romance Novella

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book blast event hosted by Goddess Fish Promotions.

Book Description:

Margaret Snow doesn’t believe in fairy tales, but as a devoted mother she’s determined to give her five-year-old daughter a Christmas filled with heart-warming memories.

The once successful LA swimsuit model returns to her small upstate New York town to buy back the foreclosed trailer she once called home. Her menagerie of rescue animals travel with her.

She doesn’t expect to see her former high school sweetheart, the athletic, ever-popular, and decisive Fernando Brandt.

Sparks fly when she realizes that the teenage hockey star is now a successful Realtor who is also interested in her dilapidated trailer for reasons of his own.

But can she resist the handsome, charismatic Prince Charming a second time?

And can she surrender her insecurities and accept the true gift of Christmas, finally feeling worthy of unconditional love?

Book Excerpt:

Once upon a time they’d planned to celebrate the Christmas after high school graduation as husband and wife. A Christmas wedding, her resplendent in a white velvet gown and carrying a bouquet of deep red roses, a tiara in her hair. Sure, he’d done most of the planning, but she had agreed, hadn’t she? She’d called him Prince, adding a different name depending on the circumstances of the day—Prince Polite, Prince Pleasant, he’d heard them all.

And then she’d left him. It was as if she’d slapped him across the face, when in reality the hurt hadn’t set in immediately. He’d been a damn, besotted fool. The first letter he’d written her after she’d left him cold was filled with outraged pride. The others had been demanding and then pleading, something he never thought he’d do.

His thoughts flew back to their senior year, when he’d asked his hockey buddies to clear tires and debris from her front lawn one Saturday afternoon. When he’d stepped into her trailer’s run down foyer and inhaled the smell of stale cigarettes, he’d had to push unexpected tears from his eyes. She’d been furious, shouting at him to be a man, not a baby. Her life didn’t bother her, so it shouldn’t bother him.

But it did bother her.

He’d seen the shame in her face and the sheen of tears, and had realized the humiliation she must have felt. And he knew, even then, that she was extraordinary and he didn’t deserve her. She was as precious as a rare diamond, and he’d wanted to keep her close and safe. Otherwise, he might lose her. And she’d left. He’d lost her. A year passed before he’d placed his feet back on the ground and decided to move forward without her.

And then he’d heard she was back in town.

My Book Review:

A Snowy White Christmas is a lighthearted holiday romance novella about life choices and second chances.

Author Josie Riviera weaves a sweet holiday romance tale set in the Upstate New York town of Owanda that follows the unexpected reuniting of two high school sweethearts, Margaret Snow and Fernando Brandt. Different life goals and an unexpected secret pregnancy separated this high school couple six years ago, but when Margaret comes back home to Owanda with her five year old daughter Amelie, Margaret and Fernando have a second chance at a fairy tale love if they can let go of past hurts, reveal hidden secrets, discover what is most important in life, and let the magic of the Christmas season into their hearts.

A Snowy White Christmas is a delightful little holiday romance novella that you can read in an afternoon. The reader is easily drawn into Margaret and Fernando's story as their journey of rediscovering the love for each other still burns bright after six years apart, even when there are fears, insecurities, and secrets that they need to overcome. Their love story unfolds during the Christmas holiday season with an intertwining of the present with flashbacks to the past, a sweet little five year old girl, and a couple of lovable rescue pets. Broken hearts and past mistakes in life choices can be forgiven with a second chance at love through the spirit and magic of the Christmas season in this heartwarming holiday romance story.


About The Author

Amazon Bestselling Author, Josie Riviera, is a member of Romance Writers of America (RWA). She writes contemporary and historical sweet and Christian romances. She’s a transplanted New Yorker now living in the sunny Carolinas. She has three grown children and shares the empty nest with her husband and the family dog.

Josie's an expert at board games and a compulsive reader of every genre, especially romance. In her spare time, she eats Peppermint Patties because they're lower in calories than other chocolate candy.

Visit my blog, The Italian Blog, for recipes and updates at

You can email her at

She ALWAYS answers.

Author Blog

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  1. Looks like a great book. Glad I found your blog.

    1. Sarah,
      Hope you love A Snowy White Christmas as much as I loved writing it. A "sweet" romance to enjoy along with a cup of hot chocolate is a great way to enjoy this magical season.

    2. Hi Sarah! Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate it. :)

  2. I am a huge fan of retellings and this one sounds like it is the perfect book for the season right now! So interested in trying it out for myself.

    My review and giveaway:

    1. Thanks, Olivia! 'Tis the perfect time of year for a Holiday romance that will make you laugh and cry.

    2. Hi Olivia-Savannah! Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate it. :)

  3. Thanks so much for hosting A Snowy White Christmas on your blog today!

    What is your favorite fairy tale?

    A Snowy White Christmas is loosely based on the fairy tale, Snow White, and Margaret, the heroine, is said to be Snow White's original name. But that's where the similarities end because this novella explores childhood deafness, dwarfism, pets with deformities (yes, a deaf parrot) and sickle cell sickness.

    Readers are saying that A Snowy White Christmas reads like a Hallmark movie. Please leave a comment and hope you enjoy this "sweet" Christmas novella.

    1. Hi Josie! Thank you for the opportunity to host your book blast event. I really enjoyed reading this wonderful holiday romance novella. :)

  4. Hi Kathleen,
    Thank YOU, Kathleen. So glad you enjoyed A Snowy White Christmas.

  5. There's something about the cover. It's striking and if I saw it on a shelf I'd pick it up. It reminds me almost of Snow White. I bypass a lot of romance stories because of the cheesy covers. I knew you aren't supposed to judge a book by its cover but if the cover looks like something I see my mother in law reading, it's not happening.

    1. Hi Jenny! Thank you for visiting my blog, I appreciate it. :)

  6. Jenny,
    I love my cover artist! She perfectly portrayed the idea of Snow White, which A Snowy White Christmas is loosely based on. And Margaret's name, the heroine, is said to be the name of the original Snow White.