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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Princess Diana Conspiracy by Alan Power (Author Guest Post / Book Review)

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Author Guest Post

Deception: Betrayal and Motive

Diana’s early childhood was no fairy tale and ended with the break-up of her parents’ marriage when she was just six years old, which resulted in her mother leaving the family home. She recalls a dark cloud descending, which certainly contributed to her well-known feelings on the sanctity of marriage and the effect that any break-up has on the children.

Park House, on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, where Diana spent these early years, is also the royal family’s winter home, where Diana and her brother Charles grew up with the royal children. There was always a possibility that Diana could be chosen as a royal bride and she clearly had aspirations towards marrying the Prince of Wales and becoming the future Queen of England. In those early years, Diana was, arguably, complicit in what was about to befall her and perhaps decreed her own destiny through her rose-tinted ambition. Her family certainly had the aristocratic lineage that gave her a chance at this ultimate prize. When Diana was thirteen, her grandfather died and her father inherited the 13,000-acre Althorp estate that included a 121-room country mansion, together with the title of 8th Earl. In 1975, she moved there with her family.

In the summer of 1972 and nearly ten years before marrying Diana, Charles, Prince of Wales, fell in love with Camilla Shand and although by 1977, Camilla was married to British Army officer Andrew Parker Bowles, Prince Charles now carried a torch for Camilla that would prevent him from loving anyone else. He had missed the proverbial ‘boat’ as far as marriage with Camilla was concerned and was effectively forced into choosing someone else to marry because of his royal commitment to produce offspring (Charles admitted that he never loved Diana). So there was never any hope that Charles would settle for Diana because there must be a desire for something to work before there can be any hope that it will.

So whom should he choose for the production of offspring? Charles knew that any ‘duty wife’ must be naïve enough to enable a deception to continue after marriage. Young, virginal, besotted and of good lineage; Diana was the perfect candidate. Charles considered that he could do his duty, keep his nagging family happy and continue his lifestyle just as he wished, even after marriage. Diana would be a silent and obedient incubator who, doing her duty as a mother, would live a quiet life in the country entertaining her husband’s mistress and allow Charles to continue living his life in a style from a bygone age.

For her part, Diana had serious doubts about Charles’s continuing relationship with Camilla from the outset, so with the benefit of hindsight, it’s clear she should not have proceeded with the wedding. It’s apparent she was feeling a lot more than the usual pre-marital nerves but once they had become engaged, there was no going back.

Diana’s first introduction to Buckingham Palace, just before her wedding, was to be greeted by a servant with a note from Camilla that suggested they should have lunch. It was an extraordinary move: her future husband’s mistress, the very cause of her misgivings and ultimately the reason for the end of her marriage and happiness, was the one person to acknowledge her arrival in her new home. It’s clear to me that the intent was to keep all surface appearances as smooth as possible to ensure the wedding proceeded so the carefully balanced and adulterous relationship between Camilla and Charles could continue behind closed doors. Diana was believed to be an excellent choice as a potential royal wife and pressure from the royal family was mounting to quickly tie the knot.

When asked at a 1981 interview whether he loved Diana, Charles issued the banal response, ‘Whatever “in love” means.’ It’s interesting to question what his idea of being ‘in love’ really did mean.

Perhaps it meant meeting a married woman and falling in love with her before asking someone else to marry him? Constantly telephoning this lover while ‘courting’ his new fiancé? Accepting presents from his mistress, such as cufflinks engraved with both sets of initials that he wore, even when with his new wife? Going out to see his mistress before and during his marriage despite his wife’s entreaties; being overheard by his wife on honeymoon speaking on the phone saying he will always love that person no matter what happens; being found carrying photographs of his mistress in his wallet while still on honeymoon; having his mistress move to a new house only eleven miles from his and having her over to his various parties and social gatherings, before and during his marriage? Perhaps this is what ‘being in love means’. It was certainly not love that Charles showed to Diana.

It may also seem unbelievable that Charles should have his lover’s husband, Andrew Parker Bowles, colonel of the Household Cavalry, leading the guard from Charles and Diana’s wedding ceremony, knowing that, within the week, Charles would be telephoning his escort’s wife from the royal honeymoon yacht to profess an undying love for her. If the wedding had proceeded with Charles having the intention of making the marriage work, without another person waiting in the wings, then there might be some sympathy with his position but instead the marriage was a farce, undertaken in the most cynical of ways. Diana was unable to stop the juggernaut and said she felt ‘like a lamb going to the slaughter’. What life was this for a nineteen-year-old girl who wanted to marry someone who loved her?

About The Author

Author Alan Power is married to Sally and has enjoyed a variety of interests including being a drama student, an official candidate of the Conservative party and owning his own company but this is his first journey into the world of writing. His hobbies are flying, pistol shooting, scuba diving and he is a past rugby football player. He has written another book about Diana that will be published later and has ideas for other subjects that will also follow. When his company suffered the ravages of internal fraud with no joy from the police due to lack of evidence and a degree of police indifference, his life changed irrevocably but now he had the time to write. When Diana was murdered Alan remembers feeling rage that such a beautiful and natural person as Diana could be used, abused and so cruelly discarded just to serve the monarchy’s needs. He considered the probability that this was a murder of convenience and monarchical survival so he began an extensive investigation into Diana’s death. Although initially unsure he would be up to this task, he persevered and now offers evidence that this murder was not conducted by rogue MI6 officers, considered as possible during the inquests, but by serving MI6 officers and with the use of military aid. This project began in 2003 and despite many attempts by others to prevent, or delay, the book’s release Alan now brings you his findings. There is first an overview of the background to this brutal act and a selection of relevant events prior to the inquests with lateral thought being applied to four million words of cross referenced inquest evidence. He delivers the most compelling and damming evidence and says that it’s important for justice to prevail if Britain still wishes to be considered a democracy.

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Book Review

The Princess Diana Conspiracy by Alan Power
Publisher: Probity Press
Publication Date: August 26, 2013
Format: eBook - 298 pages / Kindle - 807 KB / Nook - 787 KB 
Genre: Biography - Royalty / True Crime & Conspiracy Theory

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Pump Up Your Book! Virtual Book Publicity Tours.

Book Description:

The Princess Diana Conspiracy is primarily a detailed investigation into the brutal murder of Diana, Princess of Wales but British democracy is also questioned. Evidence is presented that MI6 perverted the course of justice and that they murder people but also that Diana was a target “within their code”. The police are proven to have conspired, “to get their stories straight” at the inquest and there is also further disturbing evidence of other peoples’ murders that were associated with this brutal crime.

We begin with a review of the details surrounding Diana’s murder and illustrate many coincidental happenings both during Diana’s life and thereafter (the plane that Richard Tomlinson, SAS/MI6 whistle-blower, was due to return to Geneva on, Swissair Flight 111 from New York where he was booked to give evidence on US television, blew up mid-air killing 227 people; the CIA had returned him on an earlier flight. Princess Caroline of Brunswick, whom George IV was ordered to marry, was taken ill on the eve of George’s coronation and died three weeks later; she claimed she had been poisoned. Her body was sent quickly back to Germany; there is clear precedence of such family behaviour).

We are shown what Diana was required to tolerate and see her royal world. We then migrate onto describing how this attack took place and show, again, the amazing coincidences that made the timing of this act serendipitous to the royals e.g. Diana was murdered the very day after her decree absolute came through when she would have been free to marry Dodi Fayed.

We delve deeply into the workings and testimony of the major players but especially the authorities (police and MI6) then show an enormous amount of corruption, sidestepping, (I am required to say untruths, not lies) and ridiculous testimony that no sane person could possibly accept; the court did not see fit to criticise either MI6 or the police when these revelations occurred. Please also take note of the various points I have disclosed, not previously discovered, of major comments during evidence that prove these “untruths” and the wholesale corruption.

The police did not investigate the abuse of Diana prior to Paris and evidence is produced that MI6 were watching and following her around for years before the murder took place; the police did nothing and the policeman responsible for this did nothing to protect Diana either although it was supposedly his job; he couldn’t explain why. James Andanson, who was the owner of a white Fiat Uno, was found murdered with two bullet holes in his head. He had been bragging that he was in the tunnel when Diana was murdered. His good friend and well known French crime writer Frederic Dard “died” five weeks after Andanson. It is proven that he and Andanson had been engaged in writing a book together about Diana’s murder. It goes on and on.

Add to this evidence that the decision to embalm Diana was taken at a “Diplomatic level” and that the paparazzi, who were incarcerated and blamed for the whole event, were prevented from attending court through “Political intervention” and the soul heads further and further into the abyss. If the paparazzi had persuaded the jury that they were first to the tunnel (Which I show they were) then this alone was proof of murder. There really is too much to tell you all during such a brief overview but the comment from one literary agent who read the book before my current agent took over was that he often felt he needed to stop frequently and come up for air. I thought that is what I was supposed to achieve; reveal the truth and let you, the people decide whether you will permit this evil act to go unpunished.

Book Excerpt:

Royal Behaviour

The treatment of Diana also has much precedent within the current royal family. The incumbent monarch is directly related back to the first German monarch, George 1, then George 11, the infamous George 111 and then followed by George IV. This line has continued through to the present day. George 1 was reputed to have had his wife’s lover, Philip Christophe von Konigsmarck murdered for his “impudence” and his wife, Sophia Dorothea of Brunswick-Luneburg, was incarcerated for the last thirty years of her life in the castle of Ahlen in her native Celle and refused permission to ever see her children again.

When 111 died his son George 1V inherited the throne although he had been acting as Regent for the previous eleven years because of George 111’s mental incapacity. George IV had entered a sham marriage in 1785, when he was 23, to Maria Fitzherbert, one of his mistresses, but George managed to have that annulled. He was then ordered to marry Caroline of Brunswick (Sound familiar?) and did so on 7th April 1795; it lasted one year.

Caroline left Britain for Germany but upon George ascending the throne she returned since she was now the Queen although George refused to recognise her as his Queen. On the evening of George’s coronation 21st July 1821 Caroline was taken ill in her bedchamber. She was ill for three weeks before dying of what she had claimed was poisoning. On 7th August 1821 her body was taken to her native Brunswick for burial so that the people would more quickly forget.

My Book Review:

The Princess Diana Conspiracy is a riveting true crime / conspiracy theorist investigative story that keeps the reader turning the pages. Author Alan Power presents the reader with his theory that the August 13, 1997 death of Princess Diana was not an accident, but rather a murder allegedly ordered by the Royal Family and carried out by the British MI6. Through an extensive recounting of the life of Princess Diana, the author supports his theory with evidence and transcripts of the testimony given during the 2007 inquest into the tragic fatal accident.

I have always been fascinated with the British Royal Family, especially Princess Diana, and through the years my curiosity has been peaked with the variety of conspiracy theories surrounding the death of Princess Diana and Dodi Al Fayed. As I read The Princess Diana Conspiracy, I found the author's theory to be interesting, the attention to detail and extensive documenting of evidence causes the reader to stop and ponder "what if?" Throughout the years the debate has raged on over whether Princess Diana's tragic death was an accident caused by over-zealous paparazzi or by some sinister plan to get rid of her by the Royal Family. While I don't think we will ever know the truth, I do think that books like this one will continue to feed the conspiracy theorist viewpoint and fan the fire of debate, but anyway you look at it, a beautiful young woman died tragically far too young. I don't know whether I buy into the conspiracy theories, it does make me pause and wonder, but what I enjoyed most about reading this book was her life story before becoming a royal. In any case, I took the author's theory with a grain of salt and said a prayer for Princess Diana, hoping that she is resting in peace.

The Princess Diana Conspiracy is an extensive in-depth behind the scenes conspiracy theory investigative story into the tragic death of Princess Diana. This book will appeal to those who have been fascinated with the life and death of Princess Diana, the Royal Family, and fans of conspiracy theories in general.

RATING: 4 Stars ****

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  1. I knew a lot of the story about Diana and Charles but this sounds like it will go deeper. I do not like the cover of the book because I remember her with her smile as she meets people and with her children. Not sure I would read this book but thanks for the review.

    1. Hi Leona, thank you for visiting my blog. I wasn't sure what my reaction would be to the book, but my curiosity got the better of me. Thank you for posting your comment. :)

  2. I can't wait to read this. I had put it up on my book group with dismal enthusiasm due the fact some of the members are from England and would prefer to let this story ease out of the picture. I will be downloading it today. Great review, as always. Cheryl

    1. Hi Cheryl, thank you for visiting! While the book intrigued me, I'd rather believe that Princess Diana died in a tragic car accident then from some conspiracy theorist murder plot. I kind of agree with some of your members, I bet Prince William and Harry aren't too thrilled with the ongoing conspiracy theories, and I think they should just let Princess Diana RIP.