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Monday, July 9, 2012

The Cowboy Singer by Paula Tiberius

The Cowboy Singer by Paula Tiberius
Published By: Amazon Digital Services
Release Date: March 14, 2012
Format: eBook - 161 pages / Kindle - 295 KB
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Chick Lit / Women's Fiction

About The Author: 

Paula Tiberius is an author, screenwriter, filmmaker, musician and mom living in North Hollywood, California with her musician husband Richard, their daughter Violet, and their German Shepherd, Jackson. Paula wrote and directed the award-winning feature film Goldirocks in Toronto, which came out theatrically in 2004, played on Pay TV and Cable in Canada and is currently available on Netflix, distributed by R Squared Films. To learn more about Goldirocks, visit You can read more from Paula Tiberius at her website, where you'll find lots of thought-provoking blogs, vegetarian recipes and more.  The Cowboy Singer is her first novel.

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event. 

Virtual Book Tour Event: On Monday, July 9, 2012, in association with Chick Lit Plus, author Paula Tiberius participated in a virtual book tour event with an Author Guest Post on Jersey Girl Book Reviews.

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Book Description: 

April Connors figured her love life was on hold indefinitely now that she was about to have a baby while temporarily staying at her grandmother's house (what a turn-on!). Meeting infamous country singer Jimmy Wick may have made her giant belly flip, but she was filing him under a big "as if." No man in his right mind would fall for a gal this pregnant, and besides, she needed to focus on herself and the baby. James Warwick (a.k.a. Jimmy Wick) was not in his right mind. His ex-wife was petitioning for full custody of the only thing that made him happy besides playing music, his four-year-old princess, Summer, and the thought of losing her had him crazier than an outhouse rat. His saving grace was his new 'friend' April who he was falling head over heels for. The only problem was, April had just been knocked up, dumped and stranded by the last guy she was with and was in no mood to go down that road again. She was hellbent on getting her life back on track just as James was watching his fall apart, leaving them both caught off guard by the unstoppable romance that would sweep them off their feet.

Book Excerpt:

“Miss Hollywood!”

April turned to face him. “James?”

“The one and only. How are you feeling this morning?”

“Well, that’s the bonus of being pregnant and not drinking. You don’t get hangovers.”

James chuckled. “Did you enjoy your night?”

“I did, thank you. Your band is great.”

“Well, thank you ma’am! Much obliged.” Why was he reverting to ridiculous hillbilly speak? Act normal. He looked around for April’s husband or maybe a boyfriend, but he didn’t see anyone. “Your husband getting you a decaf?”

“Oh, Katie didn’t mention it? I’m not married. I’m uh…doing this on my own.” She patted her stomach.

Wow, what a brave woman. James knew what hard work it was in those first few years, even with a partner. He found himself feeling protective of this stranger. He wanted to say something encouraging, but he couldn’t think of anything, so he just said what he felt.

“You’ve got guts.” He meant it as a compliment, but April didn’t seem to be taking it that way. She pointed at her stomach.

“A lot more than I’ve ever had.”

He laughed, but quickly stopped when he noticed she wasn’t joining in. Wasn’t that meant to be a joke?

James opened his mouth to get the conversation onto a different subject, but was interrupted by Tiffany, rapidly approaching the table with an impatient look on her face.

“Where have you been? We’ve been here for an hour!” Tiffany was clearly not happy.

Before James could even let Tiff know she was being rude because he was in the middle of talking to someone, he noticed April quickly avert her eyes and pick up a magazine. Smart girl. He would steer clear of Tiffany too, if he could. But she had temporary full custody of Summer, and until the judge made a final decision, all he had were visitation rights on Sundays.

My Book Review:

April Connors had always dreamed of becoming a famous Hollywood movie star. She left her hometown of Austin, Texas to seek fame and fortune in the bright lights of Los Angeles, California. When she got to LA, she met a country musician, Damon, who wanted to become a Country music idol. They shared their dreams and lives with each other, until Damon left her six and half months pregnant for another woman. Now on her own, April moved back home to Austin to start her life over as a single mother.

James "Jimmy Wick" Warwick, is an aspiring Country singer from Austin. While he enjoys success in the music world, James' personal life is anything but a happy one. The one bright light from a failed marriage is his precious four-year-old daughter, Summer, who is his whole world. James and his ex-wife Tiffany are engaged in a bitter custody battle over Summer.

When April and James meet through mutual friends Katie and Tommy, they quickly forge a bond of friendship, while mutual attraction lies simmering beneath the surface. As their friendship grows, they support and lean on each other as they go through their personal issues. April and James both imagine how it would be if they were in a relationship, but they deny their mutual attraction, assuming that neither would want to get involved with the other.

Can a sweet young single mother and a handsome gentle Cowboy singer become more than friends?

The Cowboy Singer is a heartwarming love story that will tug at your heart strings. This wonderful story is told in the third person narrative, and interweaves April and James' stories in alternating chapters that dovetail into a beautiful journey of friendship, love and second chances. Rich in detail and description of the warmth of down-home living in Austin, Texas, the author easily transports the reader into April and James' world.

The characters are realistic, down-to-earth, warm, fun-loving people with flaws and real life issues that the reader can relate to. The author really did a nice job of introducing a cast of characters that were really fun to get to know. April is a young woman determined to stand on her own two feet and support herself and her baby boy, and I really admired her spunky independent aura. James was hands down my favorite character, he is the ultimate in what every woman wishes for in a man: handsome, sexy, gentle, tenderhearted, down-to-earth and responsible. April's grandmother Margaret brings humor to the story with her witty sayings and heart of pure gold. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention James' ray of sunshine, daughter Summer, who is a little firecracker and steals everyone's hearts. The wonderful dialogue and interactions between the characters makes this a very enjoyable story to read.

April and James' story will captivate you from the beginning with its tender and thoughtful depiction of how two people become friends and work through life's issues as their relationship develops. This is the debut novel for author Paula Tiberius, and I think she has written an engaging and realistic story that will keep the reader entertained, kudos on a wonderful first novel!

The Cowboy Singer is simply a fun, tender, feel good story that will put a smile on your face, it is that enjoyable!