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Monday, July 9, 2012

Author Guest Post: Paula Tiberius, Author of The Cowboy Singer

In association with Chick Lit Plus, Jersey Girl Book Reviews welcomes Paula Tiberius, author of The Cowboy Singer!

Writing My Own Escape

Whenever stressful things happen to me, I always play it down, thinking that other people have it worse. After all, I always have food, a roof over my head, and my college education as a safety net. How bad can things get?

So a few years ago, when I realized that the man I was madly in love with had a substance abuse problem, I found myself shifting into 'coping' mode. It may have had something to do with the fact that I was a few months pregnant with our much-wanted child, but I began to justify everything he did in my head and told myself 'it could be worse,' and 'I'll figure this out no matter what.'

At this same time, my dear friend who works at Harlequin began sending me romance novels. I was devouring them like warm chocolate chip cookies, but I didn't see a connection between that and any need I may have had to escape concerns about my husband's lifestyle. I just kept reading. Then like mist genres I study, I wanted to try it myself.

I began to write The Cowboy Singer, and lost myself in April, who was also pregnant and in the middle of a less-than-ideal situation. She kept my spirits up and gave me the strength to realize that I definitely would be okay. If I could write April's happy ending, I could certainly 'write' my own!

I finished the novel in about four months, the end of which coincided with the six month mark of my pregnancy. At around that time, Richard's lifestyle collided with my soon-to-be mom personal needs like a car crash. I realized I needed to make a plan to go off on my own, and I needed to tell him what I was doing. I would never allow my heroine to put up with this bullshit, so why would I?

As Richard tells the story, he never even finished the letter I wrote him about my plan to move on. He was already dialing his friend in the "program" who had told him to reach out anytime. I drove him to the detox / rehab the next day. Now he's been sober for over three years and we have a wonderful life together with our beautiful daughter. Who says fairy tales don't come true?

They say you should write what you know, but with this book I honestly didn't realize how much I was borrowing from my own life. I created a character who was pregnant and desperate, but wouldn't take failure as an option. Ha! It's exactly what I was going through. And in this literary 'escape,' I found the resolve to stand up for myself and demand my own happy ending.

About The Author:

Paula Tiberius is an author, screenwriter, filmmaker, musician and mom living in North Hollywood, California with her musician husband Richard, their daughter Violet, and their German Shepherd, Jackson. Paula wrote and directed the award-winning feature film Goldirocks in Toronto, which came out theatrically in 2004, played on Pay TV and Cable in Canada and is currently available on Netflix, distributed by R Squared Films. To learn more about Goldirocks, visit You can read more from Paula Tiberius at her website, where you'll find lots of thought-provoking blogs, vegetarian recipes and more.  The Cowboy Singer is her first novel.

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Book Description: The Cowboy Singer

April Connors figured her love life was on hold indefinitely now that she was about to have a baby while temporarily staying at her grandmother's house (what a turn-on!). Meeting infamous country singer Jimmy Wick may have made her giant belly flip, but she was filing him under a big "as if." No man in his right mind would fall for a gal this pregnant, and besides, she needed to focus on herself and the baby. James Warwick (a.k.a. Jimmy Wick) was not in his right mind. His ex-wife was petitioning for full custody of the only thing that made him happy besides playing music, his four-year-old princess, Summer, and the thought of losing her had him crazier than an outhouse rat. His saving grace was his new 'friend' April who he was falling head over heels for. The only problem was, April had just been knocked up, dumped and stranded by the last guy she was with and was in no mood to go down that road again. She was hellbent on getting her life back on track just as James was watching his fall apart, leaving them both caught off guard by the unstoppable romance that would sweep them off their feet.

Book Excerpt: The Cowboy Singer

“Miss Hollywood!”

April turned to face him. “James?”

“The one and only. How are you feeling this morning?”

“Well, that’s the bonus of being pregnant and not drinking. You don’t get hangovers.”

James chuckled. “Did you enjoy your night?”

“I did, thank you. Your band is great.”

“Well, thank you ma’am! Much obliged.” Why was he reverting to ridiculous hillbilly speak? Act normal. He looked around for April’s husband or maybe a boyfriend, but he didn’t see anyone. “Your husband getting you a decaf?”

“Oh, Katie didn’t mention it? I’m not married. I’m uh…doing this on my own.” She patted her stomach.

Wow, what a brave woman. James knew what hard work it was in those first few years, even with a partner. He found himself feeling protective of this stranger. He wanted to say something encouraging, but he couldn’t think of anything, so he just said what he felt.

“You’ve got guts.” He meant it as a compliment, but April didn’t seem to be taking it that way. She pointed at her stomach.

“A lot more than I’ve ever had.”

He laughed, but quickly stopped when he noticed she wasn’t joining in. Wasn’t that meant to be a joke?

James opened his mouth to get the conversation onto a different subject, but was interrupted by Tiffany, rapidly approaching the table with an impatient look on her face.

“Where have you been? We’ve been here for an hour!” Tiffany was clearly not happy.

Before James could even let Tiff know she was being rude because he was in the middle of talking to someone, he noticed April quickly avert her eyes and pick up a magazine. Smart girl. He would steer clear of Tiffany too, if he could. But she had temporary full custody of Summer, and until the judge made a final decision, all he had were visitation rights on Sundays.

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