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Friday, January 13, 2012

Virtual Book Tour Events: Week of 1/15-21/12 ~ Stay Tuned by Lauren Clark ~ Shades of Gray by Andy Holloman

~ Virtual Book Tour Events for the Week of 1/15-21/12 ~

In association with Chick Lit Plus, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased the host the following Virtual Book Tour Event:

Stay Tuned by Lauren Clark

Monday, January 16, 2012 ~ Author Guest Post and Book Review

Book Description: Stay Tuned

Deadlines, Divas & Danger: Behind the Scenes in the TV News Biz ...

For TV producer Melissa Moore, crisis management comes with the job. From employee disputes to her high-maintenance boss, there's not much she hasn't seen or can't handle.

But no one - including Melissa - expects a fistfight during the ten o'clock news. When sexy-but-crazy Alyssa Andrews lands a punch on her co-anchor's face, Melissa jumps on set to help. She's determined that WSGA's reputation won't be destroyed on her watch. 

Both anchors are fired and Melissa agrees to fill in - but not before polishing her look from haircut to heels. While the new Melissa wows WSGA viewers, her personal life starts fraying at the edges. Melissa's husband is away more than he's home, leaving cryptic Post-it notes in his wake. Her mother's antics spiral out of control at the nursing home and a stalker decides Melissa is her next target. 

What happens next? Stay Tuned to find out ...

In association with Virtual Book Tour Cafe, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the following Virtual Book Tour Event:

Shades of Gray by Andy Holloman

Friday, January 20, 2012 ~ Author Guest Post and Book Review

Book Description: Shades of Gray

In the Fall of 2001, John Manning's life is in turmoil. His six-year-old daughter Lucy needs a kidney transplant, and his travel agency is in financial distress because of the 9/11 tragedy. A lapse in his health insurance means he also has to quickly secure funds for his daughter's operation.

Wanda, a client of John's travel agency, is facing similar financial difficulties. Her livelihood as a drug dealer has also been hit hard by increased airport security. As a single parent, she wants to leave her dangerous profession and break fee from her drug-lord boss Jamel, but a lack of funds has curtailed attempts to start a new life with her daughter. 

Desperate times lead to desperate measures and John and Wanda form a partnership to smuggle cocaine via cruise ships. 

How far should a father go to save his child? Can a man and woman from completely different worlds help each other? Could they fall in love? And who will live to see the summer of 2002?

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