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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Author Guest Post: Rachel Thompson, Author of The Mancode: Exposed

In association with Virtual Book Tour Cafe, Jersey Girl Book Reviews welcomes Rachel Thompson, author of The Mancode: Exposed!

My book, The Mancode: Exposed, now a Kindle Top 100 bestseller, is my second collection of humorous, non-fiction essays designed to give people a laugh over everyday interactions with their mates (the first, A Walk In The Snark came out in January, 2011 and reached #1 on the Kindle Motherhood list for the first time in September where it’s now a mainstay).

I am a chick. I write from a chick’s point of view—ergo the title.

I’ve been married for nineteen years, had several long-term relationships prior, and even worked with primarily men in a male-dominated industry for over fifteen years. This by no means makes me an dude expert, so let’s get that out of the way. I’m not an ologist and make no claims to be (well, except maybe a snarkologist – I may have to rethink that statement).

If you are or ever have been in a relationship, you might find what I write about funny: sex, love, chocolate, anatomy and physiology, and dealing with stereotypes head on. See, I don’t think we’re all that complicated. Call me crazy.

Again, not an expert here but I do have a degree in Communication Studies and I am a certified trainer in several Comm training programs (former life, ya know). What I write about is really behavior that, ya know, makes me laugh. Sometimes the two are difficult to distinguish between though.

And hey, sometimes it’s just physical, right?

For example, why do men fall asleep after sex? Is this a behavioral or communication? There are certainly serotonin, endorphin effects that occur…blah blah blah. Whatever.

Why does it happen? Women have been asking that question since the dawn of time.

Who cares?

Thank goodness for Kindles.

For men, women can be confusing creatures. We’re moody, prickly, and my best suggestion is that men, rather than try to understand us, learn to speak chocolate. For some reason (again with the endorphins), the gooey dark stuff seems to soothe the savage shemale.

Run, don’t walk to your local candy store, fellas. Keep a healthy supply on hand for that time of the month -- or Monday Night Football.

We love our guys. We appreciate how hard you work and everything you do. It’s just that sometimes, say, when we’re sick and maybe for instance you’re on deadline and the house is a disaster cause let’s face it – men are not fabulous multi-taskers; women have cornered the market on that hot mess – there is a need for a new and different solution: Rent-A-Husband!

Yea, see this could really fill a need. But let’s make a few things very clear up front:

·         I don’t want to sleep with Rental. I just want him to make my tea and toast.
·         He’ll have to do the grocery shopping with #deargod a minimum of phonecalls AND he’ll have to put it all away. A girl can dream.
·         Laundry would be the ultimate. Watching him fold it might cause too much excitement however, and I’d have to go lie down.

This whole Rental thing might work out. Of course, there’s always the Cabana Boy option, when washboard abs are required.

Ooh, must go pick out menu choices…

If you enjoyed this guest post, imagine what you’ll think of the book! You can find both of my eBooks exclusively on Amazon – remember, no Kindle required – simple download their free Kindle apps for your smartphone, computer, tablet, or cloud.

Connect with me on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, my blog, or email – wherever snark is sold. And remember, all commenters are eligible to win a free Kindle anywhere along my tour! So, get busy people. 

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  1. Love this interview - have to get this book. Great job Rachel.

  2. Thank you, Frank. It's fun visiting Kathleen over here, she rocks. I hope more people visit and discover all she has to offer and share their favorite books as well. Hope you enjoy my book! xo

  3. I've got this book on my tbr pile and I am looking forward to checking it out. I can always use some humor in my life!

  4. Terrific interview, Rachel! MANCODE is a terrific book. I love the Rent-a-Husband chapter, but Rachel is right - definitely check out the rest of the book!

    Thank you so much for sharing this with us, Kathleen! I love your blog!!

  5. Thank you everyone for commenting on this post. Rachel's books A Walk In The Snark and The Mancode: Exposed are books that are humorous with a touch of snark ... doesn't everyone need a little humor in their lives? lol ;p

    Thank you Rachel & Terri for the kind words about my little old blog site. *blushes*

  6. If you like a good laugh, you'll love Rachel's books!

  7. "Snarkologist" ROFL
    *Wipes eyes* I swear, I see your name, your book and there is always something new to crack me up! I can't wait to read your other books. Thanks for the post.
    -Dawn aka dawnmomoffour

  8. Thanks for the comments ladies! Rachel is definitely the Queen of Snark. lol

  9. Great post Rachel! Sorry I was MIA yesterday. Thanks for hosting Kathleen :)

  10. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to host Rachel on my site BK! I definitely enjoyed hosting this event! :)