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Thursday, January 5, 2012

No Story To Tell by KJ Steele

No Story To Tell by KJ Steele
Published & Sold By: The Fiction Studio
Release Date: October 16, 2011
Pages: 388
ISBN: 1936558203
Genre: Contemporary Fiction

About The Author:

KJ Steele is an emerging writer who has learned that the process is not so much about choosing what to write as it is about having the courage to write what chooses to be written. Having spent the first half of her life creating an amazing family with her husband, Victor, she intends to spend the rest of it creating equally amazing fiction.



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Disclaimer: At the request of the author, publisher and Pump Up Your Book! Virtual Book Publicity Tours, a paperback edition of this book was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest review and participation in the virtual book tour event.

Virtual Book Tour Event: On Friday, January 6, 2012, in association with Pump Up Your Book! Virtual Book Publicity Tours, KJ Steele participated in a virtual book tour event with an Author Guest Post on Jersey Girl Book Reviews. Book Description:

Have you ever wondered if you can be born into the wrong life?

This is a question Victoria Lackey, a once promising dancer, tries hard not to ask herself as she wanders through her days, tending her secrets and burying her past.

It is a question that begins to whisper to her after a chance meeting with Elliot, a sensual artist from the city, who recognizes the dancer's spirit within her.

A question that presses for an answer after softly seductive anonymous telephone calls encourage her forward into a life of her own.

A question that demands an answer when the woman she is explodes inside the woman she has become.

Buried dreams, anonymous telephone calls, and a heart full of secrets. No Story To Tell is a story that demanded to be told.

My Book Review:

From the time of her birth as the unwanted surviving twin, Victoria Lackey has led a life that has been hard and full of disappointments. Born into a farming family in a small town, Victoria had a twin brother, Victor, who was the chosen one, in fact she was not expected to live, but it was Victor who passed away six days after being born, and the unnamed girl twin was given his name as a lasting memorial to the life that was lost. Family life was hard, her father was an abusive raging tyrant, always quick to verbally criticize Victoria and her mother. As a teen, Victoria dreamed of being a dancer, she had a promising future, and was going to participate in an important dance competition that could have lead to an opportunity to audition for a dance company in the city. Unfortunately, a traumatic event killed her dream before the dance competition, which later led her to make some very bad choices in her life. Victoria married a local farmer, Bobby, who treats her more like a possession than a wife. The abusive and loveless marriage, coupled with living an unfulfilled life in a dull small town has Victoria feeling trapped, a victim of life's circumstances. That is until an exciting newcomer, Elliot, arrived in town and gave her buried dreams a spark of life. Elliot was a sexy artist who awoke the dancer's spirit that was buried deep down inside of her. As they get to know one another, a relationship blooms, and through Elliot's encouragement, Victoria begins to assert her independence, only to have buried secrets, betrayals and traumatic events occur that would ultimately change her life for good. Join Victoria on her journey of self-discovery in No Story To Tell.

No Story To Tell has a storyline that is very well written, and I found it to be quite intriguing. The complexities of the characters' lives brought them to life, and provided a sense of reality that the reader could relate to. The descriptions that the author provides are riveting, thought provoking, and keeps the readers engaged in the storyline's twists and turns. The only drawback to this story is that there are portions that are unnecessarily drawn out, but just as I would start to become bored, the storyline would pick up and captivate me once again. I only wish the author had expanded more on the relationship between Victoria and Elliot, as their interactions with each other was my favorite portion of the story. What I found to be the most profound part of this story is when Elliot and Victoria were talking about their lives, and he told her ... "Everyone has a story to tell, they just need to find someone who wants to listen." This quote is so true, every person who reads this story can definitely relate to this quote in their own lives. Kudos to Ms. Steele on her debut novel, I look forward to reading more of her books. This intriguing story of self-discovery should be on every readers' to-be-read list, it will have you questioning how you are living your life.


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