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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Lonely Mile by Allan Leverone

The Lonely Mile by Allan Leverone
Published by StoneHouse Ink
Sold by Amazon Digital Services
Genre: Mystery Thriller

About The Author: (Author's Website):

Allan Leverone is a Pushcart Prize nominee as well as a three-time Derringer Award Finalist for excellence in short mystery fiction whose debut thriller, Final Vector, was released by Medallion Press in February 2011.

Allan's next thriller, The Lonely Mile, was released in July 2011 by StoneHouse Ink, and his novella, Darkness Falls, is set for release in September 2011 by Delirium Books.

Allan lives in New Hampshire with his wife Sue, three children, one beautiful granddaughter and a cat who has used up eight lives.

Author Website:

Disclaimer: At the request of the author, a Kindle e-book edition of this book was sent, at no cost to me, for my honest review.  

Blog Tour Event: On Tuesday, September 27, 2011, Allan Leverone participated in an author blog tour event, as an Author Guest Post on Jersey Girl Book Reviews. Book Description:

When struggling hardware store owner Bill Ferguson witnesses a kidnapping in progress, he reacts instinctively, breaking up the crime and saving a young girl. But the kidnapper, a sociopath known as the "I-90 Killer," escapes and vows revenge, targeting Ferguson's own daughter as his next victim. Now one terrified father must unravel a plot that may go deeper than he realizes, racing against time to save his only child from an unthinkable fate. 

My Book Review:

What would you do if you came upon a situation where a teenage girl was being kidnapped? Would you do something to stop it from happening? What if the psycho who you stopped now sought revenge by kidnapping your own teenage daughter, would you sit passively by while the police and FBI conducted their investigation and search? Put yourself in Bill Ferguson's shoes ... 

The Lonely Mile is a story about an average businessman named Bill Ferguson, who while at a  highway rest area, saw an attempted kidnapping of a teenage girl in progress. None of the other travelers saw what was happening, so Bill takes it upon himself and takes action in order to stop the kidnapping from happening. Bill was successful in his actions, but the would be kidnapper escaped, and there was one major ramification ... the psycho that he just thwarted was the famed "I-90 Killer" who has been kidnapping young women for the past three and half years, and he wants revenge from the busybody who thwarted his attempt at getting his next girl. The "I-90 Killer" plots out his revenge and is successful, Bill's 17 year-old daughter Carli has been kidnapped! What happens next is a father's journey to get his daughter back, at any cost!

The Lonely Mile is the ultimate in a mystery thriller book, the author transports the reader into the story, you will feel like you are right there alongside Bill, Carli and the I-90 Killer. This book is very rich in detail, just close your eyes and you can see the scenes as the author has described them throughout the book. From the very first pages this story drew me in, it grabbed my attention and wouldn't let go until the very surprising and climatic ending. The storyline is very well written, the vivid details are amazing, the characters and dialogue are believable, and most of all the story will just plain hold you captive until the end. There is not one negative thing that I have to say about this book, it was just that good. 

 In writing The Lonely Mile, the author has given mystery thriller fans one hell of a roller coaster ride .... there is nothing better than a gripping suspense story that has the reader begging for more!



  1. I can appreciate how much you liked this book, but it is not one I could read. Just your description of the plot alone gave me the willies, lol. Child abductions are just too upsetting to me as storylines. Great review, though!

  2. Awww it wasn't really really scary, more suspenseful! Thanks for commenting! :)