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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Indie Authors, Readers & Reviewers ... Check Out

Authors, check out to find out how you can get your books read & reviewed.

If you have been struggling to get Amazon Customer Reviews for your books, here is your solution: is a community of over 3,000 passionate readers/reviewers drawn from and other Kindle reader communities. We organize the distribution of review copies of your book (in MOBI format for Kindle) to reviewers in exchange for their unbiased customer review. Sign up today!

Readers & Reviewers: sign up at for free books to read and review! is a community of passionate readers who receive free copies of new Kindle books to read and review. Help fellow readers discover great books by becoming a reader-reviewer!

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  1. Hi Anna! Thank you for the kind comments, I followed your book review blog. I am not much of a poetry fan, never really could into it like I do with books. lol Best wishes on your blog site, you'll see that your followers base will grow with time. :)