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Friday, August 12, 2022

Daughters Of Bad Men by Laura Oles (Book Review)


Book Review

Daughters Of Bad Men by Laura Oles
Book 1: A Jamie Rush Mystery Series
Publisher: Red Adept Publishing
Publication Date: October 30, 2017
Format: Paperback - 218 pages
               Audiobook - 7 Hours 19 Minutes
               Kindle - 2265 KB
ISBN (PB): 978-0615816319
ASIN (Audiobook): B07LGFBJL1
ASIN (Kindle): B076JL9HKH
BNID: 978-0615816319
Genre: Mystery

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Book 1: Daughters Of Bad Men
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Book Description:

Jamie Rush understands what it takes to disappear because her parents taught her that long ago. Leveraging her knowledge of why and how people run from their own lives, Jamie has built a business based on bringing those in hiding back to answer for their actions. She takes pride in using her somewhat shady skills to work both inside and outside the law.

When her estranged brother, Brian, calls and says his daughter is missing, Jamie initially turns down the case. Kristen has always been a bit wild, frequently dropping off the grid then showing up a few days later. But Brian swears this time is different, and even though Jamie vowed years ago to keep her conniving sibling at arm’s length, she can’t walk away if Kristen could be in real trouble.

As Jamie begins digging into Kristen’s life, she uncovers her niece’s most guarded secrets. Uncovering the truth will put a target on Jamie’s back and endanger the lives of those she loves.

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My Book Review:

In Daughters Of Bad Men, the first book in the Jamie Rush Mystery Series, author Laura Oles transports the reader to the island coastal town of Port Alene, Texas, for an intriguing mystery that will keep the reader guessing and turning the pages.

Jamie Rush comes from a family of con artists, she's left that life behind and is in business as a private investgator with her best friend and partner Cookie Hinojosa. Jamie and Cookie investigation business usually involves skip tracing, divorce, and surveillance cases. 

Jamie gets a call from her estranged older half-brother Brian asking her to help locate his missing daughter Kristen. At first Jamie thinks that Kristen may have just gone off-grid and turned down the case, but when Brian insists that something is definitely wrong, Jamie and Cookie agree to take the case and begin searching for Kristen. As Jamie and Cookie search for the truth behind Kristen's disappearance, the further they dig, the more they realize that Kristen has gotten into some pretty dangerous stuff, and someone is determined to stop them at all costs. Can Jamie and Cookie put the pieces of the puzzle together and solve the disappearance of Kristen?

Author Laura Olves weaves a slow-building and suspenseful tale written in the third person narrative that follows Jamie and Cookie's investigative journey in search of the truth behind the disappearance of Jamie's niece. Their investigation will take a lot of digging and dangerous situations to find the truth. And if that's not enough, Jamie has to come to terms with her ongoing family issues, especially when it comes to dealing with who is behind Kristen's disappearance.

The reader will be easily drawn into this intriguing story with its richly descriptive plot and idyllic coastal town setting. Daughters Of Bad Men has intriguing characters, and enough drama, tension, action, flashbacks, secrets, clues from the past, and unexpected twists and turns that kept me thoroughly engaged and guessing what would happen next, it will definitely take the reader on one heck of a thrilling roller coaster ride.


About The Author

Laura Oles is the Agatha-nominated and award-winning author of the Jamie Rush mystery series, along with short stories and nonfiction. With two decades of experience in the digital photography industry, Laura’s work has appeared in trade and consumer magazines, crime-fiction anthologies, and she served as a business columnist. Laura loves road trips, bookstores and any outdoor activity that doesn’t involve running. She lives in the Texas Hill Country with her family.

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