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Monday, October 19, 2020

One Little Lie by Colleen Coble (Book Review)


One Little Lie by Colleen Coble
Book 1: The Pelican Harbor Series
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: March 3, 2020
Format: Hardcover - 352 pages
               Paperback - 352 pages
               Audiobook - 9 Hours
               Kindle - 354 pages / 2178 KB
               Nook - 352 pages / 2 MB
ISBN (Hardcover): 978-0785228462
ISBN (Paperback): 978-0785228448
ASIN (Audiobook): B07TZSJFDD
ASIN (Kindle): B07TD13L5F
BNID: 9780-785228455
Genre: Romantic Suspense

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Book 1: One Little Lie
Book 2: Two Reasons To Run
Book 3: Three Missing Days (Pub Date: April 6, 2021)

Book Description:

It started with one little lie. But Jane Hardy will do everything in her power to uncover the truth.

When Jane Hardy is appointed interim sheriff in Pelican Harbor, Alabama, after her father retires, there's no time for an adjustment period. He is arrested for theft and then implicated in a recent murder, and Jane quickly realizes she's facing someone out to destroy her father.

They escaped from a cult fifteen years ago, and Jane has searched relentlessly for her mother—who refused to leave—ever since. Could someone from that horrible past have found them?

Reid Bechtol is a well-known journalist who makes documentaries, and his sights are currently set on covering Jane's career. Jane has little interest in the attention, but the committee who appointed her loves the idea of the publicity.

Jane finds herself depending on Reid's calm manner as he follows her around taping his documentary, and they begin working together to clear her father. But Reid has his own secrets from the past, and the gulf between them may be impossible to cross.

It started with one little lie. But Jane Hardy will do everything in her power to uncover the truth.

Book Excerpt:

My Book Review:

In One Little Lie, book one of The Pelican Harbor Series, author Colleen Coble transports the reader to the Gulf Shores area of Pelican Harbor, Alabama, for an intriguing Romantic Suspense story that will keep the reader guessing and turning the pages.

Jane Hardy has been promoted to the position of police chief for the town of Pelican Harbor. Reid Dixon is a well-known investigative journalist who makes documentaries. He's come to Pelican Harbor to make a documentary on the small town police department with a focus on Jane being a female police chief. But that's not the only reason Reid's come to town, he and Jane share a common past, both belonged to the Mount Sinai cult when they were kids, and he has a secret that he's held for fifteen years. 

With a vigilante on the loose, dead bodies piling up, and her dad being set up for theft and implicated in a murder, Jane has a lot on her plate. Jane reluctantly agrees to let Reid assist her in helping find the killer, and clear her father of the charges he faces. But that's not all, because of one little lie, Jane and Reid's past is brought to the surface, and a tense confrontation uncovers the truth. 

Author Colleen Coble weaves a fast-paced and suspenseful tale written in the third person narrative that follows Jane and Reid's investigative journey in search of the person who is setting up her father, while dealing with the complexity of a secret past that they once shared. The reader will be easily drawn into this well written story with its richly descriptive plot and setting. 

The author does a wonderful job of transporting the reader to Pelican Harbor, inviting them to be a backseat passenger as Jane and Reid's investigation and secret past unfolds. The drama and suspense is intense and will keep the reader engaged and guessing the identity of the vigilante, the identity of the person responsible for setting up Jane's father, and what will happen next. But alas, the author teases the reader with a cliffhanger ending, as Jane and Reid's story continues in Two Reasons To Run, the second book in The Pelican Harbor Series

One Little Lie has enough drama, tension, action, flashbacks and clues from the past, a growing list of suspects, a hint of a romance, and unexpected twists and turns that will take the reader on one heck of a thrilling roller coaster ride.


About The Author

Colleen Coble is a USA TODAY bestselling author and RITA finalist best known for her coastal romantic suspense novels, including The Inn at Ocean’s EdgeTwilight at Blueberry Barrens, and the Lavender TidesSunset CoveHope Beach, and Rock Harbor series.

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