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Thursday, September 5, 2019

Liars & Lunatics In Goose Pimple Junction by Amy Metz (New Book Promo / Author Interview / Book Review)

Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host a new book promo event (Author Interview and Book Review) for Liars & Lunatics In Goose Pimple Junction by author Amy Metz!

Author Interview



If you could step back into a moment or day in time, where would you go?

I would go back to when my sons were little. Maybe to a picnic we took or one of the times we cuddled and read books under the big tree in our backyard or reading at bedtime or . . . anytime of their childhood, really. Those were the best times.

If you could be anything besides a writer, what would it be?

I’d love to be a travel photographer. I love photography, but I’m an amateur. It would be wonderful to be able to travel and take pictures all day. Getting paid for it would be beyond wonderful.

If you could choose a fictional town to live in what would it be and from what book?

I would pick Goose Pimple Junction. I’ve lived there for so long in my head, I think it would be great to actually be there strolling the sidewalks, eating at Slick & Junebug’s Diner, going to Louetta’s bookstore, shopping at the small grocery, getting to know the townsfolk . . . 

If you could live anywhere in the world, where in the world would it be?

If I could, I would live in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. The Berkshires is a gorgeous area, and I am in love with the town of Stockbridge. It’s a small town that reminds me a lot of Goose Pimple Junction.


5 favorite foods: 
In a Utopian world:
fried green tomatoes
peach milkshakes

In the real world:

5 things you always put in your books: 
someone with the name “Lou” as a nod to my hometown (Louisville)
Southern food
a little bit of romance. Everybody needs a book boyfriend.

5 favorite places you’ve been:   
Stockbridge, Massachusetts (and the whole Berkshires area)
Kennebunkport, Maine
Asheville, North Carolina
Point Clear, Alabama
Boston, Massachusetts 

5 words that describe you: 
Netflix & needlepoint
addicted to sugar

5 favorite things to do: 
spend time with my family
go to the movies (but no horror or sad movies)
travel (bonus: travel with my family)
go to orchestra concerts (bonus: ones that my son plays in) 


What’s your all-time favorite movie?

It would probably be O Brother, Where Art Thou? Followed closely by Princess Bride, Pride & Prejudice, and My Cousin Vinny.

What’s your all-time favorite author?

It’s gotta be Robert B. Parker. I love his Spenser series, his Jesse Stone series, and his Sunny Randall series. 

What’s your all-time favorite city?

Stockbridge, Massachusetts, which also has my all-time favorite library.

What’s your favorite television show or series?

Justified. I’ve watched the entire series three times and will watch it again. The writing and acting in that series is the best.

What do you collect?

Too much stuff. I’m sentimental and tend to not want to throw things away. But in the collectible category, I collect heart-shaped things—I constantly look for heart rocks—and just about anything else heart-shaped will catch my attention. Some of my favorite things are the heart-shaped gifts my kids have given me. I also collect decorative pumpkins (well, really, anything Halloween related), snowmen, and Santas. Oh, and antique flow blue dishes. And books. 

What are you working on now?

I’m starting to get ideas for GPJ book 6, although I’m trying to decide whether or not to continue the series. I think I’m going to dust off the thriller I started several years ago about a serial killer who disguises himself as old and infirm to lure his victims. It will be a challenge to weave humor into that story!

About The Author

Amy Metz is the author of The Goose Pimple Junction Mystery Series. She is a former first grade teacher and the mother of two sons. When not writing, enjoying her family, or surfing Pinterest, Amy can usually be found with a mixing spoon, camera, or book in one hand and a glass of sweet tea in the other. Amy lives in Louisville, Kentucky and loves a good Southern phrase.

Author Website
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Book Review

Liars & Lunatics In Goose Pimple Junction by Amy Metz
Book 5: Goose Pimple Junction Mystery Series
Publisher: Southern Ink Press, Blue Productions
Publication Date: Paperback - September 1, 2019 / eBook - September 19, 2019 
Format: Paperback - 244 pages
               Kindle - 382 KB
ISBN: 978-1088721865
Genre: Cozy Mystery / Southern Fiction 

Buy The Book: 

Buy The Series: Goose Pimple Junction Mystery Series
Book 1: Murder & Mayhem In Goose Pimple Junction
Book 2: Heroes & Hooligans In Goose Pimple Junction
Book 3: Short & Tall Tales In Goose Pimple Junction
Book 4: Rogues & Rascals In Goose Pimple Junction
Book 5: Liars & Lunatics In Goose Pimple Junction

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Book Description:

It’s election season, and there’s a new candidate in town. Virgil Pepper is determined to take the job from Goose Pimple Junction’s long-time mayor. Virgil is a charming and charismatic candidate but someone who will say anything (and mean none of it) to get what he wants. Three things top his list: to become mayor, to acquire Jackson Wright’s land, and to make Caledonia Culpepper one of his many conquests.

Wynona Baxter is back, and she’s a new woman. Now Daisy has a new identity, new life, and new business–ironically named Killer Cupcakes. But the town soon finds out that isn’t the only kind of killer in town. Book five of the Goose Pimple Junction mystery series combines political hijinks, delicious cupcakes, Goose Juice moonshine, the ups and downs of finding true love, and, of course, murder.

It is said that “It’s a basic truth of the human condition that everybody lies. The only variable is about what.” Lying in politics, lying for personal and professional gain, lying about an identity . . . What are the folks of Goose Pimple Junction willing to lie for . . . and what are they willing to die for?

Book Excerpt:


He entered the territory of lies without a passport for return.
 –Graham Greene

Caledonia was resplendent in a hot pink sweater and black slacks as she walked into Slick & Junebug’s Diner after getting her boys, Pickle—a high school senior—off to work and Peanut—a sixth grader—off to a friend’s house. It was her habit to stop in every morning before she went to open up the dress shop she owned. Her day didn’t really get started until she’d had her morning gossip and cup of coffee. This morning, the place was buzzing. With a smile and a wave, she scooted past the regulars¬—two old men, Clive and Earl—at their usual place at the counter and joined her best friend, Paprika Parker, in a window booth. They liked that spot so they could see what was going on in the town square while they drank their coffee and talked about town happenings. 
Paprika could read Caledonia like a book. “What’s wrong?”
“No good morning? You’re just gonna jump right in?” Caledonia uprighted her coffee cup on its saucer.
“Might as well. I can see something’s up.”
“Is it that obvious?” Caledonia’s brow furrowed.
“Stop frowning. You’ll form wrinkles. And yes, to me it’s that obvious. Now for the last time, out with it.”
“Oh for heaven’s sake. All right.” She let out a heavy sigh. “Virgil made another play for me last night.” 
“After all you’ve done to make it clear there will never be anything between you again? Why doesn’t the man ever give up?”
Caledonia’s hand went up to stop her friend. “It’s a power play. He wants to be the dump-er instead of the dump-ee. Don’t worry. I didn’t give in. What I did give him was what for. You woulda been proud of me, Spice Girl.” Caledonia had long ago given the nickname to her friend, even though she was always tempted to call her Pippi because she resembled an adult Pippi Longstocking. Caledonia hunched her shoulders and leaned in, slightly sheepish but a touch defiant. She cupped her hand to the side of her mouth and whispered, “I hauled off and whacked him over the head with a tennis racket.”
Paprika sat up straight, her eyes bugging out behind her glasses. “You did not.” 
“I most certainly did. Admittedly, it was a reflexive action, but upon reflection I’m glad I did it. Say, it didn’t by any chance rain last night, did it?” Caledonia wound some of her long blonde hair around a finger. 
“Not that I’m aware. What do you mean a reflexive action?”
“I’d told him to take a hike and walked away from him. When he came up behind me and grabbed my left arm, my right arm reacted. I tell you what, he dropped like a bag of flour.”
Paprika broke out in a huge grin. “I wish I’d been there to see that.”
The women were laughing when owner, waitress, and half namesake of the diner, Junebug Calloway, came to the table. She had a crease in her septuagenarian forehead.  
“Junebug, don’t do that. It’ll make your forehead permanently wrinkled.” Caledonia held out her coffee cup.
“I just thought you’d be a might subdued this morning, Caledonia, what with the news and all. I know that man did you wrong, but laughing at a time like this? I’m a might surprised is all.” She finished filling the cup and set the pot on the table, hands on her hips.
The two women exchanged bewildered looks before directing their confusion toward Junebug. “What news?” they asked simultaneously.
Junebug’s mouth dropped open, and she got a gleam in her eye. She loved to be the first one to pass on a bit of gossip. “You mean you haven’t heard?”
Again, both women were in sync. “Heard what?” 
“‘Bout Virgil.” 
The women stared at her blankly. 
“He got stamped ‘return to sender.’”
“Return to sender?” Caledonia’s hand went to her throat. “You don’t mean . . . ”
Junebug nodded. “I do mean. He’s picking turnips with a stepladder now.”
Caledonia’s head bobbed from side to side. “That’s ridiculous. I just saw him yesterday afternoon.”
“You didn’t conk him over the head, did you?” Junebug chuckled but stopped when she saw the look that passed between the women. 
“What do you mean, Junebug?” Caledonia’s mouth had gone dry.
“Well, somebody did. Bopped him on that thick noggin of his. Now they’re basting that turkey in formaldehyde.” As an afterthought, she added, “May he rest in peace.”
Junebug’s eyes went from woman to woman. “Listen, I hate to deliver bad news and run, but I’m in the weeds. Look at this crowd. Nothing like a good murder to bring out the townsfolk.” She held up a finger to a man two booths away. “Be right there, Chet.” Returning her eyes to Caledonia, she said, “Anything besides coffee today, ladies?”
Caledonia shook her head with a vacant expression on her face. 
“Bring us two chocolate iced donuts, Junebug,” Paprika said.
Junebug nodded. “It looks like y’all could use a pick-me-up. Two life preservers, coming up.” 
When Junebug left, the women stared at each other, both instinctively closing their mouths when they saw the other’s wide open. Caledonia swallowed hard. Paprika covered her mouth with her hand.
Finally, Caledonia leaned in and whispered, “You don’t think I killed him, do you?” Sitting back, she answered her own question, “I killed him. I sent the man to be with Jesus.”
“Now, Caledonia, don’t go getting ahead of yourself. And I doubt it’s Jesus he’s keeping company with if you ask me.”
“You heard her. Someone conked him over the head. That someone was me.” Caledonia poked her chest with a finger. “I offed a man. I’m a stone-cold killer. What will happen to the children?”
Paprika grabbed her friend’s hand. “Hush it. Not another word until we find out more. And talk to a lawyer.”
“I don’t know if a lawyer will talk to me. After all, I just killed my last one.”
“Caledonia Culpepper, get ahold of yourself.”
Caledonia stared blankly and muttered, “You take care of the boys until Mother can get here.”
“Take care of the boys? What are you talking about?” 
Caledonia slid out of the booth.
“Where are you going?” 
 “I reckon to jail.” She walked to the counter where Johnny Butterfield, the chief of police, sat. Offering him her wrists, she said, “Lock me up, Chief. I’m a murderer.”

My Book Review:

Welcome back to Goose Pimple Junction, Tennessee!

In Liars & Lunatics In Goose Pimple Junction, the fifth book in The Goose Pimple Junction Mystery Series, author Amy Metz transports the readers back to Goose Pimple Junction, Tennessee, for the upcoming mayoral election and other crazy mayhem and adventures that the townsfolks encounter. 

It's election time in Goose Pimple Junction, and the townsfolks are preparing to vote for the town's mayor. Longtime mayor Buck Lyle has a challenger when shifty Knoxville attorney Virgil Pepper comes to town and stakes his claim on the mayor's position. But that's not all Virgil is up to, he's a lying, no good philanderer who has been dating Caledonia Culpepper, along with every other women in town! Then there is Virgil's backdoor deal to try and steal author Jackson Wright's property to develop a lakeside resort, is there anything that this scoundrel won't do? And if that isn't enough excitement, how about ex-hitwoman Wynona Baxter coming back to town under the new alias of Daisy Baxter, owner of Killer Cupcakes! Then add in a dash of murder to the mayhem via ethanol poisoned Goose Juice (illegal moonshine), and the pot really gets stirred up in this small southern picturesque town.

Author Amy Metz weaves an intriguing southern cozy murder mystery tale told in the third person narrative that immediately draws the reader in with its quirky humor and fast-paced action. This captivating tale has enough twists and turns that will leave your head spinning! Rich in detail and vivid descriptions, the story takes place in Goose Pimple Junction, Tennessee, a picturesque southern town with a lot of heart and charm. The description of the town and surrounding area was wonderful, there's nothing better than down home country charm and living. I loved how the author masterfully interwove the various townsfolk's trials and tribulations into a suspenseful and riveting story with enough laugh-out-loud moments that will keep you in stitches as you turn the pages. It is so much fun following along with the townsfolks' southern charm, quirky "goosepimpleisms," and humorous Southern quotes at the start of every chapter. You can't help but get caught up in the drama and mayhem that ensues, but that's how it is when you live in Goose Pimple Junction!

The author has created a wonderful series that has a cast of characters with some pretty funny names/nicknames, and who are quirky and lovable, their southern charm, crazy antics, hysterical local dialect and dialogue will keep you in stitches. The reader is transported to the lovely southern town of Goose Pimple Junction, Tennessee, where the friendly townsfolk welcome you with open arms and sweet tea! I really enjoyed all of the characters, and how the story unfolds with a wonderful balance of comedy, drama, and suspense that easily kept me guessing, and left me wanting more.

Liars & Lunatics In Goose Pimple Junction is a riveting southern cozy murder mystery that will engage you to join in the crazy adventures and trials and tribulations that occur, while providing you with a dose of good ol' southern charm and humor. So pull up a rocking chair and set down for a spell with some sweet tea while the townsfolk of Goose Pimple Junction tell y'all their story!

Liars & Lunatics In Goose Pimple Junction 
is the fifth book in the Goose Pimple Junction Mystery Series.



  1. Kathleen, I'm SO glad you liked Liars & Lunatics! Thanks very much for a wonderful review and for the promo opportunity on your fabulous blog! Much obliged!

    1. Amy, thank you for the opportunity to read, review, and feature your latest installment in the series. This series is so much fun, keep em coming! :)