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Friday, March 30, 2018

Beach Bliss by Joanne DeMaio (Book Review)

Book Review

Beach Bliss by Joanne DeMaio
Book 6: The Seaside Saga Series
Publisher: Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: March 3, 2018
Format: Paperback - 370 pages
               Kindle - 3436 KB
               Nook - 626 KB
ISBN: 978-1984227119
BNID: 2940158552021
Genre: Women's Fiction

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Book Description:

Have a seaside seat with the beach friends in this irresistible novel from New York Times bestselling author Joanne DeMaio.

Blue skies and smooth seas return to the coastal community of Stony Point. Until a new arrival in this little New England beach town sets forth a competition like no other. As the temperature rises beneath the summer sun, so do the antics and good-natured fun.

Join Jason Barlow, Maris, Kyle, Elsa and the rest of the gang for another unforgettable season at the shore. The sound of gulls and lapping waves are calling you to the page ... for a summer read that's purely Beach Bliss.

My Book Review:

It's the middle of June and another summer season is beginning at the seashore town of Stony Point, Connecticut. So grab your beach towel, chair, and umbrella and soak up some sun-filled beach bliss as you catch up with the town locals.

In Beach Bliss, author Joanne DeMaio transports the reader back to the tranquil seashore town of Stony Point, Connecticut, where the reader catches up with the lives of friends: Maris, Eva, Matt, Jason, Kyle, Lauren, Elsa, Cliff, Nick, Paige, Vinny, and Celia.

Just like the ebb and flow of the tide, life brings issues and changes to one's life, but the bonds of friendship, sea air, and salt water are cleansing, they cure what ails you. For this group of old friends, the heart-wrenching sudden death of Elsa's son Sal DeLuca a year ago has brought the friends closer than ever. As time heals all wounds, so does the sea air, and this group of friends lives by the credo: "salt air, not a care" and "cast away your troubles straight into the sea."  And the shimmering denim blue sea with its calming effect will offer them another summer season of hope, love, family, friendship, forgiveness, redemption, and blissful new beginnings.

The reader will catch up with the friends as many changes have been occurring since their last visit: Elsa's newly renovated beach inn, Ocean Star Inn, is getting ready for the grand opening in September. Since Sal's death, peace has gradually swept back into her days like the turning tide, and she makes plans to give her guests "happiness jars," where they can fill them with tokens from their visit (sand, seashells, driftwood, etc) as a keepsake memory. Then there's Celia, who returned to Stony Point and gave birth to her and Sal's little girl Aria. Celia and Aria live in a little cottage behind Elsa's inn, and Celia is planning Aria's christening for later in the summer with all the guys vying for the coveted title of Godfather in a series of hilarious competitions. Meanwhile, Maris continues to complete her late brother-in-law Neil's manuscript, while husband Jason is busy preparing for his new cottage renovation program on the local public television station. Finally, there is Kyle and Lauren, who purchased a cottage in Stony Point and have moved in with the promise of making new beach memories.

So drive under the railroad trestle and enter the enchanting beach town of Stony Point ... pull up a beach chair ... and visit with the close-knit longtime friends in author Joanne DeMaio's delightful novel, Beach Bliss.

Beach Bliss is a heartwarming story of friendship and family. Author Joanne DeMaio weaves a wonderful tale written in the third person narrative, that is set in the present with flashbacks to the past. The reader is transported to the tranquil seashore town of Stony Point, Connecticut, where they follow along with Celia, Maris, Eva, Matt, Jason, Kyle, Lauren, Nick, Elsa, and Cliff as a new summer season dawns on their little tranquil coastal town.

Author Joanne DeMaio easily captivates her readers' attention with this beautifully written tale through a seamless and flowing storyline, and with a wonderful description of a tranquil beach setting that wraps itself around the reader like a sun-warmed beach towel. The characters draw you into their lives with a strong emotional pull, their complexities and flaws are true-to-life, it is easy to relate to them with compassion, empathy, and hope. With a mixture of intrigue, suspense, drama, humor, heartache, hidden secrets, romance, and a strong bond of friendship, this story takes you on a fun-filled roller coaster ride that will keep you smiling as you turn the pages. I would be remiss if I didn't mention how much I look forward to catching up with this special group of close-knit friends. It's like you're a summer visitor, and the beach friends envelop you in a warm hug and offer up enough smiles, laughter, and fun-filled beach bliss as their summer adventures unfold.

Beach Bliss is an intricate story of interweaving friendships and life events. It is a wonderful story that demonstrates the power of the magical sweet salt air that will cure what ails you, and it will resonate with you long after the last word has been read.


About The Author

Joanne DeMaio is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of contemporary fiction. She enjoys writing about friendship, family, love and choices, while setting her stories in New England towns or by the sea. The Beach Inn is her ninth novel. Currently at work on her next book, Joanne lives with her family in Connecticut.

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