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Monday, February 22, 2016

The Average Girl by Angelina Goode (Author Guest Post / Book Review)

In association with Pump Up Your Book, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book tour event for The Average Girl by author Angelina Goode!

Author Guest Post

10 Things You Might Not Know About The Average Girl 

 • Many of the celebrity meetings in The Average Girl were inspired by real experiences my friends and I have had living in Los Angeles over the years. However, our run-ins were truly accidental. We didn’t have anyone orchestrating them for us. 

• Olivia Fowler, the main character in The Average Girl, and Angelina Goode, the author, have one thing in common. They both flounder helplessly when in front of their one, favorite celebrity. But that's where the similarities end. 

• Alexander Young, the romantic lead in The Average Girl, is a combination of several celebrities. Can you figure out who’s eyes he has? Who’s hair he has? Who’s smile he has? 

• The most common question people ask about The Average Girl is if Olivia’s job really does exist. The answer is… Not as far as I know. Wouldn’t it be fun if it did? 

• Inspiration for The Average Girl was drawn from being a long time fan of my generation’s boy band. The idea for this novel came after meeting them several times and seeing how different fans react to their own meetings with the guys in the band. Can you guess who the boy band is? 

• Olivia’s idol, Brad Griffin, was modeled after a famous celebrity. I’m still not sure if that was on purpose or not. I’ll never tell who it is… 

• It took five years to write The Average Girl. Most of it was written in the year before it was published. 

 • The Average Girl got a great review from Kirkus Reviews. They said, “An adorably sweet Tinseltown romance, perfect for a day at the LA beach.” Read more here: 

• The vast majority of the book was written between 11pm and 3am. My husband always jokes that I should have been a third shift plant worker… or something less reputable that works the same night shift hours. 

• All of the sites and locations that Olivia visits in The Average Girl actually exist, with the exception of Maurice’s Newsstand. The newsstand was modeled after one I used to visit as a teen to buy magazines.

About The Author

Angelina Goode began writing as a teenager. Though her first works were poems about love-struck teenagers, she grew her craft while earning her degree in Journalism and Creative Writing. A former grade school teacher that loved teaching children to write, she enjoys finding creative ways to present everyday events. Now she primarily writes light-hearted contemporary women’s fiction. She lives in Los Angeles where she enjoys the occasional celebrity sighting and year-round sun.

Angelina started gaining first-hand fan and celebrity experience as a devoted follower of her generation’s boy band. Her experience shifted in college when she interned in the promotions department for a Los Angeles based radio station and for the public relations department of a network television station. There she was able to learn about the ins and outs of promoting celebrities and all the backstage activities that are rarely seen by the public eye. She was also able to observe fans’ behavior from an objective perspective, seeing what it looks like to an outside observer.

Now she combines her experience as a loyal fan attending numerous concerts and meet and greets every year, her brief but educational stint in the entertainment industry, and a highly active imagination to create fiction for celebrity lovers of all ages.

 Her latest book is the romantic comedy, The Average Girl.

Author Website

Book Review

The Average Girl by Angelina Goode
Publisher: Beach Blanket Publishing
Publication Date: July 1, 2015
Format: Paperback - 228 pages
               Kindle - 1106 KB
ISBN: 978-0996176910
Genre: Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy / Women's Fiction

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Pump Up Your Book.

Book Description:

Being average can lead to wonderful things…

Olivia Fowler, helper of the star-struck, runs a successful business helping average people meet celebrities in everyday ways. Flawless at what she does, the celebrities don’t have a clue they’re part of a pre-planned meeting. Business is booming and Olivia knows everything there is to know about Hollywood’s famous and their behavior. Her clients trust her because she is just like them, not famous.

But when Olivia accidentally meets the super-famous Alexander Young at the grocery store, her world is flipped upside-down. She can’t possibly resist those charming eyes and sexy arms. As their romance blossoms, Olivia learns she may not know as much as she thought she did about celebrities and their ways.

Then Olivia’s most important and loyal client requests to meet Alexander. Suddenly, Olivia is forced to choose between her love and her business. Will Olivia be able to keep her booming business a secret from her soon-to-be boyfriend? Will her clients still trust her if she is no longer the average girl?

Book Excerpt:

I sit quietly at the Starbucks on the corner of Wilshire and Santa Monica Boulevard, pretending to work on my laptop. Two tables away from me and next to the condiment counter sits my client, Sarah, drinking coffee and pretending to read a book. This is our second day at this Starbucks and we have already been here for forty minutes. I am beginning to wonder if we should re-evaluate our plan.

Suddenly a wave of hushed excitement spreads through the store. Everyone’s eyes are glued to the swinging front doors as Ryan Scott strides through with his shoulders back and chin up. Everyone’s eyes, that is, but Sarah’s. She looks at me without turning her head, and I give her the tiniest of nods before spinning back around to stare. She responds to my nod by feigning interest in her Jane Austen novel.

Great Sarah! Keep calm. I know you want to burst inside, but play it cool.

Ryan’s eyes quickly scan the room. Before they return to the menu board, they briefly linger on Sarah, the only person who appears not to notice him. He orders his grande latte with a double shot of espresso and leans smugly against the counter with his arms folded across his chest. He appears to be staring into space, yet every few moments his eyes fall back to Sarah, who has still not looked up from her book.

The barista calls his name, and he pauses to make sure everyone hears it before he reaches for the drink. When he turns around, Sarah is beginning to pack her things, leaving the Austen novel on the table. He heads toward the condiment counter for his regular three sugars. Just as we had rehearsed, Sarah stands up, still focused on packing up, and he tries to pass her. He stops for a moment, Sarah blocking his way.

Thank goodness these celebrities are creatures of habit. It makes my job so much easier.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there.” She breathes calmly as she speaks to him. She slings her navy-blue Coach bag over her shoulder and smiles, her head leaning to the side, her eyes soft.

“That’s all right,” Ryan responds. He stands waiting for her to move but blocks her exit. He half smiles at her.

“Okay then.” Sarah glances toward the door behind him, still smiling.

“Oh, now I’m in your way,” he declares as he steps aside and watches Sarah move toward the door. “Wait, hey, your book!”

I exhale. The one contingency worked as planned. Should be easy from here on out, as long as she sticks to the script.

She stops and turns back, hiding her smile. Ryan stands there, holding her book in his hands. “Jane Austen, huh.” He smirks. “I’m shooting a movie based on one of her books next month.”

“Oh, you’re an actor. What book?” she asks, pretending not to know.

Pride and Prejudice.” He seems intrigued by Sarah’s indifference. “Well, here you go—” He ends his sentence by fishing for her name.

“Sarah,” she finishes for him.

“Sarah,” he repeats, revealing a slow, sexy smile, “maybe we can have a cup of coffee next time.” He holds out the book but is not loosening his grip.

“Yes, maybe.” She takes the book from him, and he lets her. “Thanks.” Then she is out the door. Ryan turns and grabs his three sugars, looking around the room again to make sure everyone is still watching. Before he finishes stirring them in, I am out on the street and dialing Sarah’s cell number.

“Wow! That was unbelievable! I can’t believe it worked!” she cries.

“You were awesome! Did you see the way he looked at you?” I ask.

“Yes! I did!” She pauses. “Thank you so much, Olivia. You really made my dream come true. I mean, I never could have done this without you. I’m going to recommend you to all my friends,” she rattles on.

Thrilled that all went as planned, I head back down Santa Monica Boulevard toward my office.

Book Teaser:

My Book Review:

In The Average Girl, author Angelina Goode weaves an entertaining romantic comedy that follows Olivia Fowler as her business of helping star-struck clients meet their favorite Hollywood celebrities by chance in normal everyday encounters, suddenly develops a wrinkle when she unexpectedly bumps into actor Alexander Young in a grocery store. A cup of coffee leads to dates and attending a movie premiere, but what should Olivia do when a client wants to meet Alexander? What can an average girl do when her world is turned upside down, and she is faced with the decision to choose between love and business?

This is such a fun book to read, the author does a wonderful job of transporting the reader into the world of Hollywood celebrities and their star-struck fans. Who hasn't fantasized about meeting their favorite celebrity, let alone in a casual everyday setting? You can't help but get drawn into Olivia's story as she tries to balance her business and her romance with Alexander, especially when she keeps her business a secret from him. I was intrigued by her extensive research into the celebrities' lives and the different types of chance meetings that she arranged for her clients, that I would definitely use her services to meet my favorite celebrities! 

The Average Girl is a well written lighthearted romantic comedy that has a wonderful mixture of romance and humor interwoven throughout the story. So if you are a fan of chick lit and romantic comedy novels that features the glitz and glamour of Hollywood seen through the eyes of an average girl, then this delightful book is a must read!


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