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Friday, October 3, 2014

Dare to Kiss by S.B. Alexander (Author Guest Post / Book Review)

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Author Guest Post

What's In A Kiss?

The definition of kiss is to touch with the lips. Well, there is so much more meaning than that. When I think of a kiss several things come to mind. It’s wet, dry, hard soft, sensual, sexy, quick, long, slow, and the list goes on. A kiss can be between two friends in greeting or two lovers as a sign of affection. When it’s the latter, deep emotional feelings can take root.

Do you remember your first kiss? Was it awful, dry, a French kiss or did it curl your toes? For me, my first kiss was with a guy I had a ginormous crush on. He was tall with blond hair that fell over his eyes and a smile to die for. The funny thing about him was I didn’t even like guys with blond hair. Anyway, all my friends had been kissed and told me it was terrible. Nervous as hell, I braced myself for the disappointment. I didn’t want my first kiss to be awful. Would it ruin the fantasy I had in my head? But kissing Danny was far from a disappointment. I still have vivid memories of that kiss. How he cupped my face with his large hands. How he slowly bent forward, his hair falling over his eyes. And how he pressed his lips to mine. A tingling sensation coursed through me in anticipation. His lips were soft. His kiss was gentle, and oh, my. It was definitely toe curling, especially when our tongues touched. He ruined me for all other guys that came after him until I met my husband.

I believe you can tell a lot about a person through a kiss. I also believe that a kiss can lock together two souls for a moment in time or a lifetime. In Dare to Kiss, Lacey finds solace in Kade’s kiss. His kiss tells Lacey he may be a badass on the outside, but inside he has a gentle soul.

The story of Dare to Kiss is about learning ways to heal from tragedy. It’s about pushing through your demons and doing the things in life that you love. It’s about two people who share grief, and find love. It’s about family, friends, and one kiss—Kade’s kiss.

His kisses always took me to a peaceful place—one where I was free of my demons. - Lacey Robinson

About The Author

S.B. Alexander’s passion for writing began when she read her first Stephen King novel, The Shining. Over the years she kept telling family and friends she was going to write a book. Fifteen years later, on the advice of a friend, she sat down and wrote her first novel. One year later, she published two novels with three more slotted for release. Her books are targeted toward the young adult and new adult markets.

Her young adult series, Vampire SEALS, includes two books, On the Edge of Humanity, and On the Edge of Eternity, which have garnered high praise from readers. Dare to Kiss is the first book in her new adult series.

Alexander’s career has been colorful—a former navy veteran, high school math teacher and college professor, sales consultant, coach, and manager. She loves baseball, especially the Boston Red Sox. She enjoys playing golf, is moved by music and great stories, and will go out of her way to help people.

She currently works full time in Corporate America and writes any chance she gets. She believes words are the key to opening the door to extraordinary places with amazing characters that tell a great story.


Book Trailer

Book Review

Dare to Kiss by S.B. Alexander
Book 1: The Maxwell Series
Publisher: Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: September 27, 2014
Format: Paperback - 324 pages
              Kindle - 621 KB
ISBN: 978-0988776258
Genre: YA / Romance / Sports Theme: Baseball

BUY THE BOOK: Dare to Kiss

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author via NetGalley in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by JKS Communications.

Book Description:

Besides her family, Lacey Robinson’s only other love is baseball. She’s on top of the world when Arizona State University approaches her to discuss a scholarship. To be the first girl ever to grace a college boys’ team is beyond what she has ever dreamed. Her fastball is impeccable, her curveball equally as good, and her slider annihilates anyone who dares to step in the batter’s box. But fate has its own way of throwing curveballs.

When she looses her mother and sister to a home invasion, baseball and her dreams die with them. Tragedy has a way of seeping deep into her psyche, causing nightmares, panic attacks and blackouts. Diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, her psychiatrist recommends a change of scenery and picking up the things that she loved to do, and for Lacey that is baseball.

After a move clear across the country, only two things matter to Lacey—overcome her PTSD and make Kensington High’s baseball team. However, she never counted on meeting someone who wants her as badly as Kade Maxwell. The tall, sexy and drool-worthy bad boy has a magical touch that awakens her feminine side, and a kiss that slowly erases her nightmares. But getting involved with him may be dangerous when Kade’s nemesis returns to town to settle a vendetta. To complicate matters, her PTSD has taken a turn for the worse. She has to find a way to heal otherwise she may not have a chance at anything in life, especially love.

Book Excerpt:

He laced his fingers with mine before bringing them up to his warm lips. “When we first moved here”—he set our joined hands on the bed between us—“my mom was living with us. We thought she was getting better. We were all on the mend. We were becoming a family again. My dad had just signed his retirement papers from the Army. He’d decided to open up his psychiatric practice to continue to help people coming out of the military. We’d settled on this area. It’s close to my mom’s family and it’s also close to…” His watery gaze drifted past me.

After several long seconds, I snuggled into him, placing a kiss on his neck. I had no idea what he was struggling with. The sadness in his eyes spoke volumes. I had to do something so my own tears wouldn’t surface. Just hearing about his mom sparked images of my own and, if I thought about her, I was afraid of a flashback or panic attack.

“Kade,” I said softly. “Can you kiss me?” His kisses always took me to a peaceful place—one where I was free of my demons. Maybe I could do the same for him.

My Book Review:

A year after suffering a tragedy that took her mother and sister, seventeen year old Lacey Robinson and father James move from their LA, California home clear across the country to Ashford, Massachusetts to start their life over. Lacey, James and older brother Rob each struggle with the grief from their loss, especially Lacey who was diagnosed with PTSD. The move is the Robinson's way to get their life back on track, and for Lacey it is a chance to win a scholarship to Arizona State University if she can make the boys baseball team. But someone doesn't want her on the baseball team, and when her PTSD kicks into high gear, a sexy bad boy named Kade Maxwell wants to make her his, can she get her life in gear and dare to kiss again?

In the first book of The Maxwell Series, Dare to Kiss, author S.B. Alexander weaves a compelling young adult novel with a baseball theme that easily draws the reader into Lacey and Kade's story.

This is an emotional story that has a great mixture of drama, romance, suspense, and humor. The author thoughtfully delves into the Robinson family's grief and struggle to restart their life, with the focus on Lacey's PTSD diagnosis and her determination to get her life back on track and earn a college baseball scholarship, and the development of her relationship with bad boy Kade Maxwell and his triple brothers: Kelton, Kross, and Kody.

As a baseball fan, I can appreciate Lacey's love of the game, she's a sassy girl who meets her match when bad boy Kade enters her life just when she needs it the most. Their story has drama mixed with intrigue, they are both broken but strong people who are dealing with troubled pasts, and as they connect their humorous relationship develops with a sizzling chemistry, and they give each other a much needed boost, a sense of trust, and a sweet romance that will leave a smile on your face.

I really enjoyed the intertwining of Lacey and Kade's romance with the intriguing mystery about the last girl who was on the boys baseball team, it kept me engaged and sitting on the edge of my seat as I turned the pages. I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I loved the Maxwell brothers, these fun loving bad boys stole my heart, I can't wait to read more about them in the next books in The Maxwell Series!

If you are a fan of sports themed YA romance novels, Dare to Kiss is an enjoyable story that will leave you wanting more from the Maxwell brothers!


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