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Friday, March 21, 2014

A Chance At Love by Karolyn James (Book Review)

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Book Review

A Chance At Love by Karolyn James
Book 1: A Ferry Creek Series
Publisher: Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: February 10, 2014
Format: e-Book - 246 pages / Kindle - 860 KB 
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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Book 1: A Chance At Love
Book 2: A Place To Heal

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Reading Addiction Virtual Book Tours. 

Book Description:

A simple phone call can change your life... just ask successful businessman Sullivan Chasen.

When the caller shares the news that Sullivan's father is dying, Sullivan laughs and hangs up. He isn't being heartless, he just knows that it can't be true - because his father already passed away... ten years ago.

Like a bad dream, the calls keep coming and DNA results turn Sullivan's world upside down. There is only one way, and very little time, to figure out the truth. He packs his bags for the small town of Ferry Creek, North Carolina.

Once Sullivan arrives, he must confront a past he never knew existed, including a half-brother who lives above their family diner. The longer he spends away from his wealthy lifestyle and successful business, the more he falls in love with the small town, its community... and waitress, Jess Winthorne.

Can Sullivan Chasen go back to his normal life after learning about his past or will he discover the missing piece of his heart in Ferry Creek?

My Book Review:

Family ... secrets ... and unexpected life changes ...

Sullivan Chasen is a successful billionaire real estate developer from Alexandria, Virginia. A man claiming to be his half-brother requests that he come to Ferry Creek, NC and fulfill his dying biological father's wish to meet him. One unexpected phone call, a DNA test, and a childhood photo will send Sullivan on a journey to confront a past and a family that he never knew existed, changing his life forever.

Bobby Strate took over running his family's diner, The Pot Diner, in Ferry Creek, NC when his father Bob was diagnosed with a terminal heart disease. His world is turned upside down when his dying father confesses that he has an older brother, and his dying wish is to meet him.

Jess Winthorne is a waitress at The Pot Diner. She fled from her parent's home when she became pregnant at the age of eighteen, finding comfort in the small town of Ferry Creek. But Jess' troubled past and secret baggage leaves her struggling to commit to any serious relationship ... that is until Sullivan Chasen walks into the diner.

Can Ferry Creek, a small town built upon the values of family and community provide a healing and redemptive balm and a chance of a new life and love for Sullivan?

In A Chance At Love, the first book in the Ferry Creek series, author Karolyn James weaves an intriguing tale that is so much more than your usual romance story. While the main storyline revolves around Sullivan's unexpected discovery of a family he never knew existed, the author cleverly interweaves the complicated personal histories and relationships of the various townspeople into the story, all with ties to one man who touched so many of their lives.

The author transports the readers to the small southern town of Ferry Creek, NC, where they get a real sense of family and community from a captivating and rich description of the town and its inhabitants. With an interesting and large cast of characters who are realistic, the reader can't help but get drawn into the intricacies of their lives, and the intimate community relationships that they share.

I think that A Chance At Love is an intriguing story that had more depth than what I originally expected from the book's description. I loved that the author introduces the reader to her new series with a glimpse into the small town and townspeople's lives, she whets your appetite and keeps you on your toes with enough emotional drama, secrets, and unexpected twists and turns that leaves you wanting more.

A Chance At Love is not your typical romance story, in fact it isn't the main focal point, and in a way I found that to be refreshing, as I was more intrigued by the secret past surrounding Sullivan's new found family and the complicated personal stories of the various townspeople. I look forward to catching up with the townspeople of Ferry Creek in the second book in the series, A Place To Heal.


About The Author

USA TODAY/NY TIMES BESTSELLING AUTHOR, Karolyn James writes Contemporary Romance, Rockstar Romance (Brothers of Rock Series), Small Town Romance (Ferry Creek Series), and Western Romance (As author Claire Charlins).

When Karolyn is not chatting with her fans on social media, she enjoys running, reading, being outdoors, and hanging out with her husband, two little boys, two dogs, and her anti-social cat.


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