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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Angel Killer by PJ Nunn (Author Guest Post / Book Review)

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Author Guest Post

People Don't Buy Your Book Because It's Good
By: PJ Nunn

Have you ever really thought about that? They might buy it because they’ve heard it’s good. But what does that really mean?

I’ve been a book publicist for more than fifteen years and have literally represented thousands of titles over the years. Some are out of print, some won the biggest awards and most fall somewhere in between. Still, I learned a long time ago that I don’t have to read a book to be able to sell it, contrary to popular belief. Why not? Because people don’t buy books based on what they find inside the book. We think if the author has talent and the book is good, it will sell. But seriously – why do we buy books?

We might buy a book because –
· It’s by an author we know
· We like the cover
· We like the title
· Somebody told us we’d like it
· We liked its prequel
· It’s on sale
· We read a review that was positive
· We like the topic
· We like police drama, or serial killers, or beach romance or whatever
· Another author we like gave it a blurb

The point is – the only way we’d know the book was good would be if we’d already read the book. Few people buy books they’ve already read. So it’s really important for us as authors to understand this and make sure that we are providing our potential readers with as many reasons to buy our book as we can.

How do we do that? Make sure the book description on the cover, on Amazon, Goodreads, our promo material and wherever else is text that really communicates not just facts but atmosphere of the story. Does it tell too much? Does it make you want to read more?

Don’t tell people how good it is, show them. Sometimes an excerpt or short scene is a better salesperson than a description. Use your text wisely. If you’re making good use of Facebook pages and blog space, keep your voice true. For instance, I have two books out right now and they are from two different series. One is humorous and kind of campy. It’s written in first person and the protagonist has a sharp, sarcastic wit. The other is more serious, a little more hardboiled and the protagonist is a psychologist so there’s more thought taking place. If I’m promoting Private Spies, I’ll probably write in first person and keep the voice light and hopefully funny. If readers respond to that voice, they’ll like the book. But if they like that voice and pick up Angel Killer instead, it’s so different it may not appeal to them at all.

Personally I like both, but different moods are for different times. Do you have some ideas to share about what provokes you to buy a book?

About The Author

As with most things, PJ Nunn’s career started out as something else entirely. She started out in retail then moved to property management. That led to teaching high school, then serving as a counselor and liaison to the local police youth services division. She also spent five years as chairperson of the Coryell County Child Welfare Board and spent years counseling abuse victims and serving law enforcement as a trauma counselor and consultant (something she still does today). When she moved to Dallas, a family illness caused her to leave a job teaching psychology at Dallas County Community College District to become a freelance writer, but found that a few favors she was doing for friends—writing press releases and setting up book signings—was better suited to her talents and her drives.

In 1998, she founded BreakThrough Promotions, now a national public relations firm helping authors, mostly of mystery novels, publicize themselves and their work. The business is thriving and PJ is excited about the release of her first novel, Angel Killer.

PJ lives with her husband some of their five children near Dallas, TX.

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Book Review

Angel Killer by PJ Nunn
Book 1: A Shari Markham Mystery Series
Publisher: Oak Tree Press
Publication Date: July 1, 2013
Format: Paperback - 286 pages / Kindle - 473 KB 
ISBN: 1610090799
Genre: Mystery / Suspense / Psychological Thriller

BUY THE BOOK: Angel Killer

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Pump Up Your Book! Virtual Book Publicity Tours.

Book Description:

The death of a child is every mother’s nightmare. But what if the child has no mother? What if their little bodies are discarded like garbage and no one even seems to care that they’re gone?

Shari Markham, psychologist for the Dallas Police Department, knows what it feels like to be unclaimed and unwanted. She can’t turn away, even if it means demons dancing in her dreams at night. But when her relentless pursuit of information to help apprehend this madman gets a little too close, he turns the tables, warning her that his next scheduled victim will be her own three-year-old granddaughter, Angel!

Book Excerpt:

Fog swirled around her, transforming everything into vague shapes and blurs. A small sigh escaped her as Shari parked her mocha Taurus next to the Grand Prairie squad car and got out. The sudden loss of heat prompted her to pull the front of her jacket closed against the damp air. Texas was never this cold in November. Sleep had been elusive. She’d just settled in when the jangling of the phone chased away warm, fuzzy dreams and replaced them with harsh, cold reality. Now the distant sound of thunder matched her mood and didn’t bode well for the crime scene. The sky, a creepy morning shadow with no delineation, met the ground while a fine mist settled on her without a single, discernible drop. Shari slammed the door and walked across the grass toward the officer securing the scene.

After more than a year as criminal profiler for the Dallas Police Department, she wondered if the time would ever come when she’d accept these early morning wakeup calls as typical rather than feeling as if she’d been thrown into a tornado. Emotional autopilot would kick in any minute though, separating her from the horrors to come and allowing her to function within the safe realm of clinical objectivity. At least that’s how it worked in theory.

“Morning,” she greeted the uniformed officer as he walked toward her, headed back to his squad car. He didn’t look any more cheerful than she felt. Nobody liked to work crimes against children.

My Book Review:

If you are looking for a psychological crime thriller that will captivate you from start to finish, then Angel Killer by author PJ Nunn is the book for you! Written in the third person narrative and set in Dallas, Texas, author PJ Nunn weaves an engrossing and suspenseful tale surrounding the brutal murders of young children that will send chills down the reader's spine.

Shari Markham, criminal profiler and psychologist for the Dallas Police Department gets involved in investigating the mysterious deaths of young children. But when her pursuit for information and truth is getting too close for comfort, the serial murderer turns his attention to Shari's three-year-old granddaughter Angel, marking her as his next victim! Can Shari help solve the case of the senseless murders of the young children, and bring the madman to justice before tragedy strikes her own family?

Angel Killer is the kind of book that easily draws the reader in with its thrilling storyline full of mystery, suspense, and unexpected twists and turns, that keeps them guessing what will happen next. The author even throws in a complicated romance between Shari and an FBI Agent named Luke, who was called in to assist in the investigation.

The author's educational background in psychology and criminology is clearly demonstrated throughout this dark psychological thriller. The characters are realistic and easy to relate to, the investigative techniques are intriguing and believable, and the storyline has a satanic twist that simply grabs the reader's attention with its intricate web of suspenseful clues, and unexpected twists and turns, it lures them down a dark path into the serial killer's mind that will keep them sitting on the end of their seat until the surprising conclusion.

Angel Killer is a disturbing and dark psychological thriller that is a must read for mystery/thriller fans. It's a story that will make parents hold onto their children with extra care.

Angel Killer is the first book in the A Shari Markham Mystery Series.


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