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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

The Hotel Nantucket by Elin Hilderbrand (Book Review)


Book Review

The Hotel Nantucket by Elin Hilderbrand
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Publication Date: June 14, 2022
Format: Hardcover - 368 pages
               Paperback - 416 pages 
               AudioBook - 12 Hours 27 Minutes
               Kindle - 667 KB
               Nook - 619 KB
ISBN (HC): 978-0316258678
ISBN (PB): 978-0316258982
ASIN (Audiobook): B09S84QH24
ASIN (Kindle): B09Q32BBW4
BNID: 978-0316259088
Genre: Women's Fiction

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Disclaimer: I purchased a hardcover copy of the book from Book Of The Month  and Literati monthly book club memberships. 

Book Description:

After a tragic fire in 1922 that killed 19-year-old chambermaid, Grace Hadley, The Hotel Nantucket descended from a gilded age gem to a mediocre budget-friendly lodge to inevitably an abandoned eyesore — until it's purchased and renovated top to bottom by London billionaire, Xavier Darling.  Xavier hires Nantucket sweetheart Lizbet Keaton as his general manager, and Lizbet, in turn, pulls together a charismatic, if inexperienced, staff who share the vision of turning the fate of the hotel around. They face challenges in getting along with one another (and with the guests), in overcoming the hotel's bad reputation, and in surviving the (mostly) harmless shenanigans of Grace Hadley herself — who won't stop haunting the hotel until her murder is acknowledged.
Filled with the emotional tension and multiple points of view that characterize Elin's books (The Blue Bistro, Golden Girl) as well as an added touch of historical reality, Hotel Nantucket offers something for everyone in this summer drama for the ages. 

My Book Review:

In The Hotel Nantucket, author Elin Hilderbrand transports the reader to the tranquil island of Nantucket, Massachusetts. The long-ago gilded Hotel Nantucket has sat as an abandoned eyesore for years, that was until Xavier Darling, a London billionaire businessman, bought the hotel and is going to renovate and open it by the upcoming summer season. Can this once elegant hotel overcome it's bad reputation and restore it's rightful place on the island?

In The Hotel Nantucket, author Elin Hilderbrand easily captivates her readers' attention with this beautifully written tale through a seamless and flowing storyline, a wonderful description of a tranquil island setting, and characters who draw you into their lives with a strong emotional pull, along with their complexities, flaws and secrets.

The Hotel Nantucket is an intricate story of interweaving friendships, life events, and deeply held secrets and drama. It is a wonderful story that introduces the reader to hotel general manager Lizbet Keaton and her hotel staff: front desk manager Alessandra Powell and front desk clerk Edie Robbins; night auditor Richie Decameron; bellmen Zeke English and married couple Adam and Raoul Wasserman-Ramirez; housekeeping director Magda English and housekeeping staff Octavia, Neves, Bibi Evans, and Chad Winslow. Each of the hotel staff members have their own story and secrets that unfold, while they try to get The Hotel Nantucket up and running during the summer season. 

Hotel owner Xavier Darling tells Lizbet that he wants her and the staff to accomplish one thing: get the elusive five-key review from Hotel Confidential Instagram blogger Shelly Carpenter; and that he bought the hotel for a special mystery woman. Oh and there is a special person in residence at the hotel, nineteen year old ghost Grace Hadley, the hotel chambermaid who died in a fire at the hotel one hundred years ago in 1922. Grace wants the truth of her death to come to light, she claims she was murdered! So can the hotel regain it's prominence, it's staff overcome their individual dramas, and one ghost get justice? 

The author keeps the reader engaged as Lizbet and her staff work to get the hotel up and running for the summer season, with the help of a little ghost haunting by Grace, and her story brought to light by a eight year old hotel guest Wanda Marsh. The hotel staff work hard to earn the prestigous five-key review from the elusive blogger Shelly Carpenter, never knowing when she would show up as she checks in under a pseudonym. So come along with The Hotel Nantucket staff as the Nantucket summer season unfolds with drama and the hope for success and second chances! 


About The Author

Elin Hilderbrand is the author of twenty-eight novels, including the forthcoming The Hotel Nantucket (Publication Date: June 14, 2022). She is a proud 1991 graduate of Johns Hopkins University where she majored in Writing Seminars. In her senior year at Hopkins, Elin had her first short story, "Misdirection," accepted for publication in Seventeen Magazine. 

After a short stint working in publishing and teaching in New York City, she moved to Nantucket permanently in 1994. She attended the University of Iowa writers workshop and earned her MFA in 1998, and published her first novel, The Beach Club, in the summer of 2000. Her 2019 novel, Summer Of '69 was her first novel to debut at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list. She is the mother of three children and loves riding the Peloton, cooking, and going to the beach. She will retire with her summer of 2024 book and plans on becoming a book influencer.

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