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Monday, April 27, 2020

Flight Risk by Cara Putman (VBT: Book Review / Contest Giveaway)

In association with Partners In Crime Virtual Book Tours, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book tou event for Flight Risk by author Cara Putman!

Book Review

Flight Risk by Cara Putman
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Publication Date: April 7, 2020
Format: Paperback - 336 pages
               Kindle - 3247 KB
               Nook - 3 MB
               AudioBook - 10 Hours 52 Minutes
ISBN: 978-0785233275
ASIN (Kindle): B081FWJPT1
ASIN (AudioBook): B07TSFZ3CL
BNID: 978-0785233213
Genre: Legal Thriller / Romantic Suspense

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher via NetGalley in exchange for my honest book review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Partners In Crime Virtual Book Tours.

Book Description:

Bestselling author Cara Putman returns with a romantic legal thriller that will challenge the assumptions of truth tellers everywhere.

Savannah Daniels has worked hard to build her law practice, to surround herself with good friends, and to be the loyal aunt her troubled niece can always count on. But since her ex-husband’s betrayal, she has trouble trusting anyone.

Jett Glover’s father committed suicide over a false newspaper report that ruined his reputation. Now a fierce champion of truth, Jett is writing the story of his journalism career—an international sex-trafficking exposé that will bring down a celebrity baseball player and the men closest to him, including Savannah’s ex-husband.

When Jett’s story breaks, tragedy ensues. Then a commercial airline crashes, and one of Savannah’s clients is implicated in the crash. Men connected to the scandal, including her ex, begin to die amid mysterious circumstances, and Savannah’s niece becomes an unwitting target.

Against their better instincts, Jett and Savannah join ranks to sort the facts from fiction. But can Savannah trust the reporter who threw her life into chaos? And can Jett face the possibility that he’s made the biggest mistake of his life?

Book Excerpt:

Excerpt option #1 for FLIGHT RISK

The conversation flowed over the antipasti course and into the pasta della casa. Every bite of Savannah’s manicotti alla fiorentina was wonderful, the ricotta and spinach blending perfectly. Just when she knew she couldn’t take another bite and get anything done afterward, thanks to the food coma, a waiter came out with a slice of cheesecake. Her mouth watered as she took in the raspberries atop the homemade delight. She put a hand on her stomach and then smiled. “I hope you brought fresh forks for everyone.”

The handsome waiter flashed a bright smile. “Whatever the birthday donna wishes is my command.” He gave a slight bow and turned away. A moment later when he returned, a fist of forks at the ready, his demeanor had changed.

Emilie watched him a moment. “What’s wrong, Antonio?”

“There has been a horrible accident. It is on the TV in the office.”

“What kind of accident?” Savannah leaned toward him. “Does it involve someone you know?”

“No.” The man shook his head, and not one of his dark hairs moved. Yet his eyes were weighted with sadness and the shadow of something more. “It is a plane. It looks bad.”

“Oh no.” The memory of a plane careening by as she looked out a courtroom window in downtown Washington, DC, years earlier flashed through her mind. Savannah fought a shudder as she withdrew a credit card from her phone case and placed it on the bill, only for Hayden to slide it back to her and replace it with her own.

“Thank you.”

Please let this be a terrible accident and not the beginning of another 9/11.

Jaime’s head was bowed over her phone as she clicked the screen. “Looks like an isolated crash.”

All Savannah could think was that Jaime should add so far to her sentence. “That’s what we all thought on 9/11 too.”

Then a second plane careened into the Twin Towers. She saw the plane that hit the Pentagon, and a fourth plane crashed in Pennsylvania, killing one of her fellow law students. She cleared her throat and stood, motioning the gals to join her.

“Let’s get back to work and see what we can learn.”

As they left her favorite restaurant, her phone buzzed and she paused to pull it out of her pocket. She glanced at the text message on the screen and her blood froze.

911. From Addy. Their emergency code.

My Book Review:

In Flight Risk, author Cara Putman transports the reader to the suburbs of Washington D.C. for an intriguing Legal Thriller / Romantic Suspense story that will keep the reader guessing and turning the pages.

Savannah Daniels is a successful attorney who has her hands full with a client's pending patent infringement case, while trying to take care of her drug addicted sister and her teenage niece.

Jett Glover is an investigative reporter with the Washington Source newspaper. When his article exposes a scandalous sex trafficking ring consisting of star baseball pitcher, Logan Donnelly; ex-baseball player, Evan Spencer; Savannah's ex-husband, pilot Dustin Tate; and an un-named fourth person; the collateral damage from the expose is stunning. The ensuing chain of events spawned from the article includes a tragic commercial plane crash, deceptive technical software, and a mysterious person avenging personal justice from the four involved in the scandal, leads Jett and Savannah to team up in search for truth and justice.

Author Cara Putman weaves a fast-paced and suspenseful tale written in the third person narrative that follows Jett and Savannah's investigative mission to uncover the truth, and bring justice to the tragedies stemming from his expose. I loved how Savannah and Jett's troubled pasts become intertwined with an unexpected attraction that is sparked between them, and the chance to build trust allows them to work really well as a team seeking hidden truths.

I loved reading this action-packed story. Savannah and Jett kept me intrigued as their investigative teamwork was put to the test. The reader will be easily drawn into this well written story with its richly descriptive plot that will keep them guessing as secrets, possible motives, and clues are uncovered, while unexpected twists and turns, and a surprising conclusion will leave the reader simply stunned.

Flight Risk has enough drama, tension, action, dark secrets, a touch of romance, and unexpected twists and turns that will take the reader on one heck of a thrilling roller coaster ride.


About The Author

Author Cara Putman is the author of more than twenty-five legal thrillers, historical romances, and romantic suspense novels. She has won or been a finalist for honors including the ACFW Book of the Year and the Christian Retailing’s BEST Award. Cara graduated high school at sixteen, college at twenty, completed her law degree at twenty-seven, and recently received her MBA. She is a practicing attorney, teaches undergraduate and graduate law courses at a Big Ten business school, and is a homeschooling mom of four. She lives with her husband and children in Indiana.

Author Website
Amazon Author Page

Contest Giveaway

This is a rafflecopter giveaway hosted by Partners in Crime Virtual Book Tours for Cara Putman and Thomas Nelson. There will be 2 winners. Each winner will receive a set of three (3) print copies by Cara Putman. The giveaway begins on April 1, 2020 and runs through May 2, 2020. Open to U.S. addresses only. Void where prohibited.

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  1. After reading your review, I now have this book on my list.

    1. Hi Cheryl! Thank you for the opportunity to feature the book on my blog. It was a really good thriller, kept me guessing until the end.

  2. sounds like a good one. thanks for sharing
    sherry @ fundinmental

    1. Hi Sherry! Thank you for stopping by, I appreciate it. Hope you get a chance to read this book!