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Saturday, August 11, 2018

My Journey Through Eldercare: The Search For Peace And Meaning by Bonnie Atwood (Book Review)

My Journey Through Eldercare: The Search For Peace And Meaning by Bonnie Atwood
Publisher: PathBinder Publishing
Publication Date: PB - April 24, 2018 / eBook - May 11, 2018
Format: Paperback - 124 pages
               Kindle - 2527 KB
ISBN: 978-1717395047
BNID: 978-1717395047
Genre: Non Fiction / Eldercare

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for my honest review.

Book Description:

“Most of us will have the responsibility at some point of knowing and loving an older person — a grandparent, a parent or a sibling — and will relate to Bonnie’s experience of being a caregiver for her mother. But few of us will be able to find the poignant words to capture the moments of tender interchange between us and the elder loved one as does Bonnie. Her words are the love story of a daughter for her mother, as the mother’s capacity to live in the present day evaporates, and all that is left are the fragile memories of people and places long gone. Bonnie treats those memories as sacred treasures and offers them up to the reader as jewels of insight.” 
~ Gail Kent 

"My Journey Through Eldercare provides a poignant glimpse into the intimate and often blurred bonds of love between a mother and daughter. Written with heartfelt candor and depth, Atwood captures the essence of unconditional acceptance, humanity and the special ties of family relationships in the complicated circle of life and loving." 
- Kimberly Loehr 
Virginia Press Women Foundation board member 

"Engaging, witty and personal! If caring for an aging loved one is in your past, present or future, Bonnie's insights will bring a knowing smile, a friendly hug, and gentle encouragement." 
- Janet Loeser, family caregiver 

"My Journey Through Eldercare. The Search for Peace and Meaning reveals the difficult life when caring for a loved one who is losing her memory. Bonnie Atwood, a well-known highly acclaimed writer, reveals poetic and poignant highs and lows when depicting the multiple roles she assumes with her aging mother. I was moved to tears, smiles and even laugher when journeying with them. It’s a good read, a great story, and it may become a guide for everyone who does it all for love." 
- David Bailey, Pastor 

My Book Review:

In My Journey Through Eldercare: The Search For Peace And Meaning, author Bonnie Atwood provides the reader with a compelling and poignant memoir of her experience as a caregiver for her mother Dee.

Through her experience as a caregiver, Bonnie provides the reader with a lot of food for thought when it comes to providing eldercare for their loved one. There are a lot of caregiver choices and decisions available: adult day care, assisted living, nursing home, and home care (private duty and/or family care). With all these choices, the caregiver needs to consider all options while keeping the best interest of their loved one in mind. Bonnie suggests that you empower yourself when considering all the options, follow your instincts, don't be easily swayed, and be prepared for the trials and tribulations that come with the eldercare journey.

As a retired NJ Licensed Nursing Home Administrator who also ran Adult Day Care Centers, I applaud Bonnie for sharing her experience and the knowledge that she gained as a caregiver for her mother. The eldercare options vary on many levels, and the best interest of the elderly loved one along with the family must be carefully considered. It is a difficult decision-making process when it comes to providing care for your elderly loved one, and every eldercare journey is an individual one, but from this wonderful memoir, the reader can gain some very valuable information that could help them with their own journey. The journey of providing eldercare will have the caregiver experiencing the full gamut of emotions, but it is so worth helping your loved one come full circle in their life journey.

I think Bonnie eloquently stated it best: "caring for people is a blessing and a gift. You are helping your loved one move gently to the next part of life's journey - the completion." "The greatest gift a caregiver can get is you'll know you did the right thing; you gave love and were there for your loved one's exit; you made memories celebrating their life, and made their end of life meaningful."

I would highly recommend reading My Journey Through Eldercare: The Search For Peace And Meaning if you are considering providing eldercare for your loved one.

RATING: 5 Stars 

About The Author

Bonnie Atwood is a Writer, Legislative Consultant, and Human Rights Advocate, who resides in Richmond, Virginia.

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