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Sunday, May 27, 2018

The Six: Kristy by Samantha March (Book Review)

The Six: Kristy by Samantha March
Book 1: The Six Series
Publisher: Marching Ink LLC
Publication Date: PB - May 9, 2018 / eBook May 23, 2018
Format: Paperback - 174 pages
               Kindle - 2384 KB
ISBN: 978-0997532760
Genre: Chick Lit / Women's Fiction

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Book Description:

Kristy Martin is twenty-something, single and living it up in Chicago. She has a crew of close girlfriends to keep her social calendar active, and is celebrating finally securing employment in her chosen field. While always free-spirited, Kristy is getting tired of the revolving door – or more accurately, bed – of random guys and failed dates, and comes up with a plan to get her act together when it comes to the opposite sex. That idea is quickly shot down by her bestie Breely Laver and replaced with a bet she can’t refuse – a free trip to Paris with her yoga instructor BFF if she can go six months without sex.

Enter in charming, sexy, delicious Grey Grahl. Kristy tries to navigate a spicy new relationship without giving away her bet, while also dealing with an incredibly sensitive crisis at her job. Her first year as a full-time elementary school guidance counselor starts off with a devastating situation with a young student, and Kristy finds herself struggling to stay above water in both her professional and personal life. With her girlfriends as a support system, Kristy navigates troubled times at the school and agrees to come clean with Grey.

This first book in a six-part girlfriend series introduces you to Kristy, Breely, Nora, Lauren, Tinsley, and Scarlett, and takes readers on six individual stories about relationships, career choices, personal conflict and the bond of friendship.

My Book Review:

In The Six: Kristy, the first book in The Six, a six-part girlfriend series, author Samantha March introduces the readers to twenty-five-year-old Kristy Martin and her five best girlfriends: Breely Laver, Nora Wellington, Lauren Begay, Tinsley Thompson, and Scarlett Walsh.

The reader follows Kristy as she begins her first year as an elementary school guidance counselor and how she deals with some very serious social issues, in addition to the quirky friendship dynamic amongst the six girlfriends, and a decision made in changing her personal relationships with guys - she is tired of hookups and one-night stands, and is looking for a serious relationship with the right man, aka "the one"!

What a fun start to a new friendship series! Author Samantha March weaves an entertaining chick lit / women's fiction tale that embraces the bonds of female friendships, and the pursuit of personal life goals and choices while in the mid-late twenties. Set in Chicago and told in the first person narrative, I loved following Kristy's story from starting a fulltime career as an elementary school guidance counselor to the challenges in her personal life. You can't help but admire how she handles the serious social issues at school and snicker at the challenge that best friend Breely throws her way - no sex for six months and she'll take Kristy on an all expenses paid trip to Paris! Kristy accepts that deal, but who knew that it would turn out to be a sexually frustrating challenge when she meets twenty-six-year-old occupational therapist assistant Grey Grahl, the man who might turn out to be "the one" that she's been looking for!

I thoroughly enjoyed the blossoming relationship between Kristy and Grey, their quick connection and how they handled the "no-sex challenge" had me giggling and left me smiling. I would be remiss if I didn't mention how much I enjoyed getting to know a bit about each of the six friends. The author gives the reader enough of an insight into each of the girls' lives that it makes you want to get to know them more. The girls are so different, but they complement each other so well, it makes you think about your own little group of girlfriends. Finally, at the end of the story, the author gives you a tantalizing look into Scarlett's story ... hmmm ... so it leaves you wondering if she will be the focus of book number two.


About The Author

Samantha March is a published author, blogger, and has been passionate about creating stories since a young girl. After starting her blog ChickLitPlus in 2009, she set out to make a childhood dream a reality and published her debut novel in 2011. She now has six published novels – Destined To Fail, The Green Ticket, Up To I Do, A Questionable Friendship and Defining Her – and one holiday novella, The Christmas Surprise, and Kristy, book 1 in The Six series. In addition to her bookish pursuits, she is also a beauty blogger with a growing Youtube channel and shares her love for makeup and beauty in review and tutorial videos. When she isn’t reading, writing, or creating videos, you can find her cheering for the Green Bay Packers and Chicago Cubs. Samantha currently lives in Iowa with her husband and Vizsla Aries.

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