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Monday, November 16, 2015

Losing Eva by Jennifer Sivec (Book Review)

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Book Review

Losing Eva by Jennifer Sivec
Book 2: The Eva Series
Publisher: Booktrope Editions
Publication Date: August 31, 2015
Format: Paperback - 228 pages
               Kindle - 776 KB
               Nook - 311 KB
ISBN: 978-1513701196
BNID: 2940046271522
Genre: Women's Fiction 

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Book 1: Leaving Eva
Book 2: Losing Eva

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours.

Book Description:

Tragedy often seeks us out at the very moment we least expect it.

Brynn and Adam Michaels are rebuilding their lives after Brynn's painful and cruel past threatened to tear them apart. Just when Brynn lets her guard down and imagines that she and Adam can have a happy life, a stranger arrives, threatening everything.

And when the one thing holding them together is ripped cruelly from their lives, they are irreparably changed, their fragile life together, teetering dangerously on the edge.

Losing Eva is the deeply complex, emotional sequel to Leaving Eva, and the second novel in the Eva Series. Caution: Eva’s story contains graphic violence, strong language, drug abuse, domestic abuse, and child abuse.

Jennifer Sivec, author of women’s fiction, once again creates a deeply beautiful story of hope and promise, while exploring the dark edges of the human spirit and questioning how much suffering one can endure, until they are finally lost forever.

My Book Review:

In Losing Eva, author Jennifer Sivec weaves a haunting dark sequel to Leaving Eva, that engages the reader to follow the continuation of the tragic life story of Eva/Brynn. This heart wrenching story picks up Eva/Brynn and Adam's story as they try to build their life as a married couple. Just when you think everything will go their way, Eva/ Brynn is once again forced to face the demons of her traumatic past, while both have to find a way to deal with a heartbreaking tragedy before it destroys their marriage.

Losing Eva is not an easy story to read, it is the kind of dark story that draws the reader in and takes them on an roller coaster ride where they will experience the full gamut of emotions. You can't help but feel empathy for Eva/Brynn and Adam as their story unfolds, they go through so many challenges in their marriage, the reader will find themselves praying that Eva/Brynn and Adam will find peace within themselves, and hoping that the depths of their love will be enough to help them overcome their pain in order for their fragile marriage to survive.

The author weaves a well written and compelling story that intertwines the issues of abandonment, adoption, addiction, alcoholism, drug abuse, emotional and physical abuse (domestic and child abuse), self-mutilation (self abuse), friendship, dysfunctional family dynamic, overcoming past demons, forgiveness, love, and survival.

Losing Eva is a complex and multi-layered story that will tug at the heart strings and stir the soul as it explores the depths of the human spirit's ability to endure and survive. It is a riveting story that will easily captivate the reader's attention and make them become emotionally invested. It is a deeply moving story that will make you hold your breath at the traumatic twists and turns that Eva/Brynn and Adam endure, while the cliffhanger ending will leave you wanting more!

Losing Eva is the second book in The Eva Series.


About The Author

Women’s fiction writer, Jennifer Sivec, has always found an escape in books and beautiful stories. In writing, she has discovered refuge and sanctity her entire life, which quiets the chaos while giving her perspective and peace of mind. She finds inspiration in the balance of beauty and tragedy, which is something she has experienced personally.

Jennifer was born in Seoul, Korea and then abandoned at a very young age. At the age of three, she was adopted and has lived in Ohio for most of her life. She is married to her best friend, Jeff, and together they share two incredible, funny boys.

Jennifer is the author of The Eva Series and the standalone novel, I Run to You. Leaving Eva is her first complete work and was originally released in April of 2013. Losing Eva is the sequel and continuation of Eva's heartbreakingly beautiful story. The Eva series is an intense journey into abandonment, abuse, alcoholism, and cutting, with numerous twists and turns that will keep the reader holding their breath until the very end. 


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