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Monday, October 12, 2015

Ex-Treme Measures by Mickey J. Corrigan (Book Review)

In association with Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book tour event for Ex-Treme Measures by author Mickey J. Corrigan!

Book Review

Ex-Treme Measures by Mickey J. Corrigan
Publisher: September 18, 2015
Publication Date: The Wild Rose Press, Inc.
Format: Paperback - 238 pages
               Kindle - 544 KB
               Nook - 272 KB
ISBN: 978-1509203413
BNID: 2940151148313
Genre: Chick Lit / Mystery / Suspense

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours.

Book Description

Vanna Treme runs a domestic investigations agency in downscale Deport Beach, Florida. She spies on cheating spouses while struggling to recover from her own imploded marriage. Vanna's unique PI firm also offers Ex-Treme Measures, special services designed to get rid of the marital problem. Forever.

Ringo, Vanna's trusted assistant, a hunky ex-cop, is worried. Their clients are lying to them, local competition is moving in, and everyone in South Florida is crazy or untrustworthy—or both. But Vanna refuses to listen. She heads for the superficial glitter of Palm Beach, where the hits just keep on coming her way.

Ex-Treme Measures combines humor, action, and evolutionary biology to investigate some of our culture's most pressing mysteries, including why men act like men, and why the hell women put up with it.

Book Excerpt:

“S’up, Van? You’re drinking like you’re in Dublin.” His frown deepened. “It’s that bastard ex of yours, isn’t it? He upset you today.” Ringo leaned farther across the marble-topped table between us, his impressive biceps bulging from under his tight white T-shirt. “I’m gonna have to beat that guy’s nasty ass, no matter what you say.”

Nasty ass. I swallowed hard. Some beer lurched back up my esophagus, so I swallowed again and shook my head. “This is not about Ashton. We got worse shit to take care of.” I held up my empty. “Get me another one of these suckers, and we’ll discuss.”

My assistant did as he was told. That was the best thing about sleeping with a man on an irregular, unpredictable basis. He would do anything to sleep with you again. Including refilling your drink order. Especially refilling your drink order.

Over a second round of ES, my new favorite drink, I told Ringo about Bella and Steven Cantor’s unfortunate business arrangement. I kept my voice real low. Not that the Tam clientele cared to listen. The second best thing about our favorite bar—the Prada crowd has no interest in other people’s business. They’re way too wrapped up in their own.

Ringo shrugged and sipped his beer. “So? We find out who this joker is, where he hangs. If he’s local, I eliminate the competition. He don’t know we exist, but we know all about him. Art of War—prepare to meet the enemy. I’ll handle this. No problem.”

My thirst had eased up, fortunately, so I was able to consider Ringo’s viewpoint on the issue with a somewhat clear head. Three beers, and I’d be three sheets. More, and they’d be scraping me off the walls. Vanna Treme does her Jackson Pollock impersonation. Again.

It was my turn to shrug. “Easy to say, but I don’t think so. Cuz I doubt it’ll be so simple. Here’s the thing. She hired this guy over the Internet. Never met him, has nothing but a phone number and a name. Mr. Grey.”

“As in, Fifty Shades of?” Ringo’s mind was headed down the single track men all jumped on after a drink or two. Already he’d undressed me in his mind and was licking his way up from my bare toes. I could almost feel his sandpapery tongue swirling around my right ankle bone.

When I shivered, he laughed. He knew exactly what I was thinking he was thinking. Because he was. Thinking it, I mean.

I gave him the look. The one that said, Okay, have it your way with me. But let me have a few drinks first.

My Book Review:

What's a girl to do when her marriage fails and she is stuck in a funk? Why seek revenge and start a domestic investigations agency of course!

Ex-Treme Measures is an intriguing tale that follows the crazy adventures of Vanna Treme, when she starts a domestic investigative agency in order to help others expose and get rid of their no good cheating spouses.

Ex-Treme Measures is written in the first person narrative that easily draws the reader into Vanna's attempt to recover from her failed marriage via her domestic investigations agency. Set in Deport Beach and Palm Beach, Florida, the reader follows Vanna and Ringo, her hunky ex-cop assistant, investigate cheating spouses and using Ex-Treme Measures special services to get rid of the marital problem forever. But their investigations gets a bit messy, dangerous, and their well-laid plans don't always go as expected, especially when Vanna can't seem to let go of her own failed marriage.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this crazy good story. I really liked Vanna, she's a straight-talking, street smart girl who easily draws the reader into her story with an edgy dark sense of humor. I loved the spin on domestic investigations that author Mickey J. Corrigan weaves, there is a sense of reality to the marital issues that kept me wanting to see what would happen next as Vanna and Ringo put their investigative plans and techniques into action. I loved the balance of humor and drama that is interwoven in the story, it keeps you engaged, and the unexpected twists and turns makes this story that much more thrilling a read that leaves you wanting more.

Ex-Treme Measures is an entertaining and edgy women's mystery story that is a blast to read!


About The Author

Mickey J. Corrigan
writes pulp fiction, literary romance, and psychological thrillers. Her stories have been called "delightful pulp," "oh so compulsive" reads, and "bizarre yet believable." Recent books include the edgy novellas in The Hard Stuff series from The Wild Rose Press; the neo-noir satire The Blow Off; and the thriller Songs of the Maniacs from Salt in the UK. Salt will release her new novel in 2017.

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