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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Curvy Girls Baby Club by Michele Gorman (Book Review)

The Curvy Girls Baby Club by Michele Gorman
Book 2: The Curvy Girls Club Series
Publisher: Notting Hill Press
Publication Date: PB - July 7, 2015 / eBook - August 20, 2015
Format: Paperback - 146 pages
               Kindle - 591 KB
               Nook - 1 MB
ISBN: 978-1515397410
BNID: 2940150830141
Genre: Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy / Women's Fiction

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in the virtual book release week event hosted by the publisher, Notting Hill Press.

Book Description:

Spend time again with the women of The Curvy Girls Club - indulge yourself in the brand-new feel-good novella from the Sunday Times and USA Today bestselling author Michele Gorman

Life, love and a Christmas due date 

Ellie is fresh back from her honeymoon and can’t wait to share her news with her best friends Katie and Jane. To everyone’s surprise, mother-of-two Jane has news of her own… The women are due a day apart, on December 25th and 26th, and Katie can’t wait to be an honorary aunt to the babies.

But it’s hard to keep your sense of humor, not to mention your self-esteem, in the face of hemorrhoids and elasticated waistbands. Add a clingy mother-in-law, a career in cardiac arrest and a sex life that makes Mother Theresa look lusty, and soon their lives are as out of control as their bodies.

As the co-founders of The Curvy Girls Club, where loving yourself is the only rule, will the friends be able to practice what they preach?

My Book Review:

In The Curvy Girls Baby Club, best friends Ellie, Katie, and Jane are back with something special to share with each other: they are all pregnant!

Author Michele Gorman weaves a delightful sequel novella to The Curvy Girls Club that is filled with a feel good lighthearted storyline that follows the three best friends as they embark on a journey towards motherhood together. What could be better than to share the joys and trials and tribulations of sisterhood and pregnancies than with your best friends?!

This sweet little novella's storyline follows the three best friends' pregnancy journey towards motherhood. The reader will be captivated as they catch up with Ellie, Katie, and Jane, and how their strong bond of friendship continues as they provide support to each other. You can't help but love these three girls and cheer them on, there are lot of laughter, tears, and smiles throughout their journey. I loved that this novella continued the best friends' story as they embarked on the next phase of their lives, their story easily continues where The Curvy Girls Club left off, it flowed smoothly and left me with a warm fuzzy feeling and wanting more.

The Curvy Girls Baby Club is an enjoyable novella that embraces the strong bonds of friendship that will leave a smile on your face!


About The Author

Author Michele Gorman

I write romantic comedy, including SINGLE IN THE CITY (the first in The Expat Diaries series) and BELLA SUMMER TAKES A CHANCE. Born and raised in the US, I lost my heart to London 16 years ago, where I've lived ever since. I've also turned my hand to upmarket commercial fiction under the pen name Jamie Scott. I spend way too much time on twitter and facebook when I should be writing, so please come say hello there.

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