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Friday, August 7, 2015

Calm Like Home by Kaisa Clark (Book Review)

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Book Review

Calm Like Home by Kaisa Clark
Publisher: Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: July 15, 2015
Format: eBook - 207 pages
               Kindle - 410 KB
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

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Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Obsessive Pimpettes Promotions.

Book Description:

Alexa Clausen has never fallen. She’s never soared. She’s lived her entire life floating midway between passion and despondency, never experiencing those extremes. But all it takes is one evening with Adam Westbrook to draw her out of her shell, to leave her feeling bold for the first time ever. He is fiery and magnetic. He is gravitational, that inescapable pull no one can avoid. After a few chance encounters, Alexa finally accepts that she can’t stay away, can’t deny the electricity she feels every time he comes around.

But as the intensity between them deepens, she also can’t avoid the subtle hints that Adam is hiding something. His wide smile and radiant eyes obscure some burning secret, some detail of his past that resurfaces to steal his joy. The farther Alexa falls, the more she realizes just how little she really knows about Adam and how far he is willing to go to cover up the truth.

Calm Like Home is a story about love and longing, growth and stagnation, discovering one’s counterpart but losing oneself, and ultimately finding that one person truly has the power to change everything.

Review Quotes:

“What an emotional roller coaster this book took me on! This book was so well written it was like the story was actually happening to me instead of the main character, Alexa.“

“Calm Like Home definitely gave me a book hangover. I finished the book and had to get my emotions in check before I could start another book.”

“Really, the ups and downs of the story couldn't have been more perfect. Kaisa Clark did an amazing job. The story was sweet at times, but very real and raw. I loved it.”

Book Excerpt:

The early hostess ends up running late so I’m covering the host stand when Damien strolls in through the door. Even in his work uniform, he looks every bit the confident frat boy. He has one hand casually tucked in his pants pocket, the other swinging languidly at his side. His tie is loose at his throat, his light brown hair tousled on his head, lips curled into a relaxed don’t-give-a-fuck smile. He nods towards me at the host stand then saunters towards the back, likely in search of some new prey to poke fun of.

And then there’s Adam, his dark head poking through the doorway. Suddenly the room is filled with him, with his energy, with his light. I drink him in, soaking in every detail. His crisp, white dress shirt fits him perfectly, lightly skimming over the muscles in his chest and arms and tapering where his waist narrows. The lightness of the shirt is the perfect contrast to his tan skin, to his dark eyes.

His gaze slowly sweeps from the floor to my face, and if seeing the four letters of his name earlier was enough to give me butterflies, seeing him now is like being hit by a freight train. It’s been three hundred days and yet everything slams back into me at once. The way his brown eyes sparkle when he smiles, how one corner of his mouth turns up a little higher than the other. And this smile is all for me.

His stride quickens as he approaches and I can’t help myself. My face breaks into an obvious grin, completely full-toothed and pinched-cheeked. So much for playing it cool.

“Look who’s back!” I call out, hearing my voice light up. Being around him instantly lifts me. This is what he does to people; it’s what he’s always done to me.

My Book Review:

Calm Like Home is a captivating new adult romance that follows the friends to lovers relationship of Alexa Clausen and Adam Westbrook. Author Kaisa Clark weaves an emotional tale of friendship, longing, love, insecurity, losing oneself, rediscovery, and life changing experiences that will tug at the heartstrings.

Told in the first person narrative by Alexa, the reader embarks on an emotional roller coaster ride that follows the trials and tribulations of Alexa and Adam's relationship, as it goes from friendship to passionate romance. With the change of relationship status and undeniable passion also comes a sense that something is missing in their relationship when the reality of how much a person really doesn't know the other becomes clear when they do not fully share themselves.

This story easily draws the reader into the intensity of their relationship, you can't help but feel the love and the pain, and the conflicting emotions that come with the uncertainty and inner turmoil of how far will their love go, and would it or could it even last. The story is well written and slow building that it keeps the reader engaged and turning the pages, you can't help but want to know just how strong Alexa and Adam's love really is, and the conclusion will leave you simply breathless.

Calm Like Home is a realistic, touching, and deeply emotional story of love that will stay with the reader for a long time.


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About The Author

Kaisa Clark is the author of the new adult novel Calm Like Home. She is passionate about reading and writing and also has an intense love for music, coffee, and dark chocolate. She lives with her amazing husband, sweet dog, and kooky cat.

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