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Friday, May 1, 2015

Charlotte's Restrained and Kathleen's Undressed by Celia Kennedy (Book Review)

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Book Review

Charlotte's Restrained by Celia Kennedy
Book 1: The Accidental Series
Publisher: Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: November 7, 2013
Format: ebook - 414 pages
               Kindle - 3208 KB
Genre: Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy / Women's Fiction

Book Description:

Charlotte's Restrained, a comical fictional tale of what happens when the paths of a celebrity god and a mere mortal collide.

While vacationing, Charlotte has a chance encounter with a celebrity famous for his lead roles in romantic comedies. Unfortunately for Charlotte, lighthearted banter develops into tabloid fodder. With her career, friendships, and new found romance all impacted, Charlotte sets about dealing with the fallout of her fifteen minutes of fame.

Kathleen's Undressed by Celia Kennedy
Book 2: The Accidental Series
Publisher: Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: February 23, 2015
Format: eBook - 477 pages
               Kindle - 3023 KB
Genre: Chick Lit / Romantic Comedy / Women's Fiction

Book Description:

In Book Two of The Accidental Series, the vivacious women from Charlotte’s Restrained join Kathleen in Paris, France for Fall Fashion Week! Pairing Prada with Armani, and Proenza Schuler with Betsy Johnson, playing dress-up with the most prestigious credit card in your purse is a whole lot of fun. Kathleen, Hillary, Marian, and Tiziana mingle with celebrities, royalty, and the fashion elite as they critique the next season’s collections.

But wait, where is Charlotte? Will Des Bannerman, The King of Romantic Comedies make an appearance? What happened to Ted and Liam? You’ll find out as Kathleen entertains her friends in her beloved City of Lights.

What should be a frivolous week of ooh’ing and ah’ing everything from lingerie to lipstick, is about to take a turn. Kathleen has secrets. Dark secrets her friends would be devastated to learn!

Against the backdrop of runway shows, the Champs Elysees, the Roman Coliseum, and the Space Needle, twists and turns take place, attempting to draw Kathleen out of the shadows and into the light. This remarkably complex woman, full of hidden surprises, meets her match in Sébastien Langevin, who urges her to reveal all.

Will Kathleen continue deceiving her friends at the risk of their friendship -- or reveal the truth at the risk of herself? The true meaning of friendship and love, along with a healthy dose of fashion and laughter, can be found in Kathleen’s Undressed, The Accidental Enigma!

Book Excerpt:

Kathleen's Undressed - Excerpt

Enjoying the crisp autumn weather, they walked across the Pont du Carrousel and along the Quai Voltaire. The trees that flanked either side of the walkway were just starting to turn color; the yellow and orange leaves burst against the bright blue sky. The view across the river to the Jardin de Tuileries, revealed the trees echoing the same liveliness of color. Soon they turned down Rue du Bac, which was quite narrow, and took a quick left onto Rue de Verneuil. They arrived, and from the looks on their faces Kathleen could see that they were pleased with her recommendation.

Inside the Salle Gainsbourg, which was neutrally painted so that the art could own its’ space, the three women were seated at a long wooden table in dark leather chairs. Menu in hand, Kathleen helped Marian and Hillary make their choices, and together they fumbled through the wine list.

“Well, we mustn’t have botched it. The waiter didn’t burst into tears or look at us with utter despair!” Marian remarked when they were alone.

Gazing around at the walls covered in art, Marian focused on a collage just behind Hillary’s head and said, “The art’s okay, but I usually go for something more provocative.”

Hillary opened her mouth to say something, but Kathleen intervened, “Whatever you were going to say, just stop. We’re in Paris, at a lovely restaurant, during fashion week. Stop for just a moment and reflect on the perfectness of it all.” Dutifully, they were silent, and absorbed it for all of two seconds.

“Okay, so tell us about Sébastien. Is it me, or does he remind you of Keanu Reeves?” Marian asked.

“So this room is dedicated to Serge Gainsbourg. He was a painter, musician, and actor. Very significant celebrity amongst the French. I think he was married once or twice, supposedly had tons of illegitimate children, and had an affair with Bridget Bardot. His song “Je T’eme…Moi Non Plus,” was written for her. Though he performed it with Jane Birkin, the woman he lived with for many years,” Kathleen responded, acting as tour guide and distractor.

“You know I’m just going to keep asking.” Marian said.

“Once appearing together on a Parisian talk show, Gainsbourg told Whitney Houston on camera that he wanted to fuck her. The audience loved it. Apparently, Whitney was left quite speechless,” Kathleen upped the ante, hoping Marian would fold.

“And asking,” Marian continued, strumming her fingers on the blond wood of the table.

“The man was a raging alcoholic, apparently quite revolting at times. He died of a heart attack when he was in his early 60’s, I believe. Petula Clark wrote a song for him.” Kathleen was unrelenting.

“We now know more about Serge than Sébastien,” Hillary observed drily.

“He became quite a folk hero in France,” Kathleen continued her thesis.

“Serge or Sébastien?” Marian asked.

“Serge,” Kathleen responded, now openly laughing.

“Boring!” Marian declared!

She was rescued by the waiter who brought the wine and poured each a small amount to taste. After nodding joint approval, he filled their glasses, leaving the bottle in the center of the table, then drifted away.

Marian raised her glass to propose a toast, “To Kathleen, for her fine taste in cities, restaurants, and men!”

After another sip, Hillary then raised her glass and proposed, “To Kathleen, and the great success she has found in Paris! To Sébastien, about whom we’d like hear more! And to Marian, may we finally get to hear less!”

Choking on her wine, Kathleen’s coughing fit went unnoticed as the waiter delivered food with just a little flourish. Since they weren’t paying the homage he felt the meal deserved, he gave Marian and Hillary a stern look while Kathleen dabbed the spray of red wine off her chin.

Kathleen rattled off a great deal of praise and delight, which seemed to satisfy him. Reassuring him, Marian and Hillary offered their compliments in broken French. He politely smiled at them and with a ‘Bon Appetit’ left the table. Food and the French – very serious business.

My Book Review:

In The Accidental Series, author Celia Kennedy introduces the reader to a group of girlfriends whose lives are full of crazy antics, drama, humor, and romance.

The series begins with book one, Charlotte's Restrained, where the storyline is mainly about Charlotte Young, who meets her favorite male celebrity, actor Des Bannerman while on a ski vacation in Chamonix, France with her girlfriends: Kathleen, Hillary, Marian, and Tiziana. But when Charlotte has more unexpected encounters with the actor, she is tagged as a stalked and served with a restraining order! Charlotte's crazy adventures with her best friends will leave the readers laughing out loud!

In book two, Kathleen's Undressed, the reader catches up with the five girlfriends in Paris, France for Fall Fashion Week. The main storyline features Kathleen and her dark secrets and romance with the charming Frenchman Sébastien Langevin. But the author goes a step further and provides the reader with a fun adventure in the City of Lights following all of the girls as they wine, dine, tour, and immerse themselves in the glamorous world of high fashion.

I really enjoyed reading both books in The Accidental Series, because it celebrates the wonderful bond of friendship among the five friends, and intertwines it with an entertaining adventure in the glamorous settings in France. You can't help but get drawn into Charlotte, Kathleen, Hillary, Marian, and Tiziana's lives filled with laughter, romance, heartache, and zany trials and tribulations. I loved the banter, the adventure, the romance, and the vividly rich descriptions of the settings, it left me wanting more, I can't wait to read the third book in the series!

So if you want to go on an adventure in France and experience an exciting roller coaster ride with these lovely ladies, strap yourself in and read both books in The Accidental Series, it's chick lit at its very best!


Buy The Books / Series: The Accidental Series
Book 1: Charlotte's Restrained
Book 2: Kathleen's Undressed

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the books from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours.

Book Trailer 

Charlotte's Restrained

About The Author

Celia Kennedy was born in Wurzburg, Germany on a military base. Her parent's penchant for traveling has stuck with her, she's lived in and traveled through several countries.

The imagined world has always fascinated Celia. She has studied Art History, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture, and Architecture. Her thirteen year career at UW in Seattle ended in 1996. Not wanting to be homeless, she left the academic world and worked as a Landscape Architect, married the love of her life, became a mom, has been PTA President, and both Boy and Girl Scout Leader.

The unimaginable wealth in her life is the most fascinating thing to her.

Her love of travel, the designed and natural world, friendship, self-discovery, wine, chocolate, AND love are the foundation of her life and books.

Celia is the author of:
Charlotte's Restrained, The Accidental Stalker
Kathleen's Undressed, The Accidental Enigma
Venus Rising
Cupid on the Loose Anthology (Sugar, It's Cold Outside)
Fools Rush In Anthology (April's Fool)
May The Fourth Anthology (Tears In The Rain) - Not yet released

To Be Named Summer ChickLit Anthology (Meriwether Over The Barrel) - Not yet released

She is currently writing book three in The Accidental Series - Marian's Misdirected, The Accidental Roadie

Currently she lives in Washington State with the loves of her life.

Author Website
Author Blog
Amazon Author Page
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