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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Author Guest Post: Pepper Phillips, Author of The Devil Has Dimples

In association with Chick Lit Plus, Jersey Girl Book Reviews welcomes Pepper Phillips, author of The Devil Has Dimples!

Southern Comfort Means Food

My two daughters and I were talking on the patio one day and the subject of food came up.

We all love to cook ... and eat.

Fast food doesn't do it for us. Prepared frozen food doesn't do it for us. Preparing food is a way to create. All of us can whip up a meal for a crowd or just our family. It isn't unusual for us to create new recipes.

Donna Lee makes a mean white chocolate bread pudding with white chocolate sauce to pour over it. Just writing about it makes me drool. This past weekend, she made her chicken casserole dip, but as she didn't have her usual ingredients, she improvised. It was better than her usual dish! Super good.

Cat is more aggressive in her seasonings. Her dishes have a 'bite' to them. I've been at her house while she's cooking and she doesn't use recipes. I can't do that.

I like recipes and collect cookbooks. I don't know how many I have, but I have managed to collect some that are quite old. I did create a great cornbread dressing recipe that is devoured by my family. I keep telling my husband that I need to make a separate pan so that we can have some for leftovers.

So, we were discussing food and we decided that we use food as an extension of love. By cooking for our families we are showing them that we care by presenting our best efforts to them. When the whole family gathers together, food is part of the event.

But every now and then, I drag out the simple comfort meal that my hubby and I love. Beans and weenies, lettuce and tomato salad with mayo, and bread and butter. That's it. simple. All the elements need to be there or else the meal flops. We ate this meal when we were first married, and maybe twice a year now. But it brings us back to our early days of marriage.

Just thinking of our early days of marriage, young love, hot s... well, you get the picture.

About The Author:

Pepper Phillips wrote her first play in the seventh grade. But before that she read every book in her age group at the small local library. An only child, she entertained herself in the worlds she created in her mind. She's still pretty mindless in some respects, but her writing world is where she is the happiest. She ventures into self-publishing in 2011.

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Book Description: The Devil Has Dimples


In the Deep South, one of the first questions asked when meeting someone new in a small town is, "Who's your daddy?" The answer defines you as a person. Not knowing is disheartening.

Sara McLaughlin never knew she was adopted and is stunned to realize that if she wants to find out the questions burning in her brain as to the 'why' she was given up at birth, and who her father might be, she has to live in her birth mother's apartment for the next six weeks.

Grant St. Romain, attorney, is supposed to be helping, but the hunky dimpled devil is making her mind think of other things.

Can she find the truth? Or will she break her heart trying to find out the answers in Boggy Bayou, where many secrets are hidden?

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    1. Thank you Samantha for the opportunity to host Pepper's virtual tour event. I loved her author guest post!

  2. Your family sounds like ours! You are blessed to have daughters that evidently like to cook as their mom does. :)

    1. Hi Carol! Thank you for stopping by and commenting on Pepper's guest post. :)

  3. Food = Love. Great combination. Great post.

    1. Thank you for stopping by. I agree with your comment. :)