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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

To Finish .. Or Not To Finish ... That Is The Question!

I have been pondering this question a lot lately! I have recently read some books that have just dragged on sooooooooooo long that I muddled through them just to get to the end, and I question myself over and over is it worth the torture? I guess I feel guilty if I quit a book in the middle of reading it, but it seems like it takes forever to finish it when it just doesn't hold my interest. So while I go back and forth debating this in my head, what do you fellow bookworms do when this happens to you? Do you stop reading the book, do you put it aside to try reading it some other time, or do you do what I do - muddle through to the bitter end ... inquiring minds want to know! :p


  1. Most books draw me in but if I feel dread when I go to pick on up after already reading a couple of chapters I debate whether to leave it or finish it. Especially if it go good reviews. I feel as if I must be missing something that other evidently got. I usually put it away and wait for another day maybe it was just my mood around the time I started the book.
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  2. This is a tough one, as it took me a long time before I was comfortable with not finishing a book. But there are so many other books out there, waiting to be read, so why torture yourself with finishing a book you hate when you could be reading a book you love? Good luck!

  3. Good books are easy to just blast through when you find them, the ones that I hesitate to get to page 50 are a little harder but so far have not quit reading a book yet and by the time it ends the ones that were hard to sit down with, for me, were usually the best reads. Of course that being said if I would stop wasting time on my computer on Twitter, FB, reading and commenting on blogs than the 400+ books that are on my To Be Read shelves might actually get read.

    Kathy it varies for everyone but like Patricia said if you put a book down and read something else you might come back another day and the book that was giving you trouble may be just the one you enjoy the most after all.

    Alexia also made a good point, there are too many good books that we want to read so wasting your time with one you find yourself wishing you had never opened is not worth it in the long run.

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  4. Thank you ladies for all the comments and for following me! :)

    @Jackie - I have a huge TBR list so don't feel bad. lol

  5. I don't feel too bad, my Kindle DX has over 800 I need to read already. I have only had it since end of March this year. (lots of freebies from Amazon and over 100 I bought cheap.) :-)

  6. I hear ya, I have the 1-click freebie and low-priced addict thing going on with my Kindle 3G wi-fi! I bought my Kindle in January and have over 1600 books ... so many books, so little time.

  7. I have a few "deal breakers". I have them clearly stated on my "request a review page". If one slips past me, I will generally force myself to finish the book no matter how painful, and sometimes it is pure torture.

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