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Friday, June 24, 2011

From Traditional Reader to E-Reader (Kindle) Addict!

Growing up I received the gift for loving to read books from my parents, especially from my Mom. My Mom and I shared a love of reading from various genres and favorite authors until her death in March 2007. We both had an extensive paperback and hardback book collection that we proudly displayed in our bookshelves. I guess you can say we were traditionalists, as we both loved the feel of a good book in our hands, and the excitement of turning the pages as we became more engrossed in the stories. I was a diehard anti e-reader until my interest was piqued by my friends who owned the Kindle. So to satisfy my interest, I downloaded the Kindle PC to my laptop this past January. I figured if I liked reading e-books I would think about buying a Kindle. WOW!!! In a matter of days of downloading the Kindle PC I found myself completely addicted to the extensive variety of e-books available to read! In just a week of having the Kindle PC I had downloaded over a hundred free, low priced and my favorite authors' books! To complete my addiction I joined a Kindle lending community and a Kindle Board ... yup I was now a card carrying member of the Kindle Addicts Club. lol :p I knew I had to get a Kindle, I wanted the ability to take it with me wherever I went, as the laptop just wouldn't cut it! So my hubby surprised me with a Kindle and my e-book collection has now grown to over 1000 e-books to this date, and believe me it will continue to grow! While I will always have the traditional paper book lover in me, I am grateful that I own a Kindle because it has opened me to many genres and new authors that I wouldn't have been exposed to if I just stuck with my paperbacks. So bookworms what are your thoughts on this topic? Do you have a similar experience?

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