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Monday, July 21, 2014

Fallen For Rock by Nicky Wells (Author Guest Post / Book Review / Contest Giveaway)

In association with Author Nicky Wells, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book tour event for Fallen For Rock!

Author Guest Post

The Magic of Rock

‘It’s the magic of rock,’ Nate’s voice whispered in my head, and I jumped. For a second, I felt a little tearful. ‘The magic of rock’ was one of his favourite expressions, but I had always laughed it off. Oh, if only Nate were with me. Maybe the magic of rock would magically fix us, too. 
~Excerpt from Fallen for Rock

The magic of rock. This is one of the key phrases in Fallen for Rock. In fact, it’s what the book is all about. Falling for the magic of rock.

Now, as you can see, Emily doesn’t get it. At least not at the beginning. My challenge was to make her understand. So what is it, this ‘magic of rock’? What does it mean? Well, let’s see.

It’s all about contradictions. Tough men with long hair. Bad boys with golden voices. Loud music with complex harmonies. Pounding rhythms and power ballads.

A good rock song is like a mini symphony. It’s deceptive in its simplicity, and it gets people singing along. It gets people involved with music. A rock concert is a living, thriving body of musicians on stage and off stage. The audience turns into a massive choir and percussion set. Everyone becomes part of something larger, something unique and extraordinary, something that leaves no room for everyday worries. For those two hours, the fans get swept away and transported to another place where everything is (nearly) perfect.

A good rock musician is a skilled as a classical performer, and in many more ways than ‘just’ performing. Rock musicians doesn’t ‘just’ make music. They also know about acoustics and the technology that makes it happen, for them on stage and for the audience in the hall. And they’re performers—entertainers, sometimes comedians, occasionally magicians. The show is about a lot more than ‘just’ the music. It’s an experience.

Last but not least, rock music is ‘real.’ I know, that sounds like another contradiction, doesn’t it? How can it be real when the instruments are largely electric? Electric guitars, electric bass, keyboards. But see, this is just superficial. The ‘electric bit’ only augments the sound. All the playing is real. There’s no (or very little) sampling, no automated drumming or chords. And the subject matter is real. More often than not, rock music is about ‘real stuff.’ Bad days at work, being out of work, drug use and abuse, falling in and out of love. Rock music touches people because it’s relevant to them.

This is the magic of rock, all of it put together. Powerful music with strong melodies; contradictions, and involvement, and keeping it real. On stage, the whole thing is underscored by light shows and stage effects that add drama and literally immerse you in that world.

Does Emily get it by the end of the book? You’ll find out... Happy reading, and rock on!

About The Author

About Nicky Wells: Romance that Rocks Your World!

Ultimate rock chick author Nicky Wells writes romance with rock stars—because there’s no better romantic hero than a golden-voiced bad boy with a secret soft heart and a magical stage presence!

Nicky’s books offer glitzy, glamorous romance with rock stars—imagine Bridget Jones ROCKS Notting Hill! If you’ve ever had a crush on any kind of celebrity, you’ll connect with Nicky’s heroes and their leading ladies.

Born in Germany, Nicky moved to the United Kingdom in 1993 and currently lives in Lincoln with her husband and their two boys. Nicky loves listening to rock music, dancing, and eating lobsters. When she’s not writing, she’s a wife, mother, occasional knitter, and regular contributor at Siren 107.3 FM with her own monthly show. Rock on!

Nicky’s books:
Sophie’s Turn | Sophie’s Run | Sophie’s Encore | Spirits of Christmas | Fallen for Rock

Join Nicky:
Blog | Twitter | Facebook | Romantic Novelists’ Association | Sapphire Star Publishing | Amazon | Goodreads | Pinterest 

Did you know? There’s a single out now by Nicky’s fictional rock band Tuscq come to life! “Love Me Better” is available for download from Amazon, iTunes and many other places.

Book Review

Fallen For Rock by Nicky Wells
Publisher: Independent Self Publishing
Publication Date: June 27, 2014
Format: Paperback - 332 pages
             Kindle - 554 KB
ISBN: 978-1499356373
Genre: Contemporary Romance / Rock Star Romance

BUY THE BOOK: Fallen For Rock

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by the author.

Book Description:

‘A thrilling and delicious story of love and self-discovery woven around a broken romance that will make you turn page after page and cheer to the end.’

Love, life, loyalties. Nothing stays the same when Emily gets drawn into the world of rock.

Glossy and sophisticated professional high-flyer Emily has no time for nonsense such as the rock music her ex-boyfriend Nate adored so much. Yet when she unexpectedly comes into possession of VIP tickets—access all areas—for new rock band phenomenon, MonX, she can’t resist the temptation.

The fateful gig turns into more than one night, and Emily finds herself strangely drawn to this new and unfamiliar glittery world. However, only weeks later, MonX and her own universe fall apart with devastating consequences for all. When MonX lead singer Mike appeals for her help, she reluctantly embraces a new opportunity. But she soon discovers that while she may be a rock chick after all, a groupie she is not… Or is she?

Just exactly where do her loyalties lie? And what direction will her life take now that she’s left behind everything she treasured?

Warning! Fallen For Rock contains some explicit content and strong language that may not be suitable for readers under eighteen years of age.

My Book Review:

If you are a fan of Rock Star Romances, then boy do I have a fabulous book for you! In Fallen For Rock, author Nicky Wells aka Rock Chick pulls out all the stops and takes the readers on an exciting rock-n-roll thrill ride.

Emily Trenden is a financial analyst for a prominent London bank. She has everything going right when it comes to her career, but after she breaks up with Nate, an architect with a passion for rock music, she starts to think that she's made a mistake leaving him go. So when a package arrives from Rock Radio FM that includes an all access VIP pass and concert tickets to the up and coming rock band MonX concert, a contest that Nate had entered and won, Emily thinks that attending the concert will help her win Nate back ... but there are a few problems: she dislikes rock music and Nate isn't answering her calls! Determined to go to the concert anyway, Emily embarks on a journey of self-discovery when she meets Mike, the sexy lead singer of MonX, who encourages Emily to go on tour with the band, and helps her discover the "magic of rock" that will ultimately change the way she lives her life.

Fallen For Rock is an exciting rock star romance that easily draws the reader into the behind the scenes look at a rock band lifestyle and the allure of rock-n-roll music. Emily throws caution to the wind and embarks on a journey of temptation and self-discovery with the help of Mike, the sexy lead singer of MonX. With plenty of awesome rock references throughout the book, the reader can't help but tap their toes along to the beat of the rock music that plays in their mind while following Emily and Mike on their journey.

Author Nicky Wells does an wonderful job of portraying her love and passion for rock music in this sexy fun book. She's like a rock chick pied piper, once you get a taste of the magic of rock in your soul, your own inner rock chick will be let loose!


Contest Giveaway

Win Fallen For Rock Swag!

Fallen for Rock SWAG Giveaway!

To celebrate the launch of Fallen for Rock and to spread some joy, I’m giving away the following items:

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One Audio CD: Bon Jovi "Greatest Hits" (2010)
One Amazon Gift Certificate for £5/$7 or equivalent

Giveaway is open internationally. Giveaway entrants must be aged 18 or over. Giveaway closes at midnight on 14 August 2014. Winners will be notified by email.

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Friday, July 18, 2014

The Dancing Boy by Michael Matson (Author Guest Post / Book Review)

In association with Pump Up Your Book Tours, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book tour event for The Dancing Boy by Author Michael Matson!

Author Guest Post

Some readers have asked where the idea for The Dancing Boy came from. I suppose the concept had its genesis in conversations I had many years ago with a few people in La Conner, Washington. I had been fascinated with the small, picturesque town for some time and was interviewing old-time residents there with the idea of writing a magazine article about the town’s history and role as a tulip-growing center. Several of the people I interviewed mentioned the smuggling that took place there during prohibition. The many large and small islands dotting the inland waters between the US and Canada, they claimed, had provided an ideal and complicated location for whiskey runners trying to evade the authorities. La Conner, with its secluded location on a north-south channel close to the islands, was a prime destination.

For one reason or another, the magazine article was never written but the conversations stayed alive, tucked in some dusty corner of my mind. When I was searching for ideas for my second mystery novel and doing research on the problem of human trafficking, I remembered the conversations and combined the two themes, smuggling from Canada to the US and human trafficking, to write The Dancing Boy.

Another question I’m asked is, once you have an idea for a story, how do you develop it? Unlike some writers who carefully plot their stories before writing (something I strongly recommend but constantly fail to do), my writing occasionally resembles a strange plant that grows in unpredictable ways. This often leads to the question: now what the hell do I do? One method I've found helpful for keeping the story moving is to write the beginning sentence of the next chapter before quitting for the day. Usually after sleeping on the problem I’m able to roll the story forward…although at times it rolls backward and I have to make a Sisyphian leap out of the way and search for other routes.

About The Author

Michael Matson was born in Helena, Montana, and was immediately issued a 10-gallon Stetson and a pair of snakeskin boots. After formative years spent in New Jersey, North Carolina, New York, California, Hawaii and Japan, Michael earned a journalism degree from the University of Washington in Seattle. Following a brief military stint in Oklahoma, where he first encountered red, sticky mud, heavy rain and tarantulas, he returned to Seattle and worked as an advertising agency copywriter, creative director and video producer.

In 2007 he (regretfully) left Seattle for Mexico to have time to write and has since published The Diamond Tree, a fairytale for all ages; Bareback Rider, an inspirational adventure for children; and Takeshi’s Choice, a mystery novel. His short story Gato was selected for inclusion in Short Story America’s 2014 anthology. His second mystery novel: The Dancing Boy, was released by Dark Oak Mysteries, a division of Oak Tree Press in April 2014 and is available at

He lives with his wife María Guadalupe (Tai), in Morelia, the colonial capital city of Michoacán, where, despite all the bad publicity given the area by U.S. news media, he has never seen a narcotraficante.

His website is:


Book Review

The Dancing Boy by Michael Matson
Publisher: Dark Oak Mysteries
Publication Date: April 6, 2014
Format: Paperback - 256 pages
ISBN: 978-1610091411
Genre: Mystery

BUY THE BOOK: The Dancing Boy

Discuss this book in our PUYB Virtual Book Club at Goodreads by clicking HERE

Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Pump Up Your Book Tours.

Book Description: 

Treat Mikkelson is not exactly a burnt-out case but he’s grown tired of his life as a criminologist, weary of memories of a marriage gone wrong and of his time in Vietnam. Trying to burn the bridges to his past, he finds and remodels a cabin on a small Pacific Northwest Island, settles down to enjoy fishing, setting his crab pot, digging for clams and documenting the lives of his island neighbors.

When an elderly woman in the nearby tourist town of La Conner is found dead however, the victim of what appears to be an accidental fall, Mikkelson is persuaded to look into her death. The discovery that it was murder leads to something even more shocking: the human trafficking of young boys brought into the US and Canada.

Book Excerpt:

Sometimes people die simply because they’re in the way. Because they’re a problem and killing them looks like the solution to the problem.

In that case there’s usually little or no anger involved. Just an analytic decision to remove an obstacle. A business decision. You do it and move on. Shit happens.

If Margaret Neilssen hadn’t made a decision to sell the property after all these years, she could have died in bed at the age of 110 for all he cared. Selling made no sense. It wasn’t as if she needed the money. She already had everything she needed. Stocks, investments, a picture-post-card fully-restored, turn-of-the-century Victorian home on Second overlooking La Conner’s main street, the tourist shops and restaurants with their docks backed up against the slough and across that the sparsely-lit homes of the Swinomish Indian Reservation.

She could afford to keep the land. She’d held onto it for nearly half a century, hadn’t she? Paying taxes on it. Letting it just sit there growing weeds. Then she and her shiny-pantsed lawyer, Trousdale, had put this development thing together. Just like that. No warning. No discussion. Just live with it. There was no way he could accept that. Not now. Not ever. He had other uses for the land.

It was not yet eleven. Early for a city but not for a small town. Most of La Conner had already dug itself in for the night. Around it, the gravid, scentless, tulip-rich fields, dank with the earlier memory of daffodils and narcissus, lay black and sleeping, deep in dreams of tomorrow’s busloads of camera-laden tourists. Lights from a few businesses along First Street… the Salmon House Inn, the grocery, the La Conner Bar and Grill…still reflected across the thick, flowing, obsidian surface of the slough. A single car pulled away from the curb by the bank building and out onto the narrow street heading south. “Pull-and-Be-Damned Road” they’d called it back in the ‘30s before it was paved and farmers bringing their produce into town in horse or mule-drawn wagons for shipment south to Seattle by boat had cursed its muddy ruts.

Usually on a weekend, even in winter, the town was as deep in tourists as it had once been in mud. But it was mid-week and now only a handful of late diners leaving the Salmon House Inn were still on the street. A young couple, arm-in-arm strolled past the darkened windows of the shops selling brass fittings, blown glass, clothing, woodcarvings, antiques and jewelry. A few locals wandered blearily in and out of the La Conner Bar and Grill.

Chances are no one would notice or even remember if he decided to use First Street, he thought. That route would take him past the few open businesses to the left turn at the end of the street across from the Cranberry Cottage, then left again past the old Gaches Mansion. But people noticed motorcycles and being invisible was a lesson learned long ago. He turned two blocks before First, motored south for several more blocks before turning right onto Second. There were no shops here and no one to see him pull his Harley into the unlit, unpaved alley that ran between Calhoun and Benton. He parked in the hard packed dirt space behind the United Methodist Church and crossed Benton to the side away from the corner streetlight keeping as much in the shadows as possible.

Not that being seen was much of a problem now that he was away from the main business district. Few homes along Benson or Second were lit. And he was dressed for darkness: black jeans, black turtleneck sweater under a black windbreaker, thin black leather gloves, a black watch cap pulled low over his forehead, face blackened with burnt cork. Still, he took no chances.

Beside Second he paused briefly, then crossed the street quickly and entered the old woman’s backyard. Here he paused again, breathing in the faint scent of early dogwood, lilac and bitter cherry beginning to flower in the adjacent yards. A towering laurel hedge and a massive rhododendron, probably older than the house itself, blocked views from the street and left the house in near total darkness; a gothic gingerbread silhouette pasted against the deep gray overcast of the sky. There was no sign of movement inside. The lower floor was unlit. Only a lone flickering blue light from a TV set in one of the rooms upstairs indicated anyone was inside.

Quietly he padded across the well-kept lawn to the back porch and tried the door. Locked. But he’d expected that. He didn’t want to jimmy it although he would if he had to. It was an old lock and would only take an instant. But there was always a chance someone might check later and find marks. He’d prefer to find another way in.

He found what he was looking for on the south side of the house. A window carelessly left partially open not far from the flight of concrete steps that rose adjacent to the property and provided foot access between First and Second Street. The proximity of the steps bothered him. If any of the locals left the tavern and used them he might be seen. It was a chance he decided to take. He eased the window open, hoisted himself over the sill and lowered himself silently down onto the floor inside. There he crouched, forcing himself to hold completely still for a full five minutes until his eyes adjusted to the dimness of the room and until he was sure no one upstairs had heard him enter. When he was ready to move he looked around, carefully noting the placement of furniture, the contents of the room. It appeared to be a parlor or library of some sort furnished with heavy oak tables, Morris chairs, standing Tiffany-style lamps, a thin, dark patterned oriental rug over the hardwood floor. One wall of the room was taken up with bookshelves. A door opposite the bookcases and standing slightly ajar opened onto what appeared to be the downstairs hallway.

The only sound, a low murmur from the television, came from upstairs. He closed the window and locked it using the metal catch at the top. Softly, he crossed the room and entered the hall, then moved along it to the stairs leading to the second floor, pleased to find they were heavily carpeted. Nonetheless, he moved slowly, placing his feet as close to the edge of the risers as possible to minimize any potential noise. At the top of the stairs a dark hallway led off to the right to what he guessed were bedrooms. Straight ahead of him across the short landing was a door slightly ajar. A band of light, alternately gold and blue spilled out from the open gap and across the surface of the landing. The sound of the television was still low but clear enough now for him to hear distinct words. A movie, probably. To the left was a bathroom. He checked his watch. Nearly eleven. Whatever was on the TV would probably end then but he was in no hurry. He slipped into the bathroom and pressed himself up against the wall by the sink.

My Book Review:

In The Dancing Boy, author Michael Matson easily draws the reader into this riveting mystery story as retired criminologist Treat Mikkelson is called out of retirement from his secluded cabin on Drake Island, a small Pacific Northwest Island off Pugent Sound, to conduct a murder investigation of a local elderly lady from La Conner. Treat's investigation becomes more complex and dangerous as he uncovers and exposes an even darker and seedier criminal activity, the exploitation and human trafficking of young boys into the US and Canada.

This is a fast-paced and intriguing multi-layered storyline that is gritty, raw, tension-filled, and riddled with a level of violence that is not for the faint of heart. It has enough suspenseful twists and turns that keeps the reader guessing what will happen next as they turn the pages. The author does a really great job of interweaving the murder and child exploitation investigations. The story flows smoothly and keeps the reader riveted with richly vivid descriptions and details that makes this story so hard to put down.

As a fan of noir mystery novels, I loved how the author provides the reader with a gripping mystery that slowly builds upon the tension and suspense throughout the story, he makes it exciting and enjoyable, especially since he delves into the difficult and hidden social issue of child exploitation and human trafficking.

With a large cast of characters; witty dialogue, dark humor, and dramatic interactions; and a riveting storyline that keeps the reader captivated until the surprising conclusion, The Dancing Boy is a must read for the hard-core noir mystery fans.


Virtual Book Tour Schedule

Tour Schedule:

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Monday, July 7 The Writer’s Life – Author Interview 
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Tuesday, July 15 Readalot – Book Review 
Thursday, July 17 Emeraldfire’s Bookmark – Book Spotlight, Book Review 
Friday, July 18 Jersey Girl Book Reviews – Author Guest Post, Book Spotlight, Book Excerpt, Book Review 
Monday, July 21 As The Page Turns – Author Interview 
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The Husband Maker by Karey White (Virtual Book Blast Event / Contest Giveaway)

In association with I Am A Reader, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book blast event for The Husband Maker by Author Karey White!

Husband Maker Tour

About The Book

The Husband Maker by Karey White

The Husband Maker by Karey White

Book Description:

Charlotte’s a girl with nicknames. She may not love being called Charles or Chuck, but the hardest nickname to take is the one she was given in college, the one that’s followed her now for too many years. They call her “the husband maker” and sadly, it fits. Every guy she’s dated since high school has become his next girlfriend’s husband. Not hers. Not three girlfriends down the road. The next. Is she doing something wrong or is she just cursed? When Kyle Aldsworth enters the picture and sweeps her off her feet, Charlotte begins to hope that maybe she's not destined to be single forever. A senator’s son with political aspirations of his own, Kyle's wealthy, handsome, and in need of a wife. Will Charlotte be disappointed yet again, or will she finally be able to make a husband for herself?

Book Excerpt:

My apartment intercom buzzed. “Yes?” I answered.

“It’s Kyle Aldsworth.” He had a deep, rich voice in spite of the static that accompanied it.

“Great. I’ll be right down.” I ran to the window that overlooked the sidewalk in front of my apartment. I didn’t have a great angle. The door to our building was narrow and sat behind a wrought iron gate between Cuddy’s Clip Shop and Grandpa Guo’s Shoe Repair. Cuddy’s was two floors below us, and if guests were standing too close to the door, they were blocked from view by the barber pole attached to the side of the building.

Kyle stood a few feet from the door, allowing me a birds-eye view of dark, thick hair and a navy suit. If he looked up, I’d be able to see his face, which Jayne had compared to a clean-shaven Jake Gyllenhaal. Of course, if he looked up, he’d probably see I was spying out my window instead of coming to the door. I took one last look at my gray and white striped dress, grabbed my yellow cardigan, and headed down.

“You must be Charlotte,” he said when I opened the door. I smiled and looked up—yes up—at one of the most incredible faces I’d ever gone on a date with. Jayne had been wrong. He wasn’t a beardless Jake Gyllenhaal. He was Jake plus Cary Grant plus Captain VonTrapp, with a little of Jonny Lee Miller’s Mr. Knightley thrown in for good measure. Perhaps that sounds ridiculous, but you weren’t looking at him.

All intelligent thought abandoned me, leaving me unable to remember for sure what my name was.

What kind of game was Jayne playing with me? Kyle was much too beautiful for me. He’d have probably been too beautiful for Grace Kelly.

“You are Charlotte Emerson, right?”

How long had I been standing there gawping at him?

“Yes. I’m Charlotte.”

“Whew! You had me worried for a second. I’m Kyle. It’s good to meet you.” He extended his hand and shook mine. His hand was perfect—good size, warm and dry, nice grip without too much enthusiasm. He was a hand-shaking artist. Great. He’d stopped shaking my hand and I hadn’t relinquished my grip. I quickly withdrew mine and turned to lock the iron gate. My face burned, and I fidgeted with the key for a few extra seconds to give my cheeks a chance to return to their normally fair complexion.

Kyle was smiling when I turned back around. “My car’s around the corner.”

Get your copy of The Husband Maker for just $3.99!

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About The Author

Karey White

Author Karey White grew up in Utah, Idaho, Oregon, and Missouri. She attended Ricks College and Brigham Young University. Her first novel, Gifted, was a Whitney Award Finalist. She loves to travel, read, bake treats, and spend time with family and friends. She and her husband are the parents of four great children. She teaches summer creative writing courses to young people and is currently working on her next book.  

Coming Fall 2014 - Charlotte's Story continues in The Match Maker

The Matchmaker final ebook cover

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$25 Amazon Gift Card or Paypal Cash

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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Happy Pants Cafe by Mimi Jean Pamfiloff (Virtual Book Blast Event / Contest Giveaway)

In association with Goddess Fish Promotions, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book blast event for Happy Pants Cafe by Author Mimi Jean Pamfiloff!


Do YOU Believe in the Pants?

Each summer, thousands secretly flock to a tiny yet charming hole-in-the-wall known as The Happy Pants Café. And what are they searching for? It’s not coffee. And it’s not pants. It’s true love, and they find it!

So what’s with the quirky name and what, exactly, is the café’s big secret? Harper Branton, a columnist for the San Francisco Tribune, who’d sooner believe in unicorns than in true love, is about to find out. And it’s the perfect story to save her train wreck of a career.

Too bad she’s got competition. He’s sexy, he’s arrogant, and he thinks she’s crazy. What kind of person doesn’t believe in love? And this coming from a dude!

When these two rivals go head to head, it's more like a WWF smackdown. A shared history binds them in wonderful, terrible ways quickly making their duel about more than just a news story. Will they tear each other apart for the win or end up as two new satisfied Happy Pants customers?

For an excerpt, as well as a look at the characters and places from the story, visit the author's website.

About The Author

New York Times and USA Today Best Selling Author, Host of The Man Candy Show

When San Francisco native, Mimi Jean, went on an adventure as an exchange student to Mexico City, she never imagined the journey would lead to writing Romance. But one Mexican MBA, one sexy Mexican husband, and two rowdy kids later, Mimi would trade in corporate life for vampires, deities, and snarky humor. She continues to hope that her books will inspire a leather pants comeback (for men) and that she might make you laugh when you need it most. She also enjoys interacting with her fans (especially if they’re batshit crazy). You can always find her chatting away on Facebook, Twitter, or saying many naughty words on her show MAN CANDY on

Contest Giveaway

Author Mimi Jean Pafiloff will pick 3 randomly drawn commenters who will each win a prize pack of 8 autographed paperbacks
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Virtual Book Blast Event Schedule

Monday, July 14, 2014

If I Say Yes by Brandy Jellum (Author Guest Post / Book Review / Contest Giveaway)

In association with Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours, Jersey Girl Book Reviews is pleased to host the virtual book tour event for If I Say Yes by Author Brandy Jellum!

Author Guest Post

Summer is here for most of us (depending where you live). Which means a lot of things for different people. For me, it’s a chance for the Oregon rain to disappear for a while only to be replaced with horrible humidity and high temperatures. During these months, I whine and cry that it’s too hot and I want summer to go away but once the rain comes again…I desperately want the sun back. It also means that the kids are out of school.

I love my children, I really do. But having all four of them home, all day long, for three whole months, gets hectic. I start counting the days until September and trying to convince myself that I am not crazy and I don’t need to check into the psych ward. I’m a stay at home mother of four, ranging in ages 2-13. So trying to get them all to play and get along, all day and every day, is almost an impossible feat.

So I try and think of all the ways to keep my children happy, entertained, and NOT trying to kill the other off. You would think that since it rains so much in our lovely town all year round that they would want to spend every second they can outside playing in the sun. And that is the furthest thing from the truth. More often than not, I get the same ol’ “There’s nothing to do outside.” Or the repetitive, “I’m bored.” All they want is to sit inside and watch Netflix on the 50 inch, or play on the PS3, or be on their phone/tablet. It’s useless fight trying to get them outside.

I smile and I nod. Knowing that the problem with this generation is that they are so dependent on technology and can’t function without it. My husband and I tell our children the same thing every year, “Use your imagination. The backyard is full of adventures just waiting to happen.”

They look at us like we’re crazy and I just smile again. I sit back in my chair, take a drink of whatever I have, and remember all the adventures I once had. I have been a pirate, fighting away anyone who tried to steal my buried treasure. I have been Indiana Jones, on the search for my newest adventure. I’ve been the Pink Power Ranger (the original one). I’ve been a secret agent spying on people, an action movie star filming my newest movie, and I’ve been a princess locked away in a magical kingdom awaiting my prince charming to come. And those are just a few.

I remember the countless water fights I had with my sister and friends. Playing tag/freeze tag. Hide and seek. Simon Says, Red Rover, and Red Light, Green Light. All these memories filled my childhood days. Imagination was my fruit that I juiced to the very last drop. I was always sad when summer ended and counted the days until my next adventure. And now, I count down the days until summer ends. It’s sad and heartbreaking. I don’t tell my kids of my adventures. I want them to find their own adventures. Their own stories to tell.

What kind of adventures did you have as a child in the warmth of the summer?

About The Author

Brandy Jellum’s passion for writing began long before she actually sat down to write. As a child, she has had an obsession with reading, everything from the classic stories by Jane Austen to YA Fiction by Richelle Mead. Finally, in 2012, she decided to create her own stories for people to fall in love with. Brandy bounces back and forth writing both Romance and Young Adult Fiction (which is mainly just for fun).

At the beginning of 2014, Brandy signed a contract with publishing company Booktrope. She is very excited about the next chapter of her life and cannot wait to share her books and passion with readers.

When she isn’t writing, she can be found chasing after her husband, her four children and her black lab, Diesel. Or curled up on her favorite corner of the couch with her newest book.


Book Review

If I Say Yes by Brandy Jellum
Book 1: Say Something Series
Publisher: Booktrope
Publication Date: April 24, 2014
Format: Paperback - 190 pages
             Kindle - 427 KB
             Nook - 334 KB
ISBN: 978-1620153673
BNID: 2940149376094
Genre: Romantic Suspense


Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book from the author / publisher in exchange for my honest review and participation in a virtual book tour event hosted by Chick Lit Plus Blog Tours.

Book Description:

Elizabeth Lewis was the child of Hollywood’s darling couple, until her father murdered her mother.

Six years later, she has traded her flashy, luxurious lifestyle for one of safe anonymity as a literary agent. With a different name and appearance, Liza Winter is living the life of her dreams—one where she’s known for who she is instead of what her father did. Except her apartment should be condemned, her car only starts when it wants, she hates the romance genre she has been assigned, and the CEO’s deliciously attractive nephew is out to ruin her carefully laid plans.

Reid Harder has never met an obstacle he couldn’t overcome. When his new position in the romance department comes with a benefit his uncle didn’t mention, he decides to wage a war against the intelligent, beautiful Liza to destroy every argument she has for turning him down. Still, the closer he gets to winning the prize, the more he realizes that the woman is keeping secrets that may endanger not just her life but his.

Will Liza overcome her mistrust of Reid to reveal her secrets before he learns the truth and walks away? Or will a grudge-wielding apparition from her past make her the next deadly Hollywood headline?

Book Excerpt:


Six years ago

Blood covers every surface. On the pristine, white marble flooring, the grand staircase and handrail, and what used to be a tall, square wooden end table by the large double doors I just walked through. The table now lays scattered across the foyer, broken into jagged pieces. The large, antique ceramic bowl that served as a key holder had set on the table, but now, it too is scattered amongst the broken wood and the blood bath. I follow the trail of dark crimson fluid up the stairs, my hands shaking and my breath catching. Upstairs is worse, far worse. The plush white carpet is saturated a deep shade of red; splatters and droplets are everywhere.

My heart is pounding, urging me to go, to leave, to run and call for help. My head tells me otherwise, to follow the trail of blood down the hall. The blood is smeared on the walls, as if someone was trying to grab ahold of something to prevent being dragged this way. The trail leads to my parents’ bedroom. My heartbeat quickens, and a bead of sweat forms along my hairline. The door to my parents’ room is slightly ajar, and I nudge it open a little farther, just enough so I can slip past the door.

A piercing scream escapes, and I quickly clamp a hand over my mouth. My eyes are glued to the sight before me. There’s no mistaking the familiar blonde hair attached to the crumpled body on the floor, discarded as though she is a piece of garbage that nobody wants. Just left there with a pool of blood surrounding her body. The blonde hair, the only thing I share with my mother, is drenched in the dark fluid. Another cry escapes my lips as I rush across the floor and collapse next to her, brushing the hair out of her face. My heart drops to the pit of my stomach, and I feel bile rising to the back of my throat.

I can hardly recognize my mother’s soft, delicate face; she was a natural beauty, one that everyone wanted to star in their next movie at one point in her life. Her face is mangled with large, jagged cuts that run across it. The blood is already starting to dry. Examining the rest of her body, I see she is covered from head to toe with multiple stab wounds. Under the cross-hatch of wounds, I can see faint bruises forming from the multiple contusions she has suffered as well.

“Mom,” I whisper. I scoop her body into my arms and pull her close to my body. Her head rests against my chest as I begin to rock back and forth. “Don’t be dead…please, don’t be dead.” I know my plea is useless; she is already gone. The amount of blood throughout the house and pooling around her, and the blank expression in her blue eyes is proof enough. Tears form in my eyes. “You can’t be dead.”

I cry out loud, and my body begins to shake involuntarily. “I didn’t mean what I said…I forgive you.” My voice breaks and barely comes out. I think back to the last conversation we had. Which, honestly, isn’t anything outside the norm, since we fought constantly the little time we are around each other. We had a toxic mother-daughter relationship. If there’s an award for worst parents ever, mine would win, hands down. But today, today’s argument was different. It had been the final straw in her attempt to break me down. I had yelled at her, uttering all the same obscenities and same ‘I hate you.’ I had told her that she was the worst mother in the world and that I would be better off if she would just die. I never really meant that last part. No matter how unloving, cruel, and horrible they were, neither of my parents deserve to die, at least not like this.

I shake my mother slightly, but she doesn’t stir. Of course she doesn’t; she is long gone. “Please…please… just come back.” I choke out the last three words. It doesn’t matter that I have spent a lifetime hating her nor does it matter that she took the one thing that made me happiest in the world right out from under my nose. At the moment, I could care less about all the horrible things she has said and done. Nothing, I repeat nothing, she has done warranted her death. I begin to cry, sobbing uncontrollably. I cry because however rotten she was, she is gone, and I never got to say goodbye or to take back any of the things I have ever said to her.

“It’s a shame things had to end like this.” I snap my head up and find my father leaning against the door frame. His dark brown hair is a tousled mess. He is still wearing the charcoal suit I last saw him in, minus the jacket and tie. His forehead is creased, and his dark brown eyes, the exact same shade as mine, narrow. In one hand, he is holding a large, white, terry cloth towel stained with blood. In the other is a large butcher knife dripping blood. His lips quirk up into a sinister grin that sends a chill down my spine. “You can’t really be sad, can you? Not after what she did to you…to me…to us.”

His words linger in the air.

“Y-Y-You did this?” I ask weakly.

He struts across the room toward me, and I pull my mother closer, as if I can protect her from any further harm. I glance up at him hovering over me, and my eyes flicker to the knife in his hands. My father follows my gaze and smiles. He tosses the knife onto their oversized poster bed and wipes his hands off with the towel before tossing it onto the bed as well.

“Of course I did,” he sneers. My father smiles, not showing one ounce of remorse for what he has done.

“Why? Why would you do this?”

“The bitch had it coming.” He smiles again and sends another wave of chills down my spine. “I did it for us, but more importantly, I did it for you, Elizabeth.” Then he lunges for me…

My Book Review:

Are you looking for a thrilling romantic suspense tale to wile away a lazy summer day? Well then I found the book for you ... sit down, buckle up, and get ready to be captivated by the riveting debut novel,  If I Say Yes by author Brandy Jellum.

Six years ago Hollywood socialite Elizabeth Lewis ran away from her traumatic past and reinvented her life. Now twenty-four, she goes under the name of Liza Winter, a literary agent in the Romantic genre at the prominent Harder's Literary Agent House. Liza has worked hard to keep her past behind her, but when she unexpectedly meets Reid Harder, the literary agency owner's nephew and her new boss, hidden secrets and painful old memories come to surface, threatening to turn her life upside down once again.

In If I Say Yes, the first book in the Say Something Series, author Brandy Jellum weaves an intriguing romantic suspense tale that captivates the reader's attention from the opening paragraph, and easily keeps them holding their breath and guessing what will happen next. You can't help but get drawn into this riveting story as it unfolds, the tangled web of haunting and painful memories and hidden secrets once again comes to the surface and threatens Liza's carefully reinvented life.

This fast-paced multi-layered and complex story has enough intriguing clues, suspense, and thrilling twists and turns that will keep the reader sitting on the edge of their seat. You can't help but want to keep turning the pages to see what will happen to Liza and Reid's developing romantic relationship when her traumatic past resurfaces with chilling threats and danger lurking around every corner.

I think the author did a great job of interweaving a nice balance of romance and suspense throughout the story, it kept my interest and made me want to figure out how the story would end ... but alas ... the author teases the reader with a breath-holding cliff-hanger of an ending that leaves the reader wanting more, only to have to wait for the release of the next book in the series.

If I Say Yes has everything that a true romantic suspense fan could ever want in a book, just take my word and read it, you can thank me later!


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