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Friday, December 23, 2011

Author Guest Post: Kimberly Lin, Author of Recession Proof

In association with Chick Lit Plus (CLP), Jersey Girl Book Reviews welcomes Kimberly Lin, author of Recession Proof!

Kimberly Lin

What inspires me to write ...

The ultimate goal of my writing and every other project I take on is to empower women to never settle in their lives. Whether it be in their careers, relationships or anything else I believe that we deserve to have it all and can have it all. 

It doesn't mean that there aren't very real issues and challenges to face especially because the roles for women have changed drastically. Our world is far more complex than it was before. In Recession Proof, I chose to write about the economy and the difficulties of being a working professional woman trying to juggle relationships, friendships and family all the while trying to find and fulfill your life's passion. Of course it wouldn't be chick-lit if it wasn't simultaneously witty and fun but through the humor I wanted to be as honest and true to the feelings and thoughts women have nowadays. Many readers have said it's been like reading a page out of their own diaries or a conversation that they've had with a girlfriend or two over coffee. And as a writer and artist, I feel humbled and really fulfilled to be able to paint this picture with words about what we're going through.

I believe women are incredibly intelligent, competent and multifaceted and it's kind of been my life's passion to showcase just how great we can be.

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  1. Great guest post from Kimberly! Thanks for hosting :)